Matthew J. Lindsay Immigration as Invasion: Sovereignty, Security, and the Origins of the Federal Immigration Power 45 Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review 1 (Winter 2010) In 1996 Congress passed the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA). This law cemented the recent trend of cracking down on illegal immigration by increasing the number of border patrols, limiting judicial review, and introducing new penalties for a variety of immigration control violations. This anti-immigrant... 1999
Mohar Ray Undocumented Asian American Workers and State Wage Laws in the Aftermath of Hoffman Plastic Compounds 13 Asian American Law Journal 91 (November, 2006) To hear some immigration advocates tell it, Americans in the 1990s have slammed the golden door shut in a fit of xenophobic hysteria . . . . Fortunately, this is a false picture . . . . I recently received a plea for help from a tearful U.S. citizen who is the mother of a twenty-five-year-old lawful permanent resident from Panama. She told me that... 1999
Devon W. Carbado Yellow by Law 97 California Law Review 633 (June, 2009) Why should Pennsylvania, founded by the English, become a colony of aliens who will shortly be so numerous as to Germanize us instead of Anglifying them, and will never adopt our Language or Customs any more than they can acquire our complexion? -Benjamin Franklin In the United States today, approximately half of the states have laws that restrict... 1999
Amanda Frost "BY ACCIDENT OF BIRTH": THE BATTLE OVER BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP AFTER UNITED STATES v. WONG KIM ARK 32 Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities 38 (Summer, 2021) [Congress] cast a big net, and they're catching some dolphins in itImmigration and Naturalization Service spokesman Russ Bergeron, commenting on the harshness of immigration law's new aggravated felon provisions. Congressional legislation in 1996 fundamentally altered the landscape of United States immigration law. On April 24, 1996, Congress... 1998
Bill Ong Hing Beyond the Rhetoric of Assimilation and Cultural Pluralism: Addressing the Tension of Separatism and Conflict in an Immigration-driven Multiracial Society 81 California Law Review 863 (July, 1993) C1-3Table of Contents I. INTRODUCTION: AMERICA APPROACHES THE 21ST CENTURY. 58 II. THE UNDOCUMENTED ALIEN DEBATE: WHY THEY COME AND THE BURDEN ON SOCIETY'. 61 A. Labels: Aliens, Immigrants, Natives, Nationals, and Citizens. 62 B. Why They Come and the Debate About Burdens. 68 III. HISTORICAL AND LEGAL SKETCH OF THE RIGHTS OF AUTHORIZED AND... 1998
Megan J. Ballard Cultivating Civic Belonging for Resettled Refugees 34 Georgetown Immigration Law Journal 545 (Spring, 2020) For over a century, the Supreme Court has granted federal immigration laws a unique immunity from judicial review. Relying on the so-called plenary power doctrine, the Court has said that over no conceivable subject is federal power greater than it is over immigration; even modern federal cases, for example, state that Congress may freely... 1998
Monique Lee Hawthorne Family Unity in Immigration Law: Broadening the Scope of "Family" 11 Lewis & Clark Law Review 809 (Fall 2007) I. INTRODUCTION. 549 II. IMMIGRATION IN THE UNITED STATES. 552 III. HUMAN RIGHTS LAW. 563 IV. INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS. 568 A. Nondiscrimination Protections Under International Human Rights Norms. 570 1. Classifications Based on Race, Ethnicity, or National Origin. 570 2. Classifications Based on Sex. 572 3. The Status of Children in... 1998
Howard F. Chang Immigration and the Workplace: Immigration Restrictions as Employment Discrimination 78 Chicago-Kent Law Review 291 (2003) In 1893, the Supreme Court issued its seminal immigration decision Fong Yue Ting which held that a nation has the right to deport aliens lawfully residing within its borders. Justice Brewer dissented, but reaffirmed a sovereign nation's right to exclude. He stated that a national government has control of all matters relating to other nations and... 1998
Stewart Chang Is Gay the New Asian?: Marriage Equality and the Dawn of a New Model Minority 23 Asian American Law Journal 5 (2016) In the past two years, Congress has enacted legislation that significantly restricts the rights of noncitizens and adversely affects the lives of thousands of long-term resident noncitizens nationwide. Critics of this legislation describe this present period as a wave of anti-immigrant backlash which, as in earlier times in history, will eventually... 1998
Andrew T. Hayashi , Richard M. Hynes PROTECTIONIST PROPERTY TAXES 106 Iowa Law Review 1091 (March, 2021) L1-2Introduction 1112 I. The History of Racial Exclusion in the U.S. Immigration Laws. 1119 A. From Chinese Exclusion to General Asian Subordination. 1120 1. Chinese Exclusion and Reconstruction. 1122 2. Japanese Internment and Brown v. Board of Education. 1124 B. The National Origins Quota System. 1127 C. Modern Racial Exclusion. 1131 1. The War... 1998
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