Elizabeth Hampton "THUS IN THE BEGINNING ALL THE WORLD WAS AMERICA": THE EFFECTS OF ANTI-PROTEST LEGISLATION AND AN AMERICAN CONQUEST CULTURE IN NATIVE SACRED SITES CASES 44 American Indian Law Review 289 (2020) The United States remains the global leader for energy and raw materials pipeline networks, maintaining over 2.6 million miles of liquid, gas transmission, and gas distribution pipelines. Though economically lucrative, the industry is not without controversy. Since time immemorial, the energy sector has received harsh criticism for the... 2020
Emil Kranz 11 U.S.C. ยง 541 AND D&O INSURANCE: AN ANALYSIS OF THE "INSURED versus INSURED" EXCLUSION IN A BANKRUPTCY CONTEXT FOLLOWING INDIAN HARBOR 36 Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal 143 (2020) Directors and Officers insurance has been a mainstay for most corporations for years. Included in most D&O insurance policies is what is referred to as an insured versus insured exclusion which prohibits an insured from filing suit against another insured. Section 541 of the Bankruptcy Code's creation of an estate has created a dichotomy amongst... 2020
Jordan Ramharter A MEETING OF THE MINDS: UTILIZING MAINE'S STATE EDUCATION SYSTEM TO PROMOTE THE SUCCESS OF ITS NATIVE STUDENTS WHILE MAINTAINING TRIBAL SOVEREIGNTY 72 Maine Law Review 379 (2020) I. Introduction II. The Right to Equal Educational Opportunities III. Student Opportunity and Achievement Gaps IV. Federal Education-Based Legislation V. American Indians and Education The Federal Government's Use of the Plenary Power Doctrine Federal Legislation and the Bureau of Indian Education The Gaps in Native Students Opportunity &... 2020
Milan Kumar AMERICAN INDIANS AND THE RIGHT TO VOTE: WHY THE COURTS ARE NOT ENOUGH 61 Boston College Law Review 1111 (March, 2020) Abstract: American Indians and Alaska Natives face new barriers in exercising their fundamental right to vote. Recently, states have introduced and implemented facially neutral voting rules aimed at eliminating voter fraud. These rules, as well as strict voter identification and increased reliance on mail-in ballots, disproportionately suppress... 2020
  AMERICA'S PLACE IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER 44-SUM Fletcher Forum of World Affairs 75 (Summer, 2020) fletcher forum: In 2018, you criticized Google for its inexplicable choice to avoid working with the DoD while simultaneously pursuing deeper business ties with China. As the United States operates in an era of Great Power competition with China, how can and should it confront this trend in the private sector? general joseph dunford: First of all,... 2020
Alana Paris AN UNFAIR CROSS SECTION: FEDERAL JURISDICTION FOR INDIAN COUNTRY CRIMES DISMANTLES JURY COMMUNITY CONSCIENCE 16 Northwestern Journal of Law & Social Policy 92 (Fall, 2020) Under the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution, federal jury pools must reflect a fair cross section of the community in which a crime is prosecuted and from which no distinct group in the community is excluded. The community in which a crime is prosecuted varies widely in Indian country based on legislative reforms enacted by Congress... 2020
Dr. Caroline Coker Coursey ARE INDIAN TRIBES REALLY "DOMESTIC DEPENDENT NATIONS?": THE FIGHT FOR SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY IN WILKES v. PCI GAMING AUTHORITY 50 Cumberland Law Review 49 (2019-2020) Indian reservations are present in various states but are not subject to state rule. Instead, these reservations are tantamount to a foreign country with the right to govern themselves (in accordance with the United States Constitution), enjoy sovereign immunity, and trade with the United States under treaties. While these rights are elucidated in... 2020
Katie L. Gojevic BENEFIT OR BURDEN?: BRACKEEN v. ZINKE AND THE CONSTITUTIONALITY OF THE INDIAN CHILD WELFARE ACT 68 Buffalo Law Review 247 (January, 2020) Officials seemingly would rather place Indian children in non-Indian settings where their Indian culture, their Indian traditions and, in general, their entire Indian way of life is smothered . [Agencies] strike at the heart of Indian communities by literally stealing Indian children. This course can only weaken rather than strengthen the Indian... 2020
Jayanth K. Krishnan BHOPAL IN THE FEDERAL COURTS: HOW INDIAN VICTIMS FAILED TO GET JUSTICE IN THE UNITED STATES 72 Rutgers University Law Review 705 (Spring, 2020) Over thirty-five years ago, the city of Bhopal, India, witnessed a horrific gas leak that originated from a facility operated by Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL), which had as its parent company the American-based Union Carbide Corporation (UCC). Thousands were killed, with many more injured. One hundred forty-five cases were filed throughout... 2020
  CHAPTER FOUR ALOHA 'INA: NATIVE HAWAIIAN LAND RESTITUTION 133 Harvard Law Review 2148 (April, 2020) When I speak at this time of the Hawaiian people, I refer to the children of the soil--the native inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands and their descendants. --Queen Lili'uokalani Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano on the island of Hawai'i, is home to sacred practices of the Native Hawaiian people--including the burial of sacred ancestors --and, of more... 2020
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