Shelley Welton THE BOUNDS OF ENERGY LAW 62 Boston College Law Review 2339 (October, 2021) Introduction. 2341 I. A Materialist Account of the Field and Its Failings. 2347 A. New Energy Sources and Uses Emerge: 1850-1930. 2348 B. New Deal Legal Gap-Filling and the Mid-Century D├ętente: 1930-1970. 2353 C. The (Partial) Collapse of the Consensus: 1970-2000. 2357 D. 1990s--2020: Energy Law Meets Climate Change, First Generation. 2361 II. The... 2021
Allen Slater , Richard Delgado THE LEAST OF THESE: THE CASE FOR NATIONWIDE INJUNCTIONS IN IMMIGRATION CASES AS A CRITICAL DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTION 25 U.C. Davis Social Justice Law Review 100 (Summer, 2021) Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me. --Matthew 25:45 America is fortunate to have a long running and relatively stable democratic government, due in large part to the robustness of many of its democratic institutions. Analogically, one can describe democratic institutions as some of the... 2021
Ciara Torres-Spelliscy THE POLITICAL BRANDING OF US AND THEM: THE BRANDING OF ASIAN IMMIGRANTS IN THE DEMOCRATIC AND REPUBLICAN PARTY PLATFORMS AND SUPREME COURT OPINIONS 1876-1924 96 New York University Law Review 1214 (October, 2021) In this piece, I examine the political branding of Asian immigrants by comparing the rhetoric used in the political platforms of the Democratic and Republican parties from 1876 to 1924 to the language deployed in U.S. Supreme Court opinions during the same time period. The negative verbiage repeated at national political conventions branded the... 2021
Rita Cinquemani THE VOLUNTARY WORK PROGRAM: A DISCUSSION ON MINIMUM WAGE FOR CIVIL IMMIGRATION DETAINEES 38 Hofstra Labor and Employment Law Journal 397 (Spring, 2021) Martha Gonzalez is a survivor of human trafficking who entered the United States after fleeing Mexico. Upon entry, she spent fourteen months in two immigration detention centers in Texas run by CoreCivic, a for-profit prison corporation. During her time in detention, she was forced to work seven days a week under the threat of solitary confinement.... 2021
Monika Batra Kashyap TOWARD A RACE-CONSCIOUS CRITIQUE OF MENTAL HEALTH-RELATED EXCLUSIONARY IMMIGRATION LAWS 26 Michigan Journal of Race and Law 87 (Winter, 2021) C1-3TABLE OF CONTENTS R1-2INTRODUCTION . R388. I. The Key Tenets of Dis/ability Critical Race Theory. 90 II. The Eugenics Movement and Immigration Restriction. 92 A. The Three Pillars of the Eugenics Movement: White Supremacy, Racism, and Ableism. 94 B. The Impact of the Eugenics Movement on Mental Health-Related Immigrant Exclusion. 99 III. A... 2021
Sophie Kosmacher WHEN DOES QUESTIONING RELATED TO IMMIGRATION STATUS CONSTITUTE A MIRANDA INTERROGATION? 69 UCLA Law Review Discourse 80 (2021) This Essay puts forward a two-element argument that noncitizen defendants can use to establish that they have been interrogated for Miranda purposes when they have been questioned about their immigration status by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers. I examine the briefing and decision in one defendant's case to illustrate why this... 2021
Liav Orgad WHEN IS IMMIGRATION SELECTION DISCRIMINATORY? 115 AJIL Unbound 345 (2021) Managing global migration is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Traditionally, international law has not generally regulated immigration and citizenship law; it defers to state authority in setting up rules and procedures for entry into the territory and citizenry. The lack of clear regulation--and a commonly accepted methodology on how... 2021
Ali Shan Ali Bhai A Border Deferred: Structural Safeguards Against Judicial Deference in Immigration National Security Cases 69 Duke Law Journal 1149 (February, 2020) When confronted with cases lying at the intersection of immigration and national security, the judiciary has abided by a consistent principle: the president knows best. Since the late nineteenth century, rather than deciding these cases on the merits, courts have instead deferred to the executive branch. Courts' reluctance to engage in judicial... 2020
Gabriel J. Chin A Nation of White Immigrants: State and Federal Racial Preferences for White Noncitizens 100 Boston University Law Review 1271 (September, 2020) U.S. law, of course, drew many lines based on race from the earliest days of slavery and colonialism. It is also well known that the government discriminated against noncitizens in favor of citizens in areas such as licensing and land ownership. This Article proposes that during the long Jim Crow era, there was an additional body of racially... 2020
Carrie L. Rosenbaum Anti-democratic Immigration Law 97 Denver Law Review 797 (Summer, 2020) [I]n order to fully abolish the oppressive conditions produced by slavery, new democratic institutions would have to be created .. - W.E.B. DuBois This Article will bring together, in a novel way, three critical themes or concepts--settler colonialism, immigration plenary power, and rule of law. The U.S. constitutional democracy has naturalized... 2020
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