TitleSourceFiled DateWord CountRace/Ethnicity in Title
Racism charges leveled after woman refers to Asian residents as 'carpetbaggers' at Naperville council meeting Naperville Sun, The (Naperville, IL) 4/23/2020 649 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Rise in coronavirus cases brings to light Singaporeans' racist attitudes towards foreign workers South China Morning Post Online 4/23/2020 670  
The covid-19 racial disparities could be even worse than we think WashingtonPost.com 4/23/2020 848  
The stark racial imbalance in coronavirus infections, visualized WashingtonPost.com 4/23/2020 446  
Toyota's Community Service Announcement Targets Hardest Hit Communities In Fight Against COVID-19. . . Statistics show that COVID-19 disproportionately impacts African American and Hispanic communities in the U.S. . . .High-profile celebrities including A PR Newswire 4/23/2020 623 Multiple Groups
United States : Booker Welcomes CDCs Release of Racial COVID-19 Data Mena Report 4/23/2020 184  
US health department spokesman made racist comments about Chinese people in now-deleted tweets. . . Michael Caputo also said Democrats wanted coronavirus to kills hundreds of thousands Independent Online (UK) 4/23/2020 312  
UWM report links racial inequality, virus spread. . . African Americans face more chronic illnesses, low-wage essential jobs Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (WI) 4/23/2020 602 African/Black American
Vancouver police hunt 'despicable' racist attacker who threw down a lost 92-year-old Asian man and shouted Covid-19 slurs South China Morning Post Online 4/23/2020 607 Asian American/Pacific Islander
With Latinos facing possible double jeopardy, group delivers COVID-19 aid and urgent reminder of 2020 census Chicago Sun Times (IL) 4/23/2020 442 Hispanic/Latinx American
Wright Museum's 'Queen' stars strong African-American women Detroit News, The (Detroit, MI) 4/23/2020 648 African/Black American
African American leaders want more White House outreach to reduce coronavirus deaths McClatchy DC Bureau 4/22/2020 2207 African/Black American
African Americans with underlying health conditions at higher risk for coronavirus infection CBS - CBS Evening News 4/22/2020 554 African/Black American
American Indian College Fund Receives Emergency Relief Grant from Mellon Foundation US Official News 4/22/2020 364 American Indian/Alaskan Native
AMONG NORTH PHILADELPHIA'S LATINO ELDERS DURING COVID-19 States News Service 4/22/2020 290 Hispanic/Latinx American
As pandemic spreads in the US, so do racism and xenophobia Yerepouni Daily News (Lebanon) 4/22/2020 700  
Asian Americans already face a mental health crisis. Coronavirus racism could make it worse. Philadelphia Inquirer, The 4/22/2020 1115 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Berks officials, Reading leaders deliver message to Latino community on coronavirus Reading Eagle (PA) 4/22/2020 225 Hispanic/Latinx American
BET to host benefit for local United Way agencies serving African Americans Detroit News, The (Detroit, MI) 4/22/2020 488 African/Black American
Brown, Senators to Trump: 'Make Clear That the Enemy Is Not the Asian or Asian-American Community, But Rather A Virus That Endangers Us All'. . . "All of us Must Stand Today in Solidarity With the Asian and AAPI Communities and Amplify The Many Statements U.S. Congressional News 4/22/2020 1325 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Burrell Communications Group Launches New "Black is Human" Campaign to Address the Disparity of COVID-19 Impact on the African American Community Plus Company Updates (PCU) 4/22/2020 532 African/Black American
CORONAVIRUS CASES ARE INCREASING AMONG African AMERICANS States News Service 4/22/2020 267 African/Black American
Coronavirus: FBI director warns of potential for spike in hate crimes as anti-Asian incidents surge; Christopher Wray alerts law enforcement around the country to the 'potential' for an uptick in hate crimes against Asian-Americans amid the coronav... Independent Online (UK) 4/22/2020 613 Asian American/Pacific Islander
'COVID-19 China die': Asian-Australian family is targeted by racist vandals who spray-painted offensive graffiti on their garage door and threw a r... Daily Mail Online (UK) 4/22/2020 493 Asian American/Pacific Islander
COVID-19: CARES Act Implementation-Economic Aid And Relief For Indian Tribes Mondaq 4/22/2020 1090 American Indian/Alaskan Native
CRS BILL DIGEST. . . HRES908: CRS Bill Digest for HRES908. . .Sponsor: Meng (D-N.Y.). . .Official Title: A resolution condemning all forms of anti-Asian sentiment as related to COVID-19. CRS Bill Digest 4/22/2020 144 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Ethnic minorities dying of Covid-19 at higher rate, analysis shows; Exclusive: ministers urged to recognise racial inequality and race are risk factors for diseaseAnalysisCase study: 'What's happening is not normal' Guardian (UK) 4/22/2020 1144  
Faith in Action Leaders, Immigration Advocates: Trump's Racist Order Will Increase Spread of Racist Violence Instead of Slowing Pandemic Targeted News Service (US) 4/22/2020 765  
FED: Racist virus-related attacks are 'not on' AAP Newswire 4/22/2020 138  
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