M. Hunter Rush IT'S MY PARTY, AND I'LL DO WHAT I WANT TO: MAKING THE CASE FOR JUDICIAL REVIEW OF NATIONAL INTEREST WAIVER DENIALS 27 Washington and Lee Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice 703 (Spring, 2021) Politics and personal beliefs have become increasingly intertwined since the founding of the United States. Few issues have divided Americans more than immigration laws and policies. This Note advances the argument that when a noncitizen's application for a National Interest Waiver is denied, there must be some recourse. The current problem is... 2021
Rebekah Ross LET INDIANS DECIDE: HOW RESTRICTING BORDER PASSAGE BY BLOOD QUANTUM INFRINGES ON TRIBAL SOVEREIGNTY 96 Washington Law Review 311 (March, 2021) American immigration laws have been explicitly racial throughout most of the country's history. For decades, only White foreign nationals could become naturalized citizens. All racial criteria have since vanished from the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)--all but one. Section 289 of the INA allows American Indians born in Canada to... 2021
Jonathan Riedel MIRRORED HARMS: UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES IN THE GRANT OF TRIBAL COURT JURISDICTION OVER NON-INDIAN ABUSERS 45 American Indian Law Review 211 (2021) Rates of domestic violence are astonishingly high in Indian Country. More than half of Indian women have experienced physical violence in their lifetimes. They are twice as likely to experience rape as white women and to experience more violent rape when it occurs. Their plight is also deeply intertwined with race: 90% of women reported that the... 2021
Christian Sundquist PANDEMIC POLICING 37 Georgia State University Law Review 1339 (Summer, 2021) C1-2CONTENTS Introduction. 1340 I. The Cycle of Pandemic Racism. 1348 A. Economic Crises. 1348 B. Immigration Crises. 1349 C. Crime Crises. 1350 II. Pandemic Policing. 1353 Conclusion. 1359 2021
Andrew T. Hayashi , Richard M. Hynes PROTECTIONIST PROPERTY TAXES 106 Iowa Law Review 1091 (March, 2021) ABSTRACT: National restrictions on trade and immigration are the most salient illustrations of the current protectionist moment, but cities have played their part too, taxing foreign investors in local real estate and imposing second or vacant home taxes that indirectly burden foreign investment. We call these taxes protectionist property taxes.... 2021
Gabriel J. Chin RELIEF AND STATUTES OF LIMITATION FOR DEPORTABLE NONCITIZENS UNDER ASIAN EXCLUSION, 1882-1948 50 Southwestern Law Review 218 (2021) Reading Deported Americans is like watching a horror movie; it is all too easy to anticipate the terror coming. But it is no fantasy; this nightmare is real life. The book is the story of good people, many with close connections to the United States, deported without mercy or individual consideration. Sometimes, although not always, they are... 2021
John G. Browning RIGHTING PAST WRONGS: POSTHUMOUS BAR ADMISSIONS AND THE QUEST FOR RACIAL JUSTICE 21 Berkeley Journal of African-American Law & Policy 1 (2021) Introduction. 1 I. Takuji Yamashita. 4 II. George Vashon. 9 III. Hong Yen Chang. 14 IV. Sei Fujii. 21 V. William Herbert Johnson. 25 VI. J.H. Williams, And More Stories To Be Told. 28 Conclusion. 34 Appendix A. 37 Appendix B. 38 Appendix C. 41 Appendix D. 42 2021
Tally Kritzman-Amir SWAB BEFORE YOU ENTER: DNA COLLECTION AND IMMIGRATION CONTROL 56 Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review 77 (Winter, 2021) In the spring of 2019, the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that it would start conducting DNA tests at the border to identify fraudulent claims regarding family ties. Later, in January 2020, DHS started to collect DNA samples from persons in immigration detention. This article examines these measures in their... 2021
Shayak Sarkar TAX LAW'S MIGRATION 62 Boston College Law Review 2209 (October, 2021) Introduction. 2210 I. Historic Taxation to Shape Migration and Migrants. 2216 A. Colonies of Migrant Taxation. 2217 B. Taxation and Migration Beyond the Colonies. 2219 C. Modern Migration and the Public Fisc. 2223 II. Contemporary Instances of Tax Law's Migration. 2227 A. Pandemic Relief. 2227 1. Round One of Pandemic Relief and Constitutional... 2021
  THE AGREEMENT AND THE GIRMITIYA 134 Harvard Law Review 1826 (March, 2021) What I want to say in this letter, wrote the exasperated Viceroy of India in a telegram to the London-based Secretary of State for India, is that the time for palliatives is past, . and that, if public opinion--and this won't remain a purely Indian question--is to be satisfied, recruiting must stop. Weeks later, on March 10, 1917, the British... 2021
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