Michael Scaperlanda Justice Thurgood Marshall and the Legacy of Dissent in Federal Alienage Cases 47 Oklahoma Law Review 55 (Spring, 1994) In this article, Professor Scanlan argues that in spite of recent trends toward globalism, traditionally composed nation-states, especially the United States, will continue to exercise localized control over immigration and receiving nations may pursue increasingly restrictive policies. The author begins with a history of recent U.S. and European... 1994
Gabriel J. Chin Regulating Race: Asian Exclusion and the Administrative State 37 Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review 1 (Winter, 2002) On September 27, 1987, Dong-lu Chen confronted his wife, Jian-wan, about her suspected infidelity. Jian-wan admitted that she was having an extramarital affair. Dong-lu was so enraged by his wife's infidelity that he rushed into another room, picked up a hammer, and then smashed it into his wife's head eight times. Jian-wan subsequently died from... 1994
Shayak Sarkar TAX LAW'S MIGRATION 62 Boston College Law Review 2209 (October, 2021) Thanks largely to A Theory of Justice , Professor John Rawls' modern classic, justice has been a preoccupation of political philosophers in the second half of the Twentieth Century. But Rawls - and Aristotle, who was occupied with justice 2,300 years earlier, and virtually all the many others in between - addressed the just society as... 1994
Dave McCurdy The Future of U.s. Immigration Law 20 Journal of Legislation 3 (1994) The passage of the Immigration Act of 1990 and its subsequent signature by President Bush represent the closing of a shameful chapter in United States history. The new law repealed many of the exclusionary provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), among them, the exclusion of homosexuals. The quiet and unspectacular passage of the... 1994
Monika Batra Kashyap U.s. Settler Colonialism, White Supremacy, and the Racially Disparate Impacts of Covid-19 11 California Law Review Online 517 (November, 2020) Thurgood Marshall, whose name will be forever etched in the memory of a nation, tirelessly prodded the American conscience, searing the ugliness of segregation and racial hatred, calling us to reach deep within ourselves to discover the better part of our human nature. Yes, he will be remembered as the first black justice of the United States... 1994
Deenesh Sohoni Unsuitable Suitors: Anti-miscegenation Laws, Naturalization Laws, and the Construction of Asian Identities 41 Law and Society Review 587 (September, 2007) VIRGINIA RAMADAN: Our previous panels, if I may generalize, addressed the issue of who we should allow in, and, perhaps, what should be afforded to those who are let in. What this panel will discuss is, after we let them in, how should we treat them? Should aliens or immigrants be afforded the same rights in terms of social services as United... 1994
Karin Wang Battered Asian American Women: Community Responses from the Battered Women's Movement and the Asian American Community 3 Asian Law Journal 151 (May, 1996) C1-3Table of Contents I. Introduction. 1140 II. Political Power of the New Immigrants. 1149 A. Immigrants Past and Present. 1150 1. Limitations on noncitizen influence. 1153 2. The vocal, sometimes successful, minority. 1158 B. The New Nativism and Its Impact. 1162 C. Political Failure and Haitian Repatriation. 1175 D. Preliminary Observations.... 1993
Nicholas Loh DIASPORIC DREAMS: LAW, WHITENESS, AND THE ASIAN AMERICAN IDENTITY 48 Fordham Urban Law Journal 1331 (October, 2021) Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free, The Wretched Refuse of Your Teeming Shore, Send These, The Homeless, Tempest-tost, to Me, I Lift My Lamp Beside the Golden Door! Inscription on the Statute of Liberty The luminous splendor of liberty and freedom that the Statue of Liberty symbolizes for many immigrants is... 1993
Katie Kelly Enforcing Stereotypes: the Self-fulfilling Prophecies of U.s. Immigration Enforcement 66 UCLA Law Review Discourse 36 (2018) I. INTRODUCTION. 17 II. THE KOREAN AND AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITIES: THE LEGAL NARRATIVE OF RACIAL INJUSTICE AND ECONOMIC INEQUALITY. 35 A. The African American Community: White Supremacy As National Policy. 41 1. The Antebellum Era. 42 2. The Post-Bellum Era. 44 B. The Asian American Community: Independence over Struggles Against Racism. 57 III.... 1993
Kevin R. Johnson Immigration and Civil Rights in the Trump Administration: Law and Policy Making by Executive Order 57 Santa Clara Law Review 611 (2017) Immigration is quickly changing the racial demographics of the United States. In so doing, it is creating both tensions and opportunities. The author responds to those who advocate restricted immigration as the solution to racial problems. He refutes the underlying assumptions of such Euro-immigrationists: that the United States has a solely white,... 1993
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