Karla M. McKanders America's Disposable Youth: Undocumented Delinquent Juveniles 59 Howard Law Journal 197 (Fall, 2015) As immigration reform efforts continue to experience fits and starts in Congress, immigrant and non-immigrant workers have joined together to advocate for immigration reform at the federal level and to protest the surge of exclusionary immigration measures at the state and local levels. These advocacy efforts demonstrate that many workers connect... 2012
Adina B. Appelbaum Challenging Crimmigration: Applying Padilla Negotiation Strategies Outside the Criminal Courtroom 6 Georgetown Journal of Law & Modern Critical Race Perspectives 217 (Fall, 2014) criminalization, exploitation, immigration enforcement, immigration law, moral panic, racialization Contrary to popular perceptions that immigration increases crime, the research literature demonstrates that immigration generally serves a protective function, reducing crime. This review takes as its starting point the contradiction between the... 2012
Margaret Hu Crimmigration-counterterrorism 2017 Wisconsin Law Review 955 (2017) For decades, scholars and advocates criticized the harsh, mandatory nature of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. They argued that federal district court judges should have discretion to authorize a punishment that fits the facts and circumstances of the crime and the defendant. Similarly, immigration scholars and advocates criticize the harsh laws... 2012
By Margaret H. Taylor Detained Aliens Challenging Conditions of Confinement and the Porous Border of the Plenary Power Doctrine 22 Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly 1087 (Summer 1995) From 1882 until 1943, the Chinese Exclusion Era featured a combination of laws and rulings that prevented many Chinese immigrants from entering the United States or becoming citizens. Passed in 1882, the Chinese Exclusion Act marked the first time that the United States restricted immigration on the basis of race and nationality. For over sixty... 2012
Walter P. Jacob Diversity Visas: Muddled Thinking and Pork Barrel Politics 6 Georgetown Immigration Law Journal 297 (June, 1992) I. Borders, Equality, and Integration. 361 A. Plyler v. Doe. 361 B. Borders Versus Equality. 363 C. Reconciling Borders with Equality. 365 D. The Role of Integration. 365 II. Immigration, Citizenship, Race, and Integration. 368 A. The Burdens of History. 368 B. The Cycle of Skepticism. 371 III. Integration and Immigration Outside the Law. 373 A.... 2012
Michael R. Curran Flickering Lamp Beside the Golden Door: Immigration, the Constitution, & Undocumented Aliens in the 1990s 30 Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law 57 (Winter 1998) I. Introduction. 584 II. Extraordinary Migration and Pitfalls for Mexican Applicants. 592 A. Mexican Migration Patterns. 594 B. Mass Repatriations . 598 C. Immigration History. 601 1. Birth and Citizenship. 603 2. Accounts of Presence or Residence. 606 III. Substantive and Procedural Requirements for Acquired Citizenship. 607 A. Constitutional... 2012
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Kari Hong How to End "Illegal Immigration" 33 Maryland Journal of International Law 244 (2018) I. The Immigration Law Influence on National Security Policy. 627 A. Framing the Debate: Trading Rights for Security. 628 B. The Development of Two-Tiered Adjudicatory Structures. 630 C. Restricting Access to the Courts and the Scope of Judicial Review. 633 D. Security as Proxy for Other Aims. 638 II. The Failure to Close Guantánamo. 640 A.... 2012
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