TitleSourceFiled DateWord CountRace/Ethnicity in Title
RACIAL INEQUALITIES SHOWN. Data says blacks make up 17% of NY's virus deaths Newsday (USA) 4/10/2020 934 African/Black American
Racial, ethnic impact data is incomplete Demographics Cleveland Plain Dealer 4/10/2020 1691  
Racism infecting battle against corona pandemic Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka) 4/10/2020 1221  
Racist Trump Ad Falsely Implies Ex-Washington Governor Is Chinese Government Official Huffington Post 4/10/2020 949 Asian American/Pacific Islander
State of New York has Over 160, 000 Cases of Coronavirus; Observing Easter, Passover and Ramadan While Staying at Home; Blacks and Latinos are mos... CNN: Amanpour 4/10/2020 9717 Multiple Groups
State to study virus' impact on racial disparities Detroit Free Press 4/10/2020 536  
Telangana: Manipur duo denied entry at supermarket, cops probe racism claims Times of India 4/10/2020 356  
The coronavirus doesn't discriminate along racial lines. But America does.; Minorities are being hit the hardest by covid-19. To address that, we need data. WashingtonPost.com 4/10/2020 518  
Two from Manipur face racism in Hyderabad yet again Times of India 4/10/2020 175  
University of Washington Bothell: Better Native American Health Through Research Targeted News Service (US) 4/10/2020 1172 American Indian/Alaskan Native
Video: Policeman investigates for purposely coughing up an African-American woman in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic NoticiasFinancieras - English 4/10/2020 269 African/Black American
Virus crisis exacerbates existing racial gaps Indianapolis Business Journal 4/10/2020 619  
WHO chief blasts Taiwan for racist slurs; while running..." Shanghai Daily 4/10/2020 259  
Woman, 34, bit and coughed on police officers after claiming she had coronavirus; Stacey Blackham told one of the officers arresting her that she hoped his family would get Covid-19 and hurled racial slurs at another Daily Star Online (UK) 4/10/2020 541 African/Black American
100 days of COVID-19: I faced death threats, racial slurs, says WHO DG Down To Earth (India) 4/9/2020 1103  
African Americans and COVID-19 Washington Informer (DC) 4/9/2020 469 African/Black American
African Americans and COVID-19 in Michigan: U-M experts available U-Wire 4/9/2020 1988 African/Black American
Alarming Rate of Latinos And Blacks Killed And Infected By Coronavirus; Parenting During The Pandemic; New Zealand Announces The Fourth Day Of Decl... CNN: New Day 4/9/2020 4322 Multiple Groups
Algonquin Twp. highway official: 'Chinese' virus post wasn't racist. Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL) 4/9/2020 274 Asian American/Pacific Islander
American blacks hit hard by virus Outcry over racial data grows as virus slams black Americans Winston-Salem Journal (NC) 4/9/2020 568 African/Black American
Are African Americans more at risk from COVID-19 than other Americans? Let our experts explain US Official News 4/9/2020 239 African/Black American
Are Latinos less likely to die of virus?; Preliminary county data show a lower mortality rate, but experts warn several factors are at play. Los Angeles Times 4/9/2020 968 Hispanic/Latinx American
As national Covid-19 racial disparities emerge, Vermont lacks consistent data Vermont Digger (VTDigger) 4/9/2020 1133  
Asian Pacific Islander organizations issue statement against hate, discrimination amid COVID-19 San Diego Union-Tribune, The (CA) 4/9/2020 876 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Biden joins growing call for release of racial data on virus AP Online 4/9/2020 582  
Blacks and Latinos are the ones who die most from coronavirus in New York NoticiasFinancieras - English 4/9/2020 413 Multiple Groups
Blacks dying at higher rates; Officials seek racial data to allocate resources USA Today (USA) 4/9/2020 1783 African/Black American
Challenges to determine racial data; Disparaties appear to grow in virus cases, but lack of information leaves groups more vulnerable. Philadelphia Inquirer (PA) 4/9/2020 725  
Chelsea, city of the working Latino immigrant, emerges as a COVID-19 hot spot; More than the coronavirus performing as the "great equalizer, " it should be hailed as the "great revealer." Boston Globe (MA) 4/9/2020 877 Hispanic/Latinx American
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