Ian F. Haney López A Nation of Minorities: Race, Ethnicity, and Reactionary Colorblindness 59 Stanford Law Review 985 (February, 2007) Justice Clarence Thomas insists upon a moral and constitutional equivalence between laws designed to subjugate a race and those that distribute benefits on the basis of race in order to foster some current notion of equality. This asserted congruence between Jim Crow laws and affirmative action seems intellectually indefensible--but it is now a... 2007
Nancy Chung Allred Asian Americans and Affirmative Action: from Yellow Peril to Model Minority and Back Again 14 Asian American Law Journal 57 (May, 2007) In a fog-smothered corner of San Francisco sits an aged building known as Lowell High School. It appears to be a typical high school filled with rowdy teenagers; however, to thousands of immigrant families, this building represents a ticket to an elite university and the fast lane to the American dream. Lowell, the oldest public high school west of... 2007
Mae M. Ngai Birthright Citizenship and the Alien Citizen 75 Fordham Law Review 2521 (April, 2007) The alien citizen is an American citizen by virtue of her birth in the United States but whose citizenship is suspect, if not denied, on account of the racialized identity of her immigrant ancestry. In this construction, the foreignness of non-European peoples is deemed unalterable, making nationality a kind of racial trait. Alienage, then, becomes... 2007
Ebba Gebisa Constitutional Concerns with the Enforcement and Expansion of Expedited Removal 2007 University of Chicago Legal Forum 565 (2007) Sharon McKnight, a New York resident who is a United States citizen of Jamaican descent, was taken into custody and handcuffed by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) upon her arrival at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport on June 10, 2000. The INS officials at the airport took McKnight into custody because they... 2007
Don Blankenau Ecosystem Protection Versus Immigration: the Coming Conflict 12 Great Plains Natural Resources Journal 1 (Fall 2007) An undeniable and ever escalating tension exists between population growth and environmental conservation worldwide. This article seeks to draw attention to the impact of population growth, and specifically that related to immigration, on the depletion of resources specifically in the United States of America. The ability of U.S. environmental... 2007
Monique Lee Hawthorne Family Unity in Immigration Law: Broadening the Scope of "Family" 11 Lewis & Clark Law Review 809 (Fall 2007) Throughout history, the U.S. government has claimed to stand by a strong policy of family reunification. After providing a brief overview of U.S. immigration policy and regulation since the 1800s, this Comment examines the existing statutory framework for family reunification. The author argues that legislation passed by the U.S. Senate in late-May... 2007
George A. Martínez Immigration and the Meaning of United States Citizenship: Whiteness and Assimilation 46 Washburn Law Journal 335 (Winter 2007) At the outset of the twenty-first century, United States immigration policy has become one of the most pressing issues of our time. In recent years, we have witnessed, among other things, calls for dramatically restricting immigration in light of an alleged threat to American national identity, increased border enforcement associated with thousands... 2007
Kitty Calavita Immigration Law, Race, and Identity 3 Annual Review of Law and Social Science 1 (2007) ethnicity, naturalization, exclusion, Hurricane Katrina This review examines the scholarship at the intersection of immigration law, race, and identity. Historically, much of the literature has focused on the ways immigration law has constructed, and been constructed by, racial categories. I argue that African American racialization has been a... 2007
Adela de la Torre, Ph.D., Julia Mendoza Immigration Policy and Immigration Flows: a Comparative Analysis of Immigration Law in the U.s. and Argentina 3 Modern American 46 (Summer-Fall, 2007) Lawyers and policy experts within the Latino community need to foster cultural responsibility for immigration reform by participating in the policy dialogue. Although Latino lawyers do not represent the broad American population, they do represent American communities that have been discriminated against because of their cultural and racial... 2007
Jennifer M. Chacón Loving Across Borders: Immigration Law and the Limits of Loving 2007 Wisconsin Law Review 345 (2007) I. Introduction. 345 II. Immigration Restrictions and Antimiscegenation Laws. 348 A. Admission Policy and the Social Construction of Race. 350 B. Nationality Laws and the Policing of the Color Line. 356 III. Where Loving Never Tread: How the Law Still Regulates Intimacy. 358 A. Immigration, Nationality, and the Family. 359 B. Immigration and... 2007
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