Wesley C. Brockway Rationing Justice: the Need for Appointed Counsel in Removal Proceedings of Unaccompanied Immigrant Children 88 University of Colorado Law Review 179 (Winter, 2017) Oakdale, Louisiana is a small town of 6,837 people. The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Federal Detention Center in Oakdale holds one thousand immigrants, and the Oakdale Federal Corrections Institution holds three hundred immigrants. These immigrants are in Oakdale because aliens, even legal permanent resident aliens, who are... 1996
Karen K. Narasaki Testimony on the Immigration Reform Act of 1995 Before the Subcommittee on Immigration, U.s. Senate Judiciary Committee 10 Georgetown Immigration Law Journal 77 (March, 1996) The anti-domestic violence movement has made significant progress in the past twenty years. However, these gains largely have not been realized by Asian American women. The author argues that for Asian American women, domestic violence is complicated by factors such as language barriers, immigrant status, cultural differences, and racial... 1996
J. Allen Douglas The "Priceless Possession" of Citizenship: Race, Nation and Naturalization in American Law, 1880-1930 43 Duquesne Law Review 369 (Spring 2005) The area of immigration policy is particularly important to the National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium because of the large percentage of recent immigrants in the Asian Pacific American community and the long history of racially discriminatory treatment of Asians and Pacific Islanders by our country's immigration laws. The Consortium... 1996
Harold Hongju Koh The Haitian Refugee Litigation: a Case Study in Transnational Public Law Litigation 18 Maryland Journal of International Law and Trade 1 (Spring 1994) The Reconstruction amendments and civil rights law historically have been viewed in the context of African American emancipation, naturalization, and enfranchisement. However, Chinese immigrants' presence and the racial nativism they engendered in the white polity influenced the debates surrounding that legislation and the attendant Supreme Court... 1996
Kitty Calavita The Paradoxes of Race, Class, Identity, and "Passing": Enforcing the Chinese Exclusion Acts, 1882-1910 25 Law and Social Inquiry 1 (Winter, 2000) These words signify the ideal on which America, the nation of immigrants, was built. Whether in 1820 or 1996, through Ellis Island or Angel Island, the American immigrant, inspired by the hopes and dreams of a better life, has brought human capital to this nation. With the exception of Native Americans and indigenous Hawaiian Americans, most... 1996
James Duff Lyall Vigilante State: Reframing the Minuteman Project in American Politics and Culture 23 Georgetown Immigration Law Journal 257 (Winter, 2009) We are the only country in which an Okinawan vendor serves Kosher pastrami and stir-fried vegetables wrapped in a tortilla to young white punk rockers at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. 1890: [P]ersons of the Mongolian race are not entitled to be admitted as citizens of the United States. In re Hong Yen Chang 1993: [P]utting America first mean[s]... 1996
Reviewed by Hiroshi Motomura Whose Immigration Law?: Citizens, Aliens, and the Constitution 97 Columbia Law Review 1567 (June 1, 1997) Who is an American, and how do we choose new Americans? Immigration law and policy try to answer these questions, and so it is no wonder the immigration debate attracts so much public attention. After all, it represents our public attempt to define ourselves as a community, and to decide what we ask of those who want to join our ranks. The stream... 1996
Mae M. Ngai Birthright Citizenship and the Alien Citizen 75 Fordham Law Review 2521 (April, 2007) C1-3Table of Contents I. Overview of Immigration Detention. 1095 A. Statutory Framework. 1095 B. The Expanded INS Detention Mission. 1099 C. Mission Impossible: Actual Detention Operations. 1106 II. Conditions of Confinement at Immigration Detention Facilities. 1111 A. Overview of Conditions at INS Detention Facilities. 1113 B. Detention Conditions... 1995
Kevin R. Johnson BRINGING RACIAL JUSTICE TO IMMIGRATION LAW 116 Northwestern University Law Review Online 1 (May 13, 2021) C1-3Table of Contents I. The Development of Alien and Immigration Laws in the United States. 950 A. Give Me Your Tired and Poor, Your Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free. 950 B. Closing the Golden Door. 952 C. Taking Aim at Federalism. 956 II. The Dormant Immigration Clause. 958 A. Plenary Federal Power. 958 B. Preserving a Role for the... 1995
George A. Martínez Immigration and the Meaning of United States Citizenship: Whiteness and Assimilation 46 Washburn Law Journal 335 (Winter 2007) In 1791, Alexander Hamilton cautioned Congress that for the United States to become a true power in manufacturing, it would have to encourage immigration to prevent a scarcity in the labor pool. Through advertisement and active recruitment of workers, government officials encouraged immigration into the United States in the nineteenth and the early... 1995
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