TitleSourceFiled DateWord CountRace/Ethnicity in Title
Democrats and their racism excuse for everything even viruses PrairiePundit 4/19/2020 718  
EuroPal Forum Highlights Israeli Racism against Palestinian Prisoners Iran News 4/19/2020 1004  
Figures reveal racial inequality in US in the face of pandemic NoticiasFinancieras - English 4/19/2020 431  
For Blacks in U.S., virus takes a toll Racial toll of virus grows even starker as more data emerges Winston-Salem Journal (NC) 4/19/2020 651 African/Black American
GUYO: Africa deserves equal respect, not racism, on the global stage Sunday Nation (Kenya) 4/19/2020 845  
High COVID-19 death rates for African Americans reflect deep-rooted, systemic racism Western Herald, The (Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI) 4/19/2020 425 African/Black American
Hispanics are essential workers, will they be essential voters? NoticiasFinancieras - English 4/19/2020 1121 Hispanic/Latinx American
How does discrimination persist?; What was overtly racist for much of the 20th century became obscured through seemingly neutral policies - like those in the capital city today. Des Moines Register, The (Des Moines, IA) 4/19/2020 1019  
Mary Lee A. Kiernan; COVID-19 and our stand against racism Connecticut Post (Bridgeport) 4/19/2020 574  
Novel coronavirus doesn't discriminate, but legacy of racism creates harsher consequences for Black people San Diego Union-Tribune, The (CA) 4/19/2020 866 African/Black American
Pandemic a priority, but don't ignore racism Observer-Dispatch (Utica, NY) 4/19/2020 590  
Pandemic giving rise to racial discrimination against Asians in Colorado Spring: reports Gazette, The (Colorado Springs, CO) 4/19/2020 1224 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Panelists discuss coronavirus disproportionate effects on African Americans Arkansas Democrat Gazette (Little Rock, AR) 4/19/2020 448 African/Black American
Q&A: Joshua Wright is watching racial disparities play out with COVID-19 Wisconsin State Journal, The 4/19/2020 4062  
Racial disparities persist even during a pandemic U-Wire 4/19/2020 766  
Racial toll of virus grows even starker Westerly Sun, The (Westerly, RI) 4/19/2020 406  
Reports of racist incidents against people of Asian appearance on the rise Examiner, The (Australia) 4/19/2020 902 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Some Twin Cities school districts report absences for distance learning:In 2 east metro suburban districts, Black and Latino students have more abs... St. Paul Pioneer Press (MN) 4/19/2020 1280 Multiple Groups
The Color of COVID, Coronavirus's Wrath on America's Minority Communities; New York's Highest Death Rate Among Hispanics; Coronavirus Spreading in ... CNN: Special/Live Event 4/19/2020 8531 Hispanic/Latinx American
The pandemic's prey; Covid-19 underlines the need to address health disparities for African Americans Buffalo News (NY) 4/19/2020 615 African/Black American
The staggering impact of coronavirus on Native American communities and what is driving the outbreak NBC TODAY SHOW 4/19/2020 782 American Indian/Alaskan Native
'This virus is killing Black people': Beyonce asks African Americans to 'protect yourselves' during One World: Together at Home appearance Daily Mail Online (UK) 4/19/2020 444 African/Black American
Two more Manipuris face racial attack in Delhi Imphal Free Press (India) 4/19/2020 379  
Virus reveals racism, says Blacks iOwnTheWorld.com 4/19/2020 203 African/Black American
Ways to address racial inequities in coronavirus crisis Morning Call (Allentown, PA) 4/19/2020 730  
York Latinos infected with coronavirus at high rate; Represent 71.6% of city cases York Daily Record (PA) 4/19/2020 956 Hispanic/Latinx American
'A dream come true': African American studies course gets final approval to be offered across Texas Dallas Morning News, The 4/18/2020 606 African/Black American
African American clergy in St. Louis want more testing, question decision to reopen state St. Louis Post-Dispatch (MO) 4/18/2020 663 African/Black American
Beyonce Highlights Deadly Impact of Coronavirus on Black Americans During 'One World' Concert: Watch Billboard 4/18/2020 292 African/Black American
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