TitleSourceFiled DateWord CountRace/Ethnicity in Title
Trump Call to 'Protect Asian Americans' Criticized newsmax.com 3/23/2020 324 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Trump calls for "protecting" Asian-Americans from coronavirus stigmatization NoticiasFinancieras - English 3/23/2020 167 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Trump calls for protection of Asian Americans after his use of 'Chinese virus' blamed for rise in racism Independent Online (UK) 3/23/2020 26 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Trump Defends Asian-Americans During Coronavirus Crisis: 'NOT Their Fault in Any Way' Mediaite (Blog) 3/23/2020 510 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Trump says U.S. must "totally protect" Asian Americans from coronavirus blame Axios 3/23/2020 134 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Trump: Asian-Americans not responsible for virus, need protection Postmedia News (Canada) 3/23/2020 434 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Trump: Asian-Americans not responsible for virus, need protection Reuters News 3/23/2020 455 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Trump: Asian-Americans not responsible for virus, need protection Reuters UK World News 3/23/2020 522 Asian American/Pacific Islander
CNN anchor denounces 'stupid and racist' behavior after a passerby hurled a racial slur at Asian-American colleague Business Insider, The 3/22/2020 598 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Coronavirus: Asian-Americans in Seattle 'fear potential physical violence' Deutsche Welle World (Blog) 3/22/2020 1475 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Coronavirus: Racism and the long-term impacts of emergency measures in Canada Conversation, The (Canada) 3/22/2020 1197  
COVID 19 scare: Chinese students escaping UK amid racist attacks India Blooms 3/22/2020 413  
COVID-19 Is Shining a Spotlight on Racial Inequality. Peace and Freedom 3/22/2020 1499  
Fear of being called racists led to spread of coronavirus in Italy PrairiePundit 3/22/2020 693  
'I don't want to get punched': TV personality expresses fears of virus-related racism Korea Times 3/22/2020 267  
In the hands of racist officials, the covid-19 pandemic may be a weapon Worcester Telegram & Gazette (MA) 3/22/2020 1351  
Jeremy Lin rips Trump for 'empowering' racism Courier News (Bridgewater, NJ) 3/22/2020 433  
Murphy announces new coronavirus testing sites, addresses concerns over racist incidents U-Wire 3/22/2020 634  
Singer Meiyang Chang faces racism in wake of pandemic, shares incident of being called 'corona' Daily News & Analysis 3/22/2020 374  
Some are as awful as ever; Even as so much else falls away, some American values endure: Self-interest, ignorance, cruelty, racism. Boston Globe (MA) 3/22/2020 726  
Teenage girls arrested after 'coronavirus-linked racial attack' in Southampton; Read our live coronavirus updates HERECoronavirus: the symptoms Evening Standard Online (London, UK) 3/22/2020 165  
UCLA's Natalie Chou talks about racism and being associated with 'the Chinese virus' Los Angeles Times 3/22/2020 1039 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Working from home reveals another fault line in America's racial and educational divide WashingtonPost.com 3/22/2020 2022  
AAPI leaders around the country speak out against racist COVID-19 attacks Asian American Action Fund (Blog) 3/21/2020 441  
Aborigines, Maori and Native Americans look as if they have common cause to worry Australian 3/21/2020 567 American Indian/Alaskan Native
Are 'busloads' of shoppers really stripping Australia's regional supermarkets bare?; The reports are everywhere – many with racial overtones – but the evidence is scant • Follow the latest coronavirus news• See all our coronavirus c... Guardian (UK) 3/21/2020 900  
As Racist Coronavirus Rhetoric Fuels Bigotry, Advocates Launch Reporting Tool San Francisco Public Press 3/21/2020 216  
Coronavirus and Racism Economic & Political Weekly (India) 3/21/2020 349  
Democratic Asian Americans of Virginia, Arlington Young Dems: "We Must Not Allow Ourselves to Marginalize or Fearmonger Asian Americans…" Blue Virginia (Blog) 3/21/2020 317 Asian American/Pacific Islander
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