TitleSourceFiled DateWord CountRace/Ethnicity in Title
World: COVID-19 and xenophobia: Why outbreaks are often accompanied by racism Thai News Service 3/6/2020 1628  
¿Cómo podría afectar el coronavirus la economía de América Latina? WashingtonPost.com 3/5/2020 711 Hispanic/Latinx American
Bug sparks rise in racist taunts at teachers Herald (Glasgow, Scotland) 3/5/2020 176  
Chinese who cry racial abuse amid the coronavirus epidemic forget they are as bad as the rest of us South China Morning Post Online 3/5/2020 672  
Chinese who cry racism forget their own flaws; Michael Chugani says we are all racist - it's just a question of degree. And if the Wall Street Journal was offensive, then so was a CCTV variety s... South China Morning Post (Contributor Content) 3/5/2020 716  
Coronavirus fears promote racism and xenophobia Business Daily (Africa) 3/5/2020 903  
Professor talks law and Asian American identity University Wire 3/5/2020 708 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Professor talks law and Asian American identity U-Wire 3/5/2020 695 Asian American/Pacific Islander
'Racism' Doesn't Stop Coronavirus: Black Man Sprays Bottle at Asian Man on NYC Subway (VIDEO) LawNewz 3/5/2020 383 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Songs, videos on Covid-19 take sexist, racist tones Times of India 3/5/2020 674  
Virus-related racism on rise in schools, warning South Wales Echo (UK) 3/5/2020 201  
19 racism complaints Dominion Post 3/4/2020 272  
Appointee of Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams goes on racist anti-Asian rant amid coronavirus fears New York Daily News 3/4/2020 407 Asian American/Pacific Islander
CCTV images released in hunt for racist 'coronavirus' attackers; A Singaporean student said he was set upon in London's Oxford Street. Belfast Telegraph Online (UK) 3/4/2020 371  
Combating coronavirus-inspired racism Toronto Star 3/4/2020 405  
Corona lehenga ma': Songs, videos on Covid-19 take sexist, racist tones Times of India (Online Edition) 3/4/2020 467  
Corona lehenga ma': Songs, videos on Covid-19 take sexist, racist tones Times of India (Online Edition) 3/4/2020 380  
Coronavirus paranoia ridiculous and racist; Letters writeback@belfasttelegraph.co.uk Letters to the Editor, Belfast Telegraph, 33 Clarendon Road, Belfast BT1 3BG Belfast Telegraph 3/4/2020 180  
Coronavirus racist attack: Police release images of men wanted over student punched in the face Independent Online (UK) 3/4/2020 409  
Coronavirus related racism on the rise in schools, teachers' union warns Evening Standard Online (London, UK) 3/4/2020 416  
Coronavirus: CCTV images released of men wanted over racist attack on student on London's Oxford Street Sky News (UK) 3/4/2020 404  
Coronavirus: CCTV released of group police wish to speak to after 'racist attack'; Detective Sergeant Emma Kirby released the images in a bid to source information following an attack on Jonathan Mok, a student from Singapore, who... Daily Mirror Online (UK) 3/4/2020 417  
Coronavirus: Racism linked to the outbreak is increasing in schools say teachers; 'Misinformation and false reporting about the coronavirus, its causes and how it is spread have fuelled fear and panic, ' says the NASUWT union Independent Online (UK) 3/4/2020 278  
Fight fear, racism along with coronavirus Greenville News, The (Greenville, SC) 3/4/2020 834  
Fight fear, racism along with coronavirus Pacific Daily News (Hagatna, Guam) 3/4/2020 460  
Fight fear, racism along with coronavirus Spectrum, The (St. George, UT) 3/4/2020 860  
Fight fear, racism along with virus Clarion-Ledger, The (Jackson, MS) 3/4/2020 707  
France24 headline about COVID-19 in Africa irks netizens as racist Global Voices (Blog) 3/4/2020 1361  
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