James W. Gordon Was the First Justice Harlan Anti-chinese? 36 Western New England Law Review 287 (2014) We do almost no single sensible and deliberate thing to make family life a success. And still the family survives. It has survived all manner of stupidity. It will survive the application of intelligence. Walter Lippmann A couple, who for the purposes of this article shall be identified as the Smiths, a citizen and nonimmigrant student, met and... 1989
Kevin R. Johnson IMMIGRATION LAW LESSONS FROM DEPORTED AMERICANS: LIFE AFTER DEPORTATION TO MEXICO 50 Southwestern Law Review 305 (2021) In an issue that reflects our penchant for periodic celebration and our habit of thinking decimally, it will doubtless be noted that the Harvard Law Review was born during the centenary of the United States Constitution and thatof coursethe Review's hundredth birthday occurs as the nation celebrates the Constitution's bicentennial. Several will... 1987
Mary Fan The Case for Crimmigration Reform 92 North Carolina Law Review 75 (December, 2013) The historic struggle for freedom of expression, both in England and in this country, was primarily directed against the power of the licensor. Recognizing this origin of the first amendment, the Supreme Court has repeatedly struck down licensing schemes that vest the government with discretionary power to censor the content of public debate. A... 1987
Margaret Hu Algorithmic Jim Crow 86 Fordham Law Review 633 (November, 2017) American history is the history of many peoples. In our multicultural society immigrants have followed two paths to satisfy their need to belong: they have turned inward to group solidarity and outward toward assimilation. Professor Karst explores these two paths to belonging and illustrates how our Constitution can aid outsiders in their search... 1986
Rebecca Sharpless Immigrants Are Not Criminals: Respectability, Immigration Reform, and Hyperincarceration 53 Houston Law Review 691 (Winter 2016) Immigration has long been a maverick, a wild card, in our public law. Probably no other area of American law has been so radically insulated and divergent from those fundamental norms of constitutional right, administrative procedure, and judicial role that animate the rest of our legal system. In a legal firmament transformed by revolutions in due... 1984
Gabriel J. Chin RELIEF AND STATUTES OF LIMITATION FOR DEPORTABLE NONCITIZENS UNDER ASIAN EXCLUSION, 1882-1948 50 Southwestern Law Review 218 (2021) One often reads or hears that a state has a right to exclude all aliens from its territory unless a treaty obligation requires admission. Frequently, that proposition prefaces discussion of such issues as immigration quotas, expulsion and deportation of aliens, justiciability and procedural due process in litigation involving immigration questions,... 1983
Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia Business as Usual: Immigration and the National Security Exception 114 Penn State Law Review 1485 (Spring 2010) C1-8TABLE OF CONTENTS L1-8 PAGE L2-7,T7Introduction 644 I. L2-7,T7Immigration: Admission and Exclusion of Aliens 647 A. L3-7,T7Numerical Restriction: The Quota System 648 L4-7,T7Determination of Quota 648 L4-7,T7Allocation to Quota 650 (a) L6-7,T7Quota to Which Alien Is Chargeable 650. (b) L6-7,T7Preferences within the Quota 651. (c) L6-7,T7Special... 1953
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