Karin Wang Battered Asian American Women: Community Responses from the Battered Women's Movement and the Asian American Community 3 Asian Law Journal 151 (May, 1996) The anti-domestic violence movement has made significant progress in the past twenty years. However, these gains largely have not been realized by Asian American women. The author argues that for Asian American women, domestic violence is complicated by factors such as language barriers, immigrant status, cultural differences, and racial... 1996
Amanda Masters Is Procedural Due Process in a Remote Processing Center a Contradiction in Terms? Gandarillas-zambrana V. Board of Immigration Appeals 57 Ohio State Law Journal 999 (1996) Oakdale, Louisiana is a small town of 6,837 people. The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Federal Detention Center in Oakdale holds one thousand immigrants, and the Oakdale Federal Corrections Institution holds three hundred immigrants. These immigrants are in Oakdale because aliens, even legal permanent resident aliens, who are... 1996
Berta Esperanza HernÁndez-Truyol Natives, Newcomers and Nativism: a Human Rights Model for the Twenty-first Century 23 Fordham Urban Law Journal 1075 (Summer 1996) Editor's Note: This article was completed prior to the Fifth Annual Stein Center Symposium on Contemporary Urban Challenges, which took place on February 28, 1996. Since that time, several then-pending anti-immigrant bills discussed below have been enacted into law. Without changing the author's analysis, these enactments provide additional... 1996
Michael Scaperlanda Partial Membership: Aliens and the Constitutional Community 81 Iowa Law Review 707 (March 1, 1996) In the midst of one of the largest waves of legal immigration in our nation's history, a strong anti-immigrant undertow threatens to pull us from our constitutional commitment to equality and from our national mythology of open arms and golden doors. The debates concerning noncitizens in the public square of the 1990s provide a good occasion and... 1996
John Hayakawa Torok Reconstruction and Racial Nativism: Chinese Immigrants and the Debates on the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments and Civil Rights Laws 3 Asian Law Journal 55 (May, 1996) The Reconstruction amendments and civil rights law historically have been viewed in the context of African American emancipation, naturalization, and enfranchisement. However, Chinese immigrants' presence and the racial nativism they engendered in the white polity influenced the debates surrounding that legislation and the attendant Supreme Court... 1996
Karen K. Narasaki Testimony on the Immigration Reform Act of 1995 Before the Subcommittee on Immigration, U.s. Senate Judiciary Committee 10 Georgetown Immigration Law Journal 77 (March, 1996) The area of immigration policy is particularly important to the National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium because of the large percentage of recent immigrants in the Asian Pacific American community and the long history of racially discriminatory treatment of Asians and Pacific Islanders by our country's immigration laws. The Consortium... 1996
Gabriel J. Chin The Civil Rights Revolution Comes to Immigration Law: a New Look at the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 75 North Carolina Law Review 273 (November, 1996) In this historical analysis of the Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments of 1965, Professor Chin argues that Congress eased restrictions on Asian immigration into the United States in an effort to equalize immigration opportunities for groups who had been the victims of discriminatory immigration laws in the past. In Part I of the Article, he... 1996
Gabriel J. Chin The Plessy Myth: Justice Harlan and the Chinese Cases 82 Iowa Law Review 151 (October, 1996) For a century, the vision of racial equality expressed in John Marshall Harlan's dissent in Plessy v. Ferguson has captured the legal imagination in a way matched by few other texts. Even today, the symbolic power of Harlan's rejection of segregation of African Americans and whites in New Orleans streetcars is rivaled only by the Reverend Martin... 1996
Kiyoko Kamio Knapp The Rhetoric of Exclusion: the Art of Drawing a Line Between Aliens and Citizens 10 Georgetown Immigration Law Journal 401 (Spring, 1996) We are the only country in which an Okinawan vendor serves Kosher pastrami and stir-fried vegetables wrapped in a tortilla to young white punk rockers at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. 1890: [P]ersons of the Mongolian race are not entitled to be admitted as citizens of the United States. In re Hong Yen Chang 1993: [P]utting America first mean[s]... 1996
Paula C. Johnson The Social Construction of Identity in Criminal Cases: Cinema Verite and the Pedagogy of Vincent Chin 1 Michigan Journal of Race and Law 347 (Summer 1996) INTRODUCTION. 348 I. The Enigma of Race. 355 A. Theories of Racial Identity. 355 1. Biological Race. 355 2. Socially Constructed Race. 358 B. Constructions of Asian Americans. 359 1. Historical Constructions of Asian Identities. 359 a. Constructions of Early Chinese Immigrants. 362 b. Constructions of Early Japanese Immigrants. 371 c. Chinese and... 1996
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