Irene Scharf Second Class Citizenship? The Plight of Naturalized Special Immigrant Juveniles 40 Cardozo Law Review 579 (December, 2018) Punitive school discipline procedures have increasingly taken hold in America's schools. While they are detrimental to the wellbeing and to the academic success of all students, they have proven to disproportionately punish minority students, especially African American youth. Such policies feed into wider social issues that, once more,... 2014
Peter A. Le Piane Stateless Corporations: Challenges the Societas Europaea Presents for Immigration Laws 18 Saint John's Journal of Legal Commentary 311 (Fall 2003) Since the early twentieth century, federal immigration law has targeted noncitizens believed to engage in excessive alcohol consumption by prohibiting their entry or limiting their ability to obtain citizenship and other benefits. The first specific mention of alcohol-related behavior appeared in the Immigration Act of 1917, which called for the... 2014
Brendan Lee The (New) New Colossus: Amending the Investor Visa Program to Comport with the Mandate of the United States' Immigration Policy and Benefit U.s. Workers 30 Journal of Civil Rights & Economic Development 63 (Fall, 2017) The Article explores the state of immigrant battered women in the United States, focusing on how their identity as a politically and culturally marginalized community impacts the measure of help that they receive. Specifically, the Article examines the 2012-2013 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) reauthorization debate as an example of how... 2014
Ingrid V. Eagly The Movement to Decriminalize Border Crossing 61 Boston College Law Review 1967 (June, 2020) The United States is a proud nation of immigrants, with a short memory. As the country's need for immigrant labor continues unabated, legislative reaction to these labor demands is myopic. It is undisputed that the American desire for cheap labor incentivizes the migration of unskilled and undocumented guest workers. As long as market demand for... 2014
Monika Batra Kashyap TOWARD A RACE-CONSCIOUS CRITIQUE OF MENTAL HEALTH-RELATED EXCLUSIONARY IMMIGRATION LAWS 26 Michigan Journal of Race and Law 87 (Winter, 2021) This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act, which outlawed discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, and national origin. Although the Chinese Exclusion Act is long gone and the United States government has admitted the great injustice in interning over 110,000 Japanese Americans, our country... 2014
Stuart Chinn Trump and Chinese Exclusion: Contemporary Parallels with Legislative Debates over the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 84 Tennessee Law Review 681 (Spring, 2017) Through a discourse analysis of the 1886 decision of Yick Wo v. Hopkins, this Essay critically examines the decision's capacity to provide terms for reconciling a coming global order with the political protections of the Constitution, especially the protections of the Fourteenth Amendment. That reconciliation involves the protected rights of... 2014
Monika Batra Kashyap Unsettling Immigration Laws: Settler Colonialism and the U.s. Immigration Legal System 46 Fordham Urban Law Journal 548 (June, 2019) United States immigration law and policy is one the most controversial issues of our day, and perhaps no location has come under more scrutiny for the way it has attempted to deal with the problem of undocumented immigration than the State of Arizona. Though Arizona recently became notorious for its papers please law, SB 1070, the American... 2014
Bill Ong Hing Answering Challenges of the New Immigrant-driven Diversity: Considering Integration Strategies 40 Brandeis Law Journal 861 (Summer, 2002) Beginning with this nation's founding and continuing today, courts and political leaders have grappled with difficult questions as to the proper treatment of aliens--those individuals either living here or interacting with the government, but not bearing the title of U.S. citizen. In the annual James Madison Lecture, Judge Karen Nelson Moore... 2013
Li Chen Chinese Crusaders' Lawfare Against Chinese Exclusion Laws 36 UCLA Pacific Basin Law Journal 139 (Spring, 2019) Despite obvious overlaps between immigration law, refugee law, and citizenship, legal scholars have tended to disaggregate them, studying them in isolation. This Article brings refugee law in closer conversation with both immigration law and citizenship by presenting the previously unknown history of Pershing's Chinese refugees: 522 Chinese... 2013
Adam B. Cox , Eric A. Posner Delegation in Immigration Law 79 University of Chicago Law Review 1285 (Fall 2012) For the past few decades, and increasingly in the past few years, U.S. state governments have supplemented federal immigration law with state laws overtly designed to combat the perceived ills stemming from undocumented immigration to the United States. Proponents of these laws justify them on the basis of a normative negativity associated with... 2013
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