TitleSourceFiled DateWord CountRace/Ethnicity in Title
Commentary: Racism detrimental to global solidarity amid COVID-19 battle Xinhua News Bulletin 3/17/2020 465  
Coronavirus: BJP Tapir Gao urges central govt to issue advisory against racial discrimination Asian News International 3/17/2020 177  
Donald Trump Torched Over Racist 'Chinese Virus' Tweet: 'Dog Whistle Politics' Huffington Post 3/17/2020 1092  
Free Online Learning Experience on Race and Racism Available in Response to COVID-19; Documentary Film and Lessons for High School and College Students GlobeNewswire 3/17/2020 286  
George Takei leads campaign to get Trump reported on Twitter for 'stoking racism' over coronavirus; Actor criticises US president for referring to 'Chinese virus' Independent Online (UK) 3/17/2020 229  
Israeli Apartheid Week 2020 begins, uniting groups fighting against global racism Palestine News Network (PNN) 3/17/2020 602  
Joliet Junior College alumna experienced racism because of the coronavirus Herald News, The (Joliet, IL) 3/17/2020 787  
Latino Commission on AIDS: The Commission's Response to the COVID-19 Targeted News Service (US) 3/17/2020 561 Hispanic/Latinx American
Miami police accused of targeting black students in coronavirus crackdown; Campaigners and activists in Miami have called coronavirus response plans racist following confrontation between cops and spring breakers Independent Online (UK) 3/17/2020 304 African/Black American
Movies have perpetuated racist ideas about illness for more than a century; the deadly cargo of microbes is transported WashingtonPost.com 3/17/2020 1306  
National Asian American Action Fund and Tri-State AAAF of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana Endorse Former Vice President Joe Biden Asian American Action Fund (Blog) 3/17/2020 857 Asian American/Pacific Islander
On Kolkata streets, students from Darjeeling face racial slurs linked to coronavirus Indian Express 3/17/2020 127  
Racial tensions remain after Miami Beach arrests, moves to break up spring break crowds Miami Herald (FL) 3/17/2020 1628  
Supermarket shopper accused of racist attack in checkout line while blaming man for coronavirus outbreak nj.com (New Jersey) 3/17/2020 203  
Vive Latino 2020: this is what the world perceived in times of coronavirus NoticiasFinancieras - English 3/17/2020 217 Hispanic/Latinx American
Vive Latino ends in a hopeful tone for coronavirus NoticiasFinancieras - English 3/17/2020 814 Hispanic/Latinx American
-: UN human rights chief: racism and xenophobia are 'contagious killers' too M2 PressWIRE 3/16/2020 577  
100 photos: This is how Vive Latino was lived in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic NoticiasFinancieras - English 3/16/2020 649 Hispanic/Latinx American
As COVID-19 spreads, Asian students at BU see racism University Wire 3/16/2020 1119 Asian American/Pacific Islander
As COVID-19 spreads, Asian students at BU see racism U-Wire 3/16/2020 1107 Asian American/Pacific Islander
ChesMRC works to keep Hispanic community updated Cecil Whig (Elkton, MD) 3/16/2020 320 Hispanic/Latinx American
CNN has overplayed its 'racist' meme again PrairiePundit 3/16/2020 267  
Coronavirus: Teenager 'spat in face' of Chinese takeaway owner in racist attack; 'We are worried for my father's health. What if that boy had the virus?' says daughter Independent Online (UK) 3/16/2020 471  
Coronavirus: The Simpsons writer slams fans for 'gross and terrible' jokes about show's pandemic 'predictions'; A 1993 episode saw Springfield besieged by 'Osaka flu' – which has become a racist coronavirus-related meme in 2020 Independent Online (UK) 3/16/2020 326  
In advance of Tuesday's primary Joe Biden seeking Florida Latino voters with surrogates' statements Florida Politics 3/16/2020 534 Hispanic/Latinx American
Indian Jewish immigrant to Israel attacked in racist incident in Tiberias Jpost.com (Jerusalem Post online) 3/16/2020 404  
Layoffs at Las Vegas casinos for COVID-19 hit Latino workers NoticiasFinancieras - English 3/16/2020 757 Hispanic/Latinx American
Mika Brzezinski Asks Yamiche Alcindor About Trump's 'Blatantly Racist and Sexist' Remarks Mediaite (Blog) 3/16/2020 458  
Racism colors black parents' reactions to COVID-19 Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN) 3/16/2020 623 African/Black American
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