TitleSourceFiled DateWord CountRace/Ethnicity in Title
Measuring racial inequities in COVID-19 testing; JAMA Network Open Health & Medicine Daily 1/25/2021 130  
MEDICAL COLUMN: COVID-19 vaccination - the most promising approach Moultrie Observer, The (Moultrie, GA) 1/25/2021 559  
Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim has been suffering from covid-19 for over a week NoticiasFinancieras - English 1/25/2021 277  
My mom says she'll refuse the COVID-19 vaccine. Why? She's was once neglected by Canada's health system when she almost lost her life. How can she ... Toronto Star 1/25/2021 895  
Oregon governor's annual address tackles racial and income equality Bond Buyer (USA) 1/25/2021 1034  
OU basketball: Navigating through COVID-19, Jalen Hill, Elijah Harkless' development -- 3 takeaways from Sooners' weekly press conference University Wire 1/25/2021 957  
Oxfam America: Mega-Rich Recoup COVID-19 Losses in Record-Time Yet Billions Will Live in Poverty for at Least a Decade Targeted News Service (US) 1/25/2021 1122  
Oxfam International: Mega-Rich Recoup COVID-19 Losses in Record-Time Yet Billions Will Live in Poverty for at Least a Decade Targeted News Service (US) 1/25/2021 897  
Penn Med study finds that cancer patients in remission risk serious illness from COVID-19 Daily Pennsylvanian, The (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA) 1/25/2021 292  
President Biden Releases National COVID-19 Response Strategy JD Supra (Blog) 1/25/2021 802  
President Biden's COVID-19 Executive Orders, Explained CE Think Tank 1/25/2021 94  
Public health professor issues proposals for federal COVID-19 response University Wire 1/25/2021 956  
Q&A; 'As it comes to thinking about unconscious bias and structural racism, you need all hands on deck' Modern Healthcare 1/25/2021 1123  
Race unity music video project pays tribute to the racial justice movement of 2020; "Here Comes Love" debuts on January 25 with the hope of continued engagement of all of us in addressing racism - America's most challenging issue GlobeNewswire 1/25/2021 537  
Recent Survey Finds Faith in Cambridge Covid-19 Response University Wire 1/25/2021 624  
Red flag raised about race disparity in Maryland's early coronavirus vaccine rollout data Baltimore Sun (MD) 1/25/2021 1307  
Sarbanes, Maryland Congressional Delegation Announce Nearly $1.2 Billion in COVID-19 Relief for Schools and Universities Across the State U.S. Congressional News 1/25/2021 257  
Students craved a lesson in understanding anti-Black racism. So four Toronto teachers made a course Toronto Star 1/25/2021 1205 African/Black American
Study Data from Chapman University Update Understanding of COVID-19 (Covid-19 Treatment Resource Disparities and Social Disadvantage In New York City); Coronavirus - COVID-19 Health & Medicine Daily 1/25/2021 411  
Study the past to know what we should do next The tragic history of racism in America contains some heroes that we can follow. Portland Press Herald (Maine) 1/25/2021 597  
The coronavirus is worsening economic inequality around the world Axios 1/25/2021 315  
Title 3--The President - Organizing and Mobilizing the United States Government To Provide a Unified and Effective Response To Combat COVID-19 and ... White House Press Releases 1/25/2021 1155  
U.S. COVID-19 cases, deaths increase with higher income inequality: study Xinhua News Bulletin 1/25/2021 378  
United States: National Security Directive on United States Global Leadership to Strengthen the International COVID-19 Response and to Advance Glob... Thai News Service 1/25/2021 2076  
UPDATE 1-Billionaires thriving as poor suffer in widening COVID-19 divide - Oxfam Reuters News 1/25/2021 577  
Black Americans should take the vaccine Repository, The (Canton, OH) 1/24/2021 691 African/Black American
COVID's cruelty is hitting Latinos Seattle Times (WA) 1/24/2021 2453 Hispanic/Latinx American
Cowichan Tribes still facing racism in wake of COVID outbreak Victoria Times Colonist (Canada) 1/24/2021 672  
CT working to educate communities of color about COVID-19 vaccine New Haven Register (New Haven, CT) 1/24/2021 636  
Few inoculation sites in hard-hit communities; Governor Baker has promised that hard-hit communities will have equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines. So why are there so few vaccination sites in... Boston Globe (MA) 1/24/2021 1464  
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