Jordan Jodré Preemptive Strike: the Battle for Control over Immigration Policy 25 Georgetown Immigration Law Journal 551 (Spring, 2011) It has happened to everyone who has ever practiced in the United States immigration field. Your client's petition is approved by the United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS). After a long and arduous process, in most cases several years, your client finally arrives at the United States embassy in his home country for his interview on... 2010
George A. Martínez Race and Immigration Law: a Paradigm Shift? 2000 University of Illinois Law Review 517 (2000) Latino immigrants are moving to areas of the country that have not seen a major influx of immigrants. As a result of this influx, citizens of these formerly homogenous communities have become increasingly critical of federal immigration law. State and local legislatures are responding by passing their own laws targeting immigrants. While many... 2010
Robert L. Tsai Racial Purges 118 Michigan Law Review 1127 (April, 2020) More than one hundred years of American jurisprudence suggests that some aliens are more alien than others. As such, their rights may be understood as lying along a spectrum ranging from those whose sole contact with the United States is with United States authorities located in a foreign territory to those who have resided in the United States for... 2010
Caprice L. Roberts Rights, Remedies, and Habeas Corpus--the Uighurs, Legally Free While Actually Imprisoned 24 Georgetown Immigration Law Journal 1 (Fall, 2009) Preface. 6 I. Introduction. 7 An Explanation of Terms: Narratives and Stereotypes. 10 II. Locating Asian American Jurisprudence in Legal Scholarship. 11 A. Asian American Identity. 11 1. Identification and Identity Projects. 12 2. Three Asian American Identity Projects. 14 B. Interrogation of Legal Materials. 17 1. Three Asian American Historical... 2010
Laila Hlass The School to Deportation Pipeline 34 Georgia State University Law Review 697 (Spring, 2018) This Article offers a new interpretation of the modern federal immigration power. At the end of the nineteenth century, the Supreme Court and Congress fundamentally transformed the federal government's authority to regulate immigration, from a species of commercial regulation firmly grounded in Congress's commerce authority, into a power that was... 2010
Anita Sinha Domestic Violence and U.s. Asylum Law: Eliminating the "Cultural Hook" for Claims Involving Gender-related Persecution 76 New York University Law Review 1562 (November, 2001) I. Introduction & Representative Case Study. 498 II. Immigration Law, the Theory of Asylum, and the Firm Resettlement Doctrine. 505 A. Immigration Law as a Rule of Regulation/Exclusion. 505 B. Asylum as an Exception to the Rule of Exclusion. 506 1. Theory of Asylum. 506 2. Sources of Law: International Conventions and Domestic Law. 509 C. Doctrine... 2009
Jamie R. Abrams Enforcing Masculinities at the Borders 13 Nevada Law Journal 564 (Winter 2013) I. Introduction. 1600 II. The Ten Guiding Principles. 1610 A. U.S. Immigration Laws Must Recognize that Migration Between Nations is Primarily Driven by Economic Opportunity and Labor Supply and Demand in the United States. 1610 B. U.S. Immigration Laws Must Be Enforceable. 1617 C. Immigration Law Must Fairly Treat Immigrants. 1620 D. Immigration... 2009
Marta Vides Saade Entertaining Angels Con Pasión 83 University of Detroit Mercy Law Review 901 (Summer 2006) I. Introduction. 2 II. Detainees and the Great Writ. 8 A. The Great Writ. 8 B. Bownediene--Access, Progress, and Unanswered Questions. 9 C. The Uighurs--A Series of Unfortunate Events. 11 III. Jurisdiction, Nonjusticiable Political Questions, and Immigration Power. 16 A. Nonjusticiable Political Questions. 16 B. Immigration Cases, Political... 2009
Estelle T. Lau Excavating the "Chinese Wall": Towards a Socio-historical Perspective on the Development of United States Immigration Administration and Chinese Exclusion 92 Northwestern University Law Review 1068 (Spring, 1998) I. Introduction. 31 II. Enter the Jungle: The Economics of Employing New Immigrants. 33 A. Immigration and the U.S. Workforce. 36 1. The Foreign-Born Workforce. 36 2. Black Americans and Immigration. 46 3. Taxes and Benefits. 48 B. The Meatpacking and Poultry Processing Industry. 52 1. The House of Swift. 52 2. The Changing Face of the Meatpacking... 2009
Fatma E. Marouf Executive Overreaching in Immigration Adjudication 93 Tulane Law Review 707 (April, 2019) I. Introduction. 341 II. A Nation of (Mistreated) Immigrants. 343 A. A Short Sample of Immigration History. 343 1. The Chinese, California, and the Exclusion Act. 343 2. The Bracero Program and Labor Shortages. 347 B. The Plenary Power Doctrine: Fictional Sovereignty. 351 III. The Plenary Power Doctrine Fallacy. 354 A. Doctrinally Unsound. 355 B.... 2009
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