Don Blankenau Ecosystem Protection Versus Immigration: the Coming Conflict 12 Great Plains Natural Resources Journal 1 (Fall 2007) I. Introduction. 119 II. Enforcement of Antiterrorism Initiatives in the Post-9/11 Era. 122 A. Detentions Following the September 11 Attacks. 123 1. Policy Implementation. 123 2. Program Results: Impact on Immigrant Communities and Security Benefits. 124 B. The National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS). 126 1. Policy Implementation.... 2007
Erin M. O'Callaghan Expedited Removal and Discrimination in the Asylum Process: the Use of Humanitarian Aid as a Political Tool 43 William and Mary Law Review 1747 (March, 2002) I. Introduction. 345 II. Immigration Restrictions and Antimiscegenation Laws. 348 A. Admission Policy and the Social Construction of Race. 350 B. Nationality Laws and the Policing of the Color Line. 356 III. Where Loving Never Tread: How the Law Still Regulates Intimacy. 358 A. Immigration, Nationality, and the Family. 359 B. Immigration and... 2007
Michael J. Wishnie Immigration Law and the Proportionality Requirement 2 UC Irvine Law Review 415 (February, 2012) In a fog-smothered corner of San Francisco sits an aged building known as Lowell High School. It appears to be a typical high school filled with rowdy teenagers; however, to thousands of immigrant families, this building represents a ticket to an elite university and the fast lane to the American dream. Lowell, the oldest public high school west of... 2007
Daniel Kanstroom Judicial Review of Amnesty Denials: must Aliens Bet Their Lives to Get into Court? 25 Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review 53 (Winter, 1990) In this Article, I explore the origins and consequences of the blurred boundaries between immigration control, crime control and national security, specifically as related to the removal of non-citizens. Part II of this Article focuses on the question of how immigration control and crime control issues have come to be subsumed by national security... 2007
Girardeau A. Spann Just Do it 67-SUM Law and Contemporary Problems 11 (Summer 2004) In this article, I use state-level anti-miscegenation legislation to examine how Asian ethnic groups became categorized within the American racial system in the period between the Civil War and the civil rights movement of the 1960s. I show how the labels used to describe Asian ethnic groups at the state level reflected and were constrained by... 2007
Kenneth L. Karst Paths to Belonging: the Constitution and Cultural Identity 64 North Carolina Law Review 303 (January, 1986) Introduction. 346 I. Immigration, Gender, and Sexuality in U.S. History: A History of Early American Immigration Law up to the Mid-20th Century. 347 II. From McCarthyism to 1990: Conceiving and Crafting the Exclusion of LGBT Immigrants. 351 A. 1950s-1967: Immigration Laws Affecting Homosexuals During the Cold War. 352 B. 1967-1983: A Summary of... 2007
Michael J. Wishnie Prohibiting the Employment of Unauthorized Immigrants: the Experiment Fails 2007 University of Chicago Legal Forum 193 (2007) Justice Clarence Thomas insists upon a moral and constitutional equivalence between laws designed to subjugate a race and those that distribute benefits on the basis of race in order to foster some current notion of equality. This asserted congruence between Jim Crow laws and affirmative action seems intellectually indefensible--but it is now a... 2007
Elizabeth Keyes Race and Immigration, Then and Now: How the Shift to "Worthiness" Undermines the 1965 Immigration Law's Civil Rights Goals 57 Howard Law Journal 899 (Spring 2014) Lawyers and policy experts within the Latino community need to foster cultural responsibility for immigration reform by participating in the policy dialogue. Although Latino lawyers do not represent the broad American population, they do represent American communities that have been discriminated against because of their cultural and racial... 2007
Mary M. Sevandal Special Registration: Discrimination in the Name of National Security 8 Journal of Gender, Race and Justice 735 (Winter 2005) Sharon McKnight, a New York resident who is a United States citizen of Jamaican descent, was taken into custody and handcuffed by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) upon her arrival at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport on June 10, 2000. The INS officials at the airport took McKnight into custody because they... 2007
Peter Margulies Taking Care of Immigration Law: Presidential Stewardship, Prosecutorial Discretion, and the Separation of Powers 94 Boston University Law Review 105 (January, 2014) Thank you, Marcela, and thank you very much to Boalt Hall for hosting this symposium and inviting me and Eve Hernandez to speak today about some burning issues in the area of global migration. I should tell you that I'm kind of an unusual government official. Most of my work, prior to coming to the EEOC was in defense of immigrants. I did a lot of... 2007
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