John C. Eastman From Plyler to Arizona: Have the Courts Forgotten about Corfield V Coryell? 80 University of Chicago Law Review 165 (Winter, 2013) The theme of the Symposium at which this Article was presented was Immigration Law and Institutional Design. Our mission, as Symposium participants, was to assess the efficacy of the institutions that adopt and enforce our immigration laws. But before we can possibly make an efficacy assessment, we must address a normative question, namely, just... 2013
Leila Higgins Immigration and the Vulnerable Worker: We Built this Country on Cheap Labor 3 American University Labor & Employment Law Forum 522 (2013) In early 2012, the Department of Labor took an unexpected step in support of immigrant workers, changing the way H-2B visas are issued to make it harder both to hire and to exploit immigrant workers. The changes in regulation were the result of years of hard work by advocates for both Union workers, and immigrants. However, by the end of the summer... 2013
Lucas Guttentag Immigration Preemption and the Limits of State Power: Reflections on Arizona V. United States 9 Stanford Journal of Civil Rights & Civil Liberties 1 (January, 2013) Introduction. 1 I. Background. 3 A. The Long Drought. 3 B. S.B. 1070 and the Courts. 7 C. Arizona v. United States. 10 1. Police Inquiries: Limiting Section 2B. 13 2. Federal Control: Foreign Policy and Executive Enforcement Discretion. 15 II. Implications: Restricting State Immigration Enforcement Power. 19 A. Rejecting Inherent Authority. 19 1.... 2013
Julian Lim Immigration, Asylum, and Citizenship: a More Holistic Approach 101 California Law Review 1013 (August, 2013) Despite obvious overlaps between immigration law, refugee law, and citizenship, legal scholars have tended to disaggregate them, studying them in isolation. This Article brings refugee law in closer conversation with both immigration law and citizenship by presenting the previously unknown history of Pershing's Chinese refugees: 522 Chinese... 2013
Jillian S. Hishaw Mississippi Is Burning Georgia's Peaches Because Alabama Is No Longer a Sweet Home: a Legislative Analysis of Southern Discomfort Regarding Illegal Immigration 58 South Dakota Law Review 30 (2013) I. INTRODUCTION II. WE'VE BEEN HERE BEFORE III. NORTH AMERICAN FREE TRADE AGREEMENT IV. THE CHINA EFFECT V. SWEET HOME ALABAMA VI. I'VE GOT GEORGIA ON MY MIND VII. MISSISSIPPI BURNING VII. POSITIVE IMPLICATIONS OF STATE IMMIGRATION REFORM IX. GUEST WORKER PROGRAM A. H-2A Guest Worker Program B. Helping Agriculture Receive Verifiable Employees... 2013
Lee Ann S. Wang Of the Law, but Not its Spirit": Immigration Marriage Fraud as Legal Fiction and Violence Against Asian Immigrant Women 3 UC Irvine Law Review 1221 (December, 2013) Introduction. 1221 I. Immigration Marriage Fraud as a Legal Fiction. 1228 II. The Racial Problem with Coaching . 1235 III. Translation as Fraudulent Speaker. 1239 IV. Love Letters and Whiteness. 1243 V. The Citizen Subject as Innocent Speaker. 1246 Conclusion. 1249 2013
Janine Young Kim Postracialism: Race after Exclusion 17 Lewis & Clark Law Review 1063 (2013) This Article examines a profound shift in the concept of race. Although race is widely viewed as socially constructed through continuous struggles over meaning, its content has remained remarkably stable over time. Race, since the nation's founding, has been defined mainly by three social conditions: difference, denigration, and exclusion. Among... 2013
Sarah Morando Lakhani Producing Immigrant Victims' "Right" to Legal Status and the Management of Legal Uncertainty 38 Law and Social Inquiry 442 (Spring, 2013) This article investigates how lawyers manage legal and bureaucratic uncertainties associated with humanitarian immigration law by examining their representation of undocumented crime victims petitioning for U Visa status. Immigration attorneys craft dual narratives to persuade adjudicators that their clients qualify for and deserve this new legal... 2013
Julian Lim Reconceptualizing Asian Pacific American Identity at the Margins 3 UC Irvine Law Review 1151 (December, 2013) Introduction. 1151 I. Asian Pacific American Identity Formation. 1152 A. Birth of the Asian American Movement. 1152 B. Asian American Jurisprudence. 1154 II. Reconceptualizing Asian Pacific American Identity Through Transnational Immigration History and Law. 1156 A. Transnational Perspectives. 1157 B. Asians in the Americas--Regulating Race and... 2013
Mary Fan The Case for Crimmigration Reform 92 North Carolina Law Review 75 (December, 2013) The nation is mired in immigration reform debates again. Leaders vow that this time will be different. The two groups most targeted by immigration control law over the last century, Hispanics and Asians, have increased in numbers and in political power. Conservative leaders are realizing that hostile policies toward people perceived as foreign are... 2013
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