Afton Izu GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN "ESSENTIAL": A MERITOCRATIC PATHWAY TO CITIZENSHIP FOR UNDOCUMENTED WORKERS 35 Georgetown Immigration Law Journal 999 (Spring, 2021) I. Introduction: The Modern Controversy. 126 R1II. L2Reliance on International Law in the Early Immigration Power Cases. 131 A. The Early Immigration Power Cases. 133 B. Chae Chan Ping. 133 C. Nishimura Ekiu. 138 D. Fong Yue Ting. 139 E. Persuasive Authority. 141 III. International Law as Binding Authority?. 144 IV. International Law and Natural... 2004
Sara K. Rankin HIDING HOMELESSNESS: THE TRANSCARCERATION OF HOMELESSNESS 109 California Law Review 559 (April, 2021) I. L2-4,T4Introduction 506 II. L2-4,T4Background and Early History of Immigration to the United States 509 III. L2-4,T4Late Twentieth Century and Restrictions on Immigration 515 A. L3-4,T4Attempts to Limit Access of Illegal Immigrants to Public Education: Plyler v. Doe 516. B. L3-4,T4Limitations on Employing Illegal Immigrants: IRCA 519. C.... 2004
Amanda Masters Is Procedural Due Process in a Remote Processing Center a Contradiction in Terms? Gandarillas-zambrana V. Board of Immigration Appeals 57 Ohio State Law Journal 999 (1996) In the search for security, the United States is obscuring rights for low-income immigrant workers, and in so doing is sacrificing its own workplace safety. Poverty and unemployment all over the world drive millions of people to the United States in search of jobs, meeting strong employer demand for low-wage labor. As a result, the United States is... 2004
Sara Catherine Barnhart Second Class Delivery: the Elimination of Birthright Citizenship as a Repeal of "The Pursuit of Happiness" 42 Georgia Law Review 525 (Winter, 2008) Racial injustice has always been a problem in the United States. The most salient victims of the Nation's discrimination against racial minorities have included indigenous Indians, Chinese immigrants, Japanese-American citizens, Latinos, and of course blacks. But as the current war on terrorism illustrates, under the right conditions, almost any... 2004
Andrew Haile The Scandal of Refugee Family Reunification 56 Boston College Law Review 273 (January, 2015) This article is an examination of the Asian American closet, as an analogy drawn from the gay closet. The gay closet, of course, is a term used to describe the process by which some gays may hide their sexuality from public view, in order to avoid social disapproval or legal sanctions. At first glance, it may seem that application of the closet... 2004
Ali Shan Ali Bhai A Border Deferred: Structural Safeguards Against Judicial Deference in Immigration National Security Cases 69 Duke Law Journal 1149 (February, 2020) A major contribution to the contemporary thinking about immigration, citizenship, and assimilation is offered by Georgetown Law Center Law Professor T. Alexander Aleinikoff in his recent volume, Semblances of Sovereignty: The Constitution, the State, and American Citizenship. The book helps to advance the immigration debate and define what it means... 2003
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Philip Monrad Ideological Exclusion, Plenary Power, and the Plo 77 California Law Review 831 (July 1, 1989) I. The Liberal Ideal and the Cosmopolitan Perspective. 295 A. Immigration Restrictions and Global Economic Welfare. 296 B. Justice and the Alien. 298 II. Immigration Restrictions and National Economic Welfare. 303 A. Effects of Immigration in the Labor Market. 304 1. Effects on Native Workers: Empirical Evidence. 305 2. Income Distribution and the... 2003
Julian Lim Immigration, Asylum, and Citizenship: a More Holistic Approach 101 California Law Review 1013 (August, 2013) In January 1930 officials of the Bureau of Immigration testified about the Border Patrol before a closed session of the House Immigration Committee. Henry Hull, the commissioner general of immigration, explained that the Border Patrol did not operate on the border line but as far as one hundred miles back of the line. The Border Patrol, he... 2003
Mark E. Steiner Inclusion and Exclusion in American Legal History 23 Asian American Law Journal 69 (2016) In the face of persistent attacks in the popular press, as well as academia, the critical study of the impact of race on the social fabric of the United States continues. Immigration law historically has been considered a specialty area of practitioners spurned by academics. However, the treatment of aliens, particularly noncitizens of color,... 2003
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