TitleSourceFiled DateWord CountRace/Ethnicity in Title
Chinese Americans in Michigan anxious about racism over coronavirus Detroit Free Press 3/19/2020 726 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Conway Says Trump Calling COVID-19 The 'China Virus' Is Wrong; President Donald Trump also calls COVID-19 the "China virus, " which is leading to criticisms of xenophobia and racism. International Business Times News 3/19/2020 482  
Coronavirus fears don't allow you to be racist, N.J. attorney general warns nj.com (New Jersey) 3/19/2020 446  
Coronavirus spreads anti-East Asian racism Mehr News Agency (MNA) 3/19/2020 1167 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Coronavirus: Jeremy Lin criticizes Donald Trump for instigating racism NoticiasFinancieras - English 3/19/2020 342  
Correspondent Dragged For Asking Trump If The Term 'Chinese Food' Is Racist Huffington Post 3/19/2020 763  
Council on American-Islamic Relations Calls on New Mexico Officials to Repudiate Racist Vandalism Targeting Asian-American Restaurant Targeted News Service (US) 3/19/2020 241 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Don't waste time debating whether Trump's 'Chinese Virus' tweets are racist – get wise to why he's doing it; In western eyes China seems to be either Mordor or a shining city on the hill – It's not only the rank demagogues whose words on the country we ne Independent Online (UK) 3/19/2020 865  
GOP Senator Scorched For 'Peddling Racist Lies' About China Amid Coronavirus Pandemic Huffington Post 3/19/2020 953  
Hillary Clinton: Trump turning to 'racist rhetoric' to distract from failed coronavirus response Washington Times (DC) 3/19/2020 165  
Hispanic Catholics asked to skip healing sites amid outbreak AP State News 3/19/2020 1027 Hispanic/Latinx American
Hispanic Catholics asked to skip healing sites amid outbreak Canadian Press 3/19/2020 1021 Hispanic/Latinx American
Irony Is When Racist Media Accuses Trump of Racism newsmax.com 3/19/2020 698  
It's NOT racist!' Donald Trump lashes out as he is challenged on using 'Chinese virus, ' saying Beijing did NOT give fair warning and doesn't conde... Daily Mail Online (UK) 3/19/2020 1917  
Jeremy Lin rips Trump for 'empowering' racism with talk of 'Chinese Virus' WashingtonPost.com 3/19/2020 955  
Jimmy Kimmel Brilliantly Explains Why Trump Stays 'Racist' Amid Coronavirus Huffington Post 3/19/2020 188  
Joe Scarborough Explains What Trump Is Really Doing With His Racist Coronavirus Rhetoric Huffington Post 3/19/2020 318  
Lalla Hirayama speaks out against 'racist remarks' regarding Covid-19 Cape Community Newspapers (South Africa) 3/19/2020 97  
Leaders take a united stand against recent 'hate crime and racism' in city EE (UK) 3/19/2020 721  
Letter: Carlisle Borough Council denounces coronavirus racism Sentinel, The (Carlisle, PA) 3/19/2020 159  
Lin rips Trump for 'empowering' racism with Chinese virus term Agence France Presse English Wire 3/19/2020 285  
LULAC Calls For Immediate Government Assistance For Latino Communities Impacted By The Coronavirus Pandemic Life Science News Feed 3/19/2020 623 Hispanic/Latinx American
More than four decades of Hispanic theatre in Queens Brooklyn Downtown Star (Brooklyn, NY) 3/19/2020 745 Hispanic/Latinx American
MSNBC's Heilemann: 'Nakedly Racist' Trump Blaming Virus on 'Nonwhite' People Newsbusters.org (Blog) 3/19/2020 784  
Officials clash on virus name; Trump: It's the 'Chinese virus, ' and he says that's not racist San Francisco Chronicle (CA) 3/19/2020 682  
On 'Chinese Virus, ' NY Times Sucks Up to 'Chinese Officials' Over 'Racist' Trump Newsbusters.org (Blog) 3/19/2020 696  
Republicans are using racism against China to try to distract from Trump's disastrous coronavirus response Business Insider, The 3/19/2020 1534  
Republicans face backlash over racist labeling of coronavirus; China says US politicians are stigmatizing the country with 'despicable' practice of calling the virus 'Wuhan coronavirus' and 'China coronavirus'F... Guardian (UK) 3/19/2020 430  
Schuyler businesses honored by Hispanic Chamber Columbus Telegram (NE) 3/19/2020 546 Hispanic/Latinx American
Senators Booker and Harris Lead Roundtable Discussion on Issues Concerning African Americans Los Angeles Sentinel, The 3/19/2020 781 African/Black American
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