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Blacks, Hispanics lagging in COVID-19 vaccinations - data Reuters US Top News 2/1/2021 383 Multiple Groups
Caregiving and Racial Considerations During a Pandemic Online Training Education National Institutes of Health (NIH) News 2/1/2021 331  
CFPB Will Prioritize COVID-19 Relief And Racial Equity Under Acting Director Uejio Mondaq 2/1/2021 1324  
COVID-19 Among African Americans: An Action Plan for Mitigating Disparities American Journal of Public Health 2/1/2021 4465 African/Black American
Early U.S. data indicates Blacks, Hispanics lagging in COVID-19 vaccines Reuters News 2/1/2021 309 Multiple Groups
Initial data in the US indicate that blacks and Hispanics are falling behind in COVID-19 vaccination NoticiasFinancieras - English 2/1/2021 262 Multiple Groups
Latin America and the Caribbean approaches 600,000 dead by Covid-19 NoticiasFinancieras - English 2/1/2021 322 Hispanic/Latinx American
Nearly 8% Of U.S. Population Has Been Vaccinated-But Data Show Stark Disparities; Black and Hispanic people were vaccinated at much lower rates than whites during the first month of the rollout, preliminary data show. Forbes 2/1/2021 483 Multiple Groups
New figures show how deadly COVID-19 is for Blacks, Hispanics, Asians in NJ New Jersey Spotlight 2/1/2021 1153 Multiple Groups
Opiate overdoses spike in black Philadelphians, but drop in white residents since COVID-19; Opioids - Opioid Crisis Health Policy and Law Daily 2/1/2021 1138 African/Black American
Postpartum Medicaid Extension to Address Racial Inequity in Maternal Mortality American Journal of Public Health 2/1/2021 1606  
Reports from Tufts University Add New Study Findings to Research in COVID-19 (The Racial Gap in Employment and Layoffs during COVID-19 in the Unite...; Coronavirus - COVID-19 Health & Medicine Daily 2/1/2021 270  
Researchers at University of Alabama Birmingham Have Reported New Data on COVID-19 (How Families Matter for Health Inequality During the Covid-19 P...; Coronavirus - COVID-19 Health & Medicine Daily 2/1/2021 381  
The Contribution of Prisons and Jails to US Racial Disparities During COVID-19 American Journal of Public Health 2/1/2021 1491  
The Walmart.org Center for Racial Equity Awards Over $14 Million in First Round of Grants Retail News Feed 2/1/2021 1511  
UPDATE 1-Early U.S. data indicates Blacks, Hispanics lagging in COVID-19 vaccinations Reuters News 2/1/2021 391 Multiple Groups
Vaccine Data by Race, Ethnicity Sorely Lacking in U.S. U.S. News & World Report 2/1/2021 602  
Warren, Pressley, and Lee Reintroduce Bold Legislation to Confront Structural Racism as a Public Health Crisis; ; The Anti-Racism in Public Health Act would create a "Center on Anti-Racism in Health" at the CDC, strengthening the federal government's abil U.S. Congressional News 2/1/2021 1496  
As women of color leave Rutland and Bennington counties, Vermonters reckon with racism Vermont Digger (VTDigger) 1/31/2021 3982  
The Latest: NYC acknowledges lag in Black, Latino vaccines Highlight Press 1/31/2021 2452 Multiple Groups
Racial disparity seen in U.S. vaccination drive Florida Politics 1/30/2021 1271  
Systemic racism and its impact on health and wellness; India Education Diary 1/30/2021 1332  
The Latest: AP: Racial disparity in US vaccination drive Highlight Press 1/30/2021 2530  
US vaccination shows racial gap: minorities lagging behind NoticiasFinancieras - English 1/30/2021 1255  
Biden's 'first steps' on race and equity set high bar Justice Matters by Hassan Kanu 1/29/2021 964  
Maryland Congressional Delegation Strongly Urges Governor to Improve COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Across the State, Eliminate Inequities; and any additional support necessary to strengthen our state's vaccine..." U.S. Congressional News 1/29/2021 660  
MIL-OSI USA: Pressley, Warren, Markey Urge HHS to Address Racial Disparities in National Vaccination Strategy ForeignAffairs.co.nz (New Zealand) 1/29/2021 546  
Racial justice advocates push to close gaps in health and wealth disparities; Vermont Digger (VTDigger) 1/29/2021 1389  
Reports Summarize COVID-19 Findings from Nebraska Wesleyan University [Straddling Death and (Re)Birth: a Disabled Latina's Meditation On Collective...; Coronavirus - COVID-19 Health & Medicine Daily 1/29/2021 287 Hispanic/Latinx American
Researchers from Human Sciences Research Council Report Recent Findings in COVID-19 (Income-related health inequalities associated with the coronav...; Coronavirus - COVID-19 Health & Medicine Daily 1/29/2021 562  
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