Shani M. King Child Migrants and America's Evolving Immigration Mission 32 Harvard Human Rights Journal 59 (Spring, 2019) This Article explores the many challenges--legal and otherwise--that child migrants face as they attempt to navigate the complex web of courts, laws, and shifting political landscapes to become naturalized United States citizens, while putting these challenges in the context of an immigration system that has long been shaped by politics of... 2019
Sarah L. Hamilton-Jiang Children of a Lesser God: Reconceptualizing Race in Immigration Law 15 Northwestern Journal of Law & Social Policy 38 (Fall, 2019) The increased public exposure to the experiences of Latinx unaccompanied children seeking entry at the United States southern border has revealed the lived reality of the nation's pernicious immigration laws. The harrowing experiences of unaccompanied children are amplified by their interaction with a legal system plagued by a legacy of systemic... 2019
Li Chen Chinese Crusaders' Lawfare Against Chinese Exclusion Laws 36 UCLA Pacific Basin Law Journal 139 (Spring, 2019) This article focuses on two of the earliest Chinese law students in the United States who deployed their legal knowledge and advocacy skills to fight against the Chinese Exclusion Act and its related laws in the early 1900s. Ho Yow, the fourth Chinese national to ever attend law school in the United States, performed this courageous task as Chinese... 2019
Aaron Korthuis Detention and Deterrence: Insights from the Early Years of Immigration Detention at the Border 129 Yale Law Journal Forum 238 (November 25, 2019) Throughout the past several years, in the Trump and Obama Administrations alike, federal immigration authorities have advanced the use of detention as a deterrent to dissuade immigrants from seeking refuge in the United States. That detention often lasts for months, and even years, causing some immigrants to give up their cases, while... 2019
Christopher Mendez Dignity Takings in Leviathanic Immigration Proceedings 21 Scholar: St. Mary's Law Review on Race and Social Justice 403 (2019) Current immigration law in the United States is rife with racially motivated biases necessitating immediate correction. Among the many problems with current law, constitutional rights are withheld from a large populace. This article reflects upon the history of immigration law in the United States, noting key decisions which have formed the status... 2019
Fatma E. Marouf Executive Overreaching in Immigration Adjudication 93 Tulane Law Review 707 (April, 2019) While Presidents have broad powers over immigration, they have traditionally shown restraint when it comes to influencing the adjudication of individual cases. The Trump Administration, however, has pushed past such conventional constraints. This Article examines executive overreaching in immigration adjudication by analyzing three types of... 2019
Amy Seilliere How Voluntary Abandonment of Permanent Resident Status and Coercion Don't Mix 51 University of the Pacific Law Review 155 (2019) C1-2Table of Contents I. Introduction. 156 II. Background Of Immigration Issues and Form I-407. 158 A. Presumption of Abandonment of Permanent Resident Status Upon Leaving United States for a Long Period of Time. 159 B. Purpose and Advantages of Form I-407. 160 C. Internal Agency Documents and Manuals Regarding Form I-407. 161 III. How Do We Know... 2019
Gillian R. Chadwick Legitimating the Transnational Family 42 Harvard Journal of Law & Gender 257 (Summer, 2019) Legitimation represents a widening chasm at the intersection of immigration and family law. Agencies' and courts' persistent misguided reliance on biology as a paramount dispositive factor in determining who qualifies as a family for the purposes of immigration and nationality is increasingly at odds with family law's growing aspiration of a... 2019
Shalini Bhargava Ray Plenary Power and Animus in Immigration Law 80 Ohio State Law Journal 13 (2019) After a campaign denigrating Muslims as sick people, blaming the children of Muslim Americans for terrorism, and promising to shut down Muslim immigration, and mere days after his inauguration, President Donald J. Trump banned the nationals of seven majority-Muslim countries from entry into the United States. In the litigation that followed,... 2019
Angela M. Banks Precarious Citizenship: Asian Immigrant Naturalization 1918 to 1925 37 Law & Inequality: A Journal of Theory and Practice 149 (Winter, 2019) During the height of the exclusion era, when Asian immigrants were prohibited from naturalizing and becoming United States citizens, state and federal court judges around the country naturalized at least 500 Asian immigrant servicepersons and veterans. Between 1918 and 1925, Federal Bureau of Naturalization officials and state and federal court... 2019
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