Won Kidane The Terrorism Exception to Asylum: Managing the Uncertainty in Status Determination 41 University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform 669 (Spring 2008) This Article seeks to identify the influence of the colonial legacy on migration policies, paying particular attention to the European context. Its goal is to assess the extent to which the current policy discourse on the migration and development nexus (MDN) stems from a conception of development that is still tightly connected with colonialism.... 2020
Peter H. Schuck The Transformation of Immigration Law 84 Columbia Law Review 1 (January, 1984) This article will discuss whether an undocumented resident immigrant residing in a community in the United States is entitled to basic due process rights. A question for consideration is whether an undocumented resident immigrant living in a community in the United States can be denied a basic right against unreasonable searches and seizures in a... 2020
Rose Cuison Villazor , Kevin R. Johnson The Trump Administration and the War on Immigration Diversity 54 Wake Forest Law Review 575 (Spring, 2019) This Essay contextualizes the racially disproportionate impacts of COVID-19 in the United States within a framework of settler colonialism in order to broaden the understanding of how structural inequality is produced, imposed, and maintained. A settler colonialism framework recognizes that the United States is a present-day settler colonial... 2020
Linus Chan Unjust Deserts: How the Modern Immigration System Lacks Moral Credibility 16 Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law 103 (Fall, 2018) U.S. law, of course, drew many lines based on race from the earliest days of slavery and colonialism. It is also well known that the government discriminated against noncitizens in favor of citizens in areas such as licensing and land ownership. This Article proposes that during the long Jim Crow era, there was an additional body of racially... 2020
Liav Orgad WHEN IS IMMIGRATION SELECTION DISCRIMINATORY? 115 AJIL Unbound 345 (2021) When confronted with cases lying at the intersection of immigration and national security, the judiciary has abided by a consistent principle: the president knows best. Since the late nineteenth century, rather than deciding these cases on the merits, courts have instead deferred to the executive branch. Courts' reluctance to engage in judicial... 2020
Mary Therese O'Sullivan A Paradox in Employment: the Contradiction That Exists Between Immigration Laws and Outsourcing Practices, and its Impact on the Legal and Illegal Minority Working Classes 6 DePaul Journal for Social Justice 111 (Fall, 2012) After a campaign denigrating Muslims as sick people, blaming the children of Muslim Americans for terrorism, and promising to shut down Muslim immigration, and mere days after his inauguration, President Donald J. Trump banned the nationals of seven majority-Muslim countries from entry into the United States. In the litigation that followed,... 2019
Kenzo S. Kawanabe American Anti-immigrant Rhetoric Against Asian Pacific Immigrants: the Present Repeats the past 10 Georgtown Immigration Law Journal 681 (Summer, 1996) As candidate and President, Donald Trump has unabashedly expressed his disdain for immigrants of color and demonstrated an unmistakable commitment to restrict their immigration to the United States. Contemptuous words about immigrants translated into concrete policies designed to restrict the number of immigrants entering and remaining in the... 2019
Louis Henkin An Immigration Policy for a Just Society? 31 San Diego Law Review 1017 (FALL 1994) Asylees, refugees, and some Lawful Permanent Residents must obtain a Refugee Travel Document (RTD) from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in order to travel abroad. These non-citizens cannot use passports from their home country, as doing so could result in a loss of their asylee or refugee status. RTDs are only valid for one year and must... 2019
Anita Sinha Arbitrary Detention? The Immigration Detention Bed Quota 12 Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy 77 (Spring, 2017) C1-2Table of Contents I. Introduction. 156 II. Background Of Immigration Issues and Form I-407. 158 A. Presumption of Abandonment of Permanent Resident Status Upon Leaving United States for a Long Period of Time. 159 B. Purpose and Advantages of Form I-407. 160 C. Internal Agency Documents and Manuals Regarding Form I-407. 161 III. How Do We Know... 2019
Harvey Gee Changing Landscapes: the Need for Asian Americans to Be Included in the Affirmative Action Debate 32 Gonzaga Law Review 621 (1996-1997) Current immigration law in the United States is rife with racially motivated biases necessitating immediate correction. Among the many problems with current law, constitutional rights are withheld from a large populace. This article reflects upon the history of immigration law in the United States, noting key decisions which have formed the status... 2019
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