Ediberto Román The Alien Invasion? 45 Houston Law Review 841 (Summer 2008) I. Introduction. 842 II. The Invasion?. 843 III. The Empirical Data. 856 A. The Alleged Invasion. 857 B. Immigrants' Economic Impact. 858 C. Immigrants' Impact on Crime Rates. 862 IV. The State and Local Government Attacks Against Immigration. 867 V. A History of Invitation and Exclusion. 870 VI. The Psychological Impact of the Anti-Immigrant... 2008
Anna Williams Shavers The Invisible Others and Immigrant Rights: a Commentary 45 Houston Law Review 99 (Symposium 2008) I. Introduction. 100 II. Revelations in the Hurricane Katrina Aftermath. 102 A. The Invisibility of Black Americans. 102 1. So Poor, So Black: The Demographics of the Katrina Victims and the Focus on Black Americans. 102 2. Tensions between Black Americans and Immigrants. 111 B. The Mistreatment of Immigrants. 123 1. Citizenship Matters. 124 2.... 2008
James F. Hollifield , Valerie F. Hunt , Daniel J. Tichenor The Liberal Paradox: Immigrants, Markets and Rights in the United States 61 SMU Law Review 67 (Winter 2008) With the gradual rollback of the national origins quota system in the 1950s and its eventual repeal in 1965, U.S. immigration policy became increasingly liberal and expansive. This liberalization continued throughout the 1980s and was reinforced by the passage of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 and the Immigration Act of 1990, both... 2008
M. Margaret McKeown , Emily Ryo The Lost Sanctuary: Examining Sex Trafficking Through the Lens of United States V. Ah Sou 41 Cornell International Law Journal 739 (Fall 2008) Introduction. 740 I. Historical Context: The Chinese Exclusion Era. 745 II. The Story of Ah Sou. 748 A. Life in the United States. 748 B. In the District Court. 752 C. In the Ninth Circuit. 754 III. International and Domestic Legal Framework. 755 A. International Human Rights Law. 755 B. Domestication of International Human Rights Norms. 757 IV. Ah... 2008
Janel Thamkul The Plenary Power-shaped Hole in the Core Constitutional Law Curriculum: Exclusion, Unequal Protection, and American National Identity 96 California Law Review 553 (April, 2008) When we teach our students law, we introduce them to a world. It is a world that they will inhabit for many years to come, one that we hope will enable them, not only as lawyers, but as citizens, to lead better, more worthwhile lives. But our very entry into such a world is simultaneously the successful inculcation of a canon, a rule of practice... 2008
Won Kidane The Terrorism Exception to Asylum: Managing the Uncertainty in Status Determination 41 University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform 669 (Spring 2008) The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), as it must, excludes a terrorist from receiving asylum. The substantive criteria, and the adjudicative procedures set forth under the INA for the identification of the undeserving terrorist inevitably exclude those who are neither terrorists nor otherwise undeserving. Such unintended consequences are... 2008
Jill E. Family Threats to the Future of the Immigration Class Action 27 Washington University Journal of Law and Policy 71 (2008) I. Introduction. 71 II. The Immigration Class Action. 76 III. Threats to the Future of the Immigration Class Action. 81 A. Threat One: Congressional Willingness to Restrict Immigration Judicial Review. 82 B. Threat Two: Waivers of Judicial Review. 86 1. The Threat. 86 2. Evaluating the Threat. 94 a. The Plenary Power Doctrine. 95 b. The Contract... 2008
Wendy Andre Undocumented Immigrants and Their Personal Injury Actions: Keeping Immigration Policy out of Lost Wage Awards and Enforcing the Compensatory and Deterrent Functions of Tort Law 13 Roger Williams University Law Review 530 (Spring 2008) Immigration is by definition a gesture of faith in social mobility. It is the expression in action of a positive belief in the possibility of a better life. It has thus contributed greatly to developing the spirit of personal betterment in American society and to strengthening the national confidence in change and the future. Such confidence, when... 2008
VICTOR C. ROMERO United States Immigration Policy: Contract or Human Rights Law? 32 Nova Law Review 309 (Spring, 2008) All nations distinguish between their citizens and others. In the United States, the primary set of laws for determining these distinctions is found in our immigration policy. The term immigration law refers to a rather narrow set of rules covering essentially two aspects of a non-citizen's stay in the United States: first, those rules that... 2008
Thomas W. Joo Yick Wo Re-revisited: Nonblack Nonwhites and Fourteenth Amendment History 2008 University of Illinois Law Review 1427 (2008) In Unexplainable on Grounds of Race: Doubts About Yick Wo, Professor Gabriel Chin presents a new view of the 1886 Supreme Court case, Yick Wo v. Hopkins. As my earlier work shows, I agree with Chin on two fundamental revisionist points about Yick Wo: first, that it was not a harbinger of the mid-twentieth-century revolution in racial civil rights,... 2008
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