Lucas Guttentag Immigration Preemption and the Limits of State Power: Reflections on Arizona V. United States 9 Stanford Journal of Civil Rights & Civil Liberties 1 (January, 2013) In February 1879, the Senate of the United States debated H.R. 2423, [a]n act to restrict the immigration of Chinese to the United States. Resentful and fearful whites in Western states, especially California, demanded reduction in the number of Chinese arrivals. The Senate debate did not focus solely on the desirability of Chinese immigration.... 1995
Kevin R. Johnson Immigration, Civil Rights, and Coalitions for Social Justice 1 Hastings Race and Poverty Law Journal 181 (Fall, 2003) In mid-1993, a group of concerned California residents were fed up. They were tired of the illegal aliens whom they blamed for sapping the state's resources. These aliens were everywhere: crowding their children out of public schools, crowding welfare offices, and crowding the emergency rooms of hospitals. To attack these problems, these angry... 1995
Rebekah Ross LET INDIANS DECIDE: HOW RESTRICTING BORDER PASSAGE BY BLOOD QUANTUM INFRINGES ON TRIBAL SOVEREIGNTY 96 Washington Law Review 311 (March, 2021) In this time of great national concern over the control of American borders and the legal and social status of immigrants, the traditional Civil Rights Movement is at a crucial stage. In this Article, the author finds that the Civil Rights Movement, which operates in a primarily Black v. white paradigm, is ill-equipped to deal with an... 1995
Kevin R. Johnson Los Olvidados: Images of the Immigrant, Political Power of Noncitizens, and Immigration Law and Enforcement 1993 Brigham Young University Law Review 1139 (1993) Introduction 1425 I. Alienage Discrimination and Permanent Residents 1426 A. The Claim of Freedom to Discriminate 1427 B. The Objection to Complexity 1430 1. The Objection Is Factually Mistaken 1431 2. The Objection Is Theoretically Misguided 1434 3. The Need for Judicial Protection Against State Alienage Discrimination 1436 II. Aliens as Outlaws... 1995
Katherine Tonnas Out of a Far Country: the Sojourns of Cubans, Vietnamese, Haitians, and Chinese to America 20 Southern University Law Review 295 (Fall, 1993) INTRODUCTION. 228 I. THE HISTORY OF UNITED STATES IMMIGRATION AND NATURALIZATION LEGISLATION. 228 A. Selective Admissions. 229 B. National Origin Quotas (1921-1965). 232 C. The Elimination of the Quota System and Illegalization of the Mexican Worker (1952, 1965-1976). 233 D. The Immigration Act of 1965. 233 E. Immigration Legislation (1970-76). 235... 1995
Virgil Wiebe The Immigration Hotel 68 Rutgers University Law Review 1673 (Summer, 2016) The Supreme Court, in Reno v. Flores, upheld a regulation promulgated by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) requiring that alien juveniles who are suspected of being deportable be placed with government selected or operated institutions, where no parent, close relative, or legal guardian is available to assume custody. Despite the... 1995
Carrie Rosenbaum What (And Whom) State Marijuana Reformers Forgot: Crimmigration Law and Noncitizens 9 DePaul Journal for Social Justice 1 (Summer, 2016) What does the United States of America mean to most immigrants? Historically, the United States symbolized a spirit of liberty, which was reflected in the free and democratic tradition of its society. Inside its borders, they saw a land of opportunity where the hopes and aspirations of any individual could be fully realized. For the world's poor... 1995
Elizabeth Keyes Defining American: the Dream Act, Immigration Reform and Citizenship 14 Nevada Law Journal 101 (Fall 2013) For post-prandial remarks, at this conference, I have decided to address only a huge subject, to talk only about what you already know, and to invite you to join me in a perhaps-quixotic battle. The title of my remarks is Immigration and the Constitution: A Clean Slate. For many of you, this title will ring bells. Many of you will recall the... 1994
Ediberto Roman Immigration and the Allure of Inclusion 35 Seton Hall Law Review 1349 (2005) Immigration reform is rapidly becoming a major political issue in 1994. With economic growth at a standstill and a new wave of immigrants rushing to our shores, some sixty-five percent of Americans now favor tighter immigration laws. Dozens of immigration bills have been introduced in Congress, bills which call for everything from a strengthening... 1994
Ilya Somin Immigration, Freedom, and the Constitution 40 Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy 1 (April, 2017) In reading about the history behind this lecture series, I was struck by how Lawrence I. Gerber is described: as a man born in New York City of immigrant parents who went on to attend City College and NYU Law School, who loved the law and remained faithful to it through 60 years of practice. His, in short, was the story of the American dream, a... 1994
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