Gillian R. Chadwick Legitimating the Transnational Family 42 Harvard Journal of Law & Gender 257 (Summer, 2019) In this piece, I examine the political branding of Asian immigrants by comparing the rhetoric used in the political platforms of the Democratic and Republican parties from 1876 to 1924 to the language deployed in U.S. Supreme Court opinions during the same time period. The negative verbiage repeated at national political conventions branded the... 2021
Lindsay Pérez Huber Make America Great Again!: Donald Trump, Racist Nativism and the Virulent Adherence to White Supremacy amid U.s. Demographic Change 10 Charleston Law Review 215 (Fall, 2016) Introduction. 1 I. Takuji Yamashita. 4 II. George Vashon. 9 III. Hong Yen Chang. 14 IV. Sei Fujii. 21 V. William Herbert Johnson. 25 VI. J.H. Williams, And More Stories To Be Told. 28 Conclusion. 34 Appendix A. 37 Appendix B. 38 Appendix C. 41 Appendix D. 42 2021
Alyssa Garcia Much Ado about Nothing?: Local Resistance and the Significance of Sanctuary Laws 42 Seattle University Law Review 185 (Fall, 2018) Introduction. 1331 I. Historical Artifacts--Anti-Asian Animus. 1335 A. Exclusion and Litigating Whiteness. 1335 B. Alien Land Laws and Internment. 1341 II. Assimilation, Covering, and Honorary Whiteness. 1345 A. Assimilation and the Model Minority Myth. 1346 B. Covering. 1348 C. The Choice for a New Generation of Assimilated Asian Americans. 1351... 2021
Berta Esperanza HernÁndez-Truyol Natives, Newcomers and Nativism: a Human Rights Model for the Twenty-first Century 23 Fordham Urban Law Journal 1075 (Summer 1996) Introduction. 1556 I. The Chinese Exclusion Case and Its Progeny: Ordinary Matter in an Extraordinary Immigration Law Universe. 1565 A. The Origins of Immigration Law's Plenary Power Doctrine. 1566 B. Plenary Power and the Constitution After Chinese Exclusion. 1570 1. Plenary Power and Political Opinion. 1571 2. Plenary Power and Gender. 1574 II.... 2021
Lee Ann S. Wang Of the Law, but Not its Spirit": Immigration Marriage Fraud as Legal Fiction and Violence Against Asian Immigrant Women 3 UC Irvine Law Review 1221 (December, 2013) Introduction. 2210 I. Historic Taxation to Shape Migration and Migrants. 2216 A. Colonies of Migrant Taxation. 2217 B. Taxation and Migration Beyond the Colonies. 2219 C. Modern Migration and the Public Fisc. 2223 II. Contemporary Instances of Tax Law's Migration. 2227 A. Pandemic Relief. 2227 1. Round One of Pandemic Relief and Constitutional... 2021
Virginia Ramadan, Rebecca Clark, Mark B. Lewis, Thomas E. Fox, Moderator Associate Professor of Law, New York Law School, Research Associate, Urban Institute Population Study Center, Associate Commissioner, office of Refugee Assistance and Rehabilitation Panel Three: Immigration and Social Policy 11 New York Law School Journal of Human Rights 559 (Symposium, 1994) Introduction. 2341 I. A Materialist Account of the Field and Its Failings. 2347 A. New Energy Sources and Uses Emerge: 1850-1930. 2348 B. New Deal Legal Gap-Filling and the Mid-Century Détente: 1930-1970. 2353 C. The (Partial) Collapse of the Consensus: 1970-2000. 2357 D. 1990s--2020: Energy Law Meets Climate Change, First Generation. 2361 II. The... 2021
Zsea Bowmani Queer Refuge: the Impacts of Homoantagonism and Racism in U.s. Asylum Law 18 Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law 1 (Spring, 2017) L1-3Table of Contents I. Introduction. 231 II. Equal Protection Intent Doctrine. 236 III. Immigration UnEqual Protection. 243 A. Equal Protection Challenges to Alienage Laws. 245 B. Equal Protection Challenges to Racially Discriminatory Immigration Laws. 246 IV. DHS v. Regents - Intentional Blindness Redoubled. 253 V. Conclusion. 260 2021
Joan Fitzpatrick Race, Immigration, and Legal Scholarship: a Response to Kevin Johnson 2000 University of Illinois Law Review 603 (2000) Less than a year and a half after the Trump administration promulgated its public charge rule and nine months after the former president issued a proclamation freezing green card issuance, a group of one hundred lawmakers beseeched House leadership to provide an expedited pathway to citizenship for undocumented essential workers sustaining the... 2021
Liav Orgad , Theodore Ruthizer Race, Religion and Nationality in Immigration Selection: 120 Years after the Chinese Exclusion Case 26 Constitutional Commentary 237 (Spring 2010) Managing global migration is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Traditionally, international law has not generally regulated immigration and citizenship law; it defers to state authority in setting up rules and procedures for entry into the territory and citizenry. The lack of clear regulation--and a commonly accepted methodology on how... 2021
Kevin R. Johnson Race, the Immigration Laws, and Domestic Race Relations: a "Magic Mirror" into the Heart of Darkness 73 Indiana Law Journal 1111 (Fall, 1998) Martha Gonzalez is a survivor of human trafficking who entered the United States after fleeing Mexico. Upon entry, she spent fourteen months in two immigration detention centers in Texas run by CoreCivic, a for-profit prison corporation. During her time in detention, she was forced to work seven days a week under the threat of solitary confinement.... 2021
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