TitleSourceFiled DateWord CountRace/Ethnicity in Title
New wave of racism emerges as coronavirus spreads Press TV Transcripts (Iran) 3/4/2020 54  
Racist name-calling and intimidation in schools increasing Asian Image (UK) 3/4/2020 511  
Sac State hosts community forum discussing Asian American discrimination, coronavirus U-Wire 3/4/2020 708 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Singapore student is beaten by racist thugs Metro (UK) 3/4/2020 73  
Songs, videos on Covid-19 take sexist, racist tones Times of India (Online Edition) 3/4/2020 633  
Songs, videos on Covid-19 take sexist, racist tones Times of India (Online Edition) 3/4/2020 387  
Stop the spread of coronavirus-related racism; Asians and Asian Americans are being treated with unacceptable hate and prejudice. Philadelphia Inquirer (PA) 3/4/2020 943 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Student punched in 'racist' attack; CORONA latest Daily Mail (UK) 3/4/2020 82  
U.S. Communities Grapple with Coronavirus; Dow Jumps at Open; Poll Numbers on Super Tuesday; Latino Voters Play Crucial Role in Race; Dozens Missin... CNN Newsroom 3/4/2020 3620 Hispanic/Latinx American
Xenophobia during coronavirus scare and nooses in schools: Portland superintendent decries racist incidents Oregonian (Portland, OR) 3/4/2020 670  
Australia : Standing With Our Doctors And Nurses Against Racism Euclid Infotech: Procurement News 3/3/2020 444  
Coronavirus: Chinese restaurants face racism and falling custom Argus, The (UK) 3/3/2020 697  
Fight fear and racism along with coronavirus Naples Daily News (Naples, FL) 3/3/2020 942  
'I don't want your coronavirus in my country': Student abused and attacked by racists Asian Image (UK) 3/3/2020 483  
I don't want your coronavirus in my country': Young Singaporean man beaten up in racist attack in London; Student punched in face by man shouting about outbreak Independent Online (UK) 3/3/2020 352  
London coronavirus attack as racist gang beat up student for being from Singapore; Jonathan Mok, 23, was walking along Oxford Street in London when a group of thugs said 'coronavirus' to him before he was punched in the face sever... Daily Mirror Online (UK) 3/3/2020 712  
London police investigating racial assault on Singapore student over coronavirus remarks Asian News International 3/3/2020 459  
Relax and stop being racist: We're probably getting coronavirus University Wire 3/3/2020 811  
Singaporean student in London bashed after responding to racist coronavirus taunts South China Morning Post Online 3/3/2020 421  
Student punched in 'racist' attack and told 'I don't want your coronavirus'; The Singaporean student studying in London says he might need reconstructive facial surgery after he was allegedly punched in an incident which he ... Daily Star Online (UK) 3/3/2020 498  
'They are a very hungry people': Fox News host fuels racist tropes about Chinese over coronavirus outbreak Business Insider, The 3/3/2020 715  
Dianne Feinstein warns of 'a rise in racism' against Asian-Americans due to coronavirus Sacramento Bee, The (CA) 3/2/2020 453 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Spiraling global racist fear-mongering is more perilous than the coronavirus outbreak Daily Times (Pakistan) 3/2/2020 780  
Call for action after Chinese targeted in racist incidents across Europe South China Morning Post 3/1/2020 437  
Chinatowns fight virus stigma; Traditional Asian-American neighbourhoods, battered by gentrification, now reel amid panic caused by Covid-19 South China Morning Post 3/1/2020 1277 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Editorial: Fear of the coronavirus is not an excuse for racism U-Wire 3/1/2020 513  
Fears of racism, quarantine amid coronavirus prompt students to cancel spring break plans Daily Pennsylvanian, The (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA) 3/1/2020 720  
Has coronavirus prompted rise in racist incidents across Europe? South China Morning Post Online 2/29/2020 521  
China warns Kenyans against 'racist' remarks on coronavirus BBC International Reports 2/28/2020 333  
Dele Alli to tell disciplinary chiefs the controversial Coronavirus video that landed him a FA charge was not racist but a misjudged joke Daily Mail Online (UK) 2/28/2020 362  
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