Mariela Olivares Battered by Law: the Political Subordination of Immigrant Women 64 American University Law Review 231 (December, 2014) C1-3Table of Contents I. Introduction. 303 II. Incidents of Unequal Treatment and Profiling of Aliens in the United States. 305 III. Why Profiling is Permitted When Applied to Aliens: An Overview of Immigration Law in the United States. 311 IV. Why the Plenary Power Doctrine Should be Modified to Prevent Discriminatory Profiling of Aliens. 314 V.... 2008
  Due Process -- Immigration Detention -- Third Circuit Holds That the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 Authorizes Immigration Detention Only for a -- "Reasonable Period of Time." -- Diop V. Ice/homeland Security, 656 F.3d 125 Harvard Law Review 1522 (April, 2012) I. Introduction. 100 II. Revelations in the Hurricane Katrina Aftermath. 102 A. The Invisibility of Black Americans. 102 1. So Poor, So Black: The Demographics of the Katrina Victims and the Focus on Black Americans. 102 2. Tensions between Black Americans and Immigrants. 111 B. The Mistreatment of Immigrants. 123 1. Citizenship Matters. 124 2.... 2008
Anna Welch, Emily Gorrivan ETHNO-NATIONALISM AND ASYLUM LAW 74 Maine Law Review 187 (2022) I. Introduction. 255 II. Global Migration and Re-Imagining National Identity. 259 III. 200 years, 150 years, and U.S. Citizenship: Ending the Transatlantic Slave Trade and Then Imagining in Dred Scott. 263 IV. 110 years, Chinese Migration, and Wong Kim Ark: Imagining Citizenship in New Global Contexts for the United States and China. 266 V. Current... 2008
Dana Gayeski Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Legal: Why Efforts to Repeal Birthright Citizenship Are Unconstitutional and Un-american 21 Temple Political & Civil Rights Law Review 215 (Fall 2011) I. Introduction. 71 II. The Immigration Class Action. 76 III. Threats to the Future of the Immigration Class Action. 81 A. Threat One: Congressional Willingness to Restrict Immigration Judicial Review. 82 B. Threat Two: Waivers of Judicial Review. 86 1. The Threat. 86 2. Evaluating the Threat. 94 a. The Plenary Power Doctrine. 95 b. The Contract... 2008
Hadley Blake Guess Who's Coming to Dinner: Federal Disaster Relief for Undocumented Aliens 48 Washington University Journal of Urban and Contemporary Law 217 (Summer, 1995) I. Introduction. 842 II. The Invasion?. 843 III. The Empirical Data. 856 A. The Alleged Invasion. 857 B. Immigrants' Economic Impact. 858 C. Immigrants' Impact on Crime Rates. 862 IV. The State and Local Government Attacks Against Immigration. 867 V. A History of Invitation and Exclusion. 870 VI. The Psychological Impact of the Anti-Immigrant... 2008
Diana Vellos Immigrant Latina Domestic Workers and Sexual Harassment 5 American University Journal of Gender & the Law 407 (Spring, 1997) Immigrants are dirty and lazy . . . . They will never be Americans like us. Historically, anti-immigration backlashes have followed large waves of immigration to the United States. Nativism was evident in America as early as the days of Benjamin Franklin even though, aside from the Native Americans, few Americans were truly native.... 2008
Kati L. Griffith, Tamara L. Lee Immigration Advocacy as Labor Advocacy 33 Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law 73 (2012) Immigration is by definition a gesture of faith in social mobility. It is the expression in action of a positive belief in the possibility of a better life. It has thus contributed greatly to developing the spirit of personal betterment in American society and to strengthening the national confidence in change and the future. Such confidence, when... 2008
George A. Martínez Immigration: Deportation and the Pseudo-science of Unassimilable Peoples 61 SMU Law Review 7 (Winter 2008) In September 2007, the United States Office of Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS ) unveiled the final one hundred questions to the new citizenship test, created by USCIS to be more standardized, fair, and meaningful than the current naturalization exam. The new exam is the result of USCIS's seven-year test development project, costing a... 2008
Viridiana Ordonez LIMITING THE USE OF THE CATEGORICAL APPROACH AND SETTING A STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS FOR DEPORTATION 73 Hastings Law Journal 1791 (August, 2022) In Unexplainable on Grounds of Race: Doubts About Yick Wo, Professor Gabriel Chin presents a new view of the 1886 Supreme Court case, Yick Wo v. Hopkins. As my earlier work shows, I agree with Chin on two fundamental revisionist points about Yick Wo: first, that it was not a harbinger of the mid-twentieth-century revolution in racial civil rights,... 2008
Eisha Jain POLICING THE POLITY 131 Yale Law Journal 1794 (April, 2022) Introduction. 740 I. Historical Context: The Chinese Exclusion Era. 745 II. The Story of Ah Sou. 748 A. Life in the United States. 748 B. In the District Court. 752 C. In the Ninth Circuit. 754 III. International and Domestic Legal Framework. 755 A. International Human Rights Law. 755 B. Domestication of International Human Rights Norms. 757 IV. Ah... 2008
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