TitleSourceFiled DateWord CountRace/Ethnicity in Title
EVGENY LEBEDEV: It's NOT racist to say China's vile markets are to blame for coronavirus and they MUST ban them Daily Mail Online (UK) 3/21/2020 707  
Former NBA guard Jeremy Lin rips Trump for 'empowering' racism with 'Chinese virus' term. Manila Bulletin (Philippines) 3/21/2020 310  
Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities: Call for Action for Funding for Hispanic-Serving Institutions to Help Address COVID-19 Pandemic Targeted News Service (US) 3/21/2020 386 Hispanic/Latinx American
It's Time for the Commission on Civil Rights to Stop Using Words Like "Racism, " "Xenophobia, " "Hate, " and "Hateful" So Indiscriminately Volokh Conspiracy, The (Blog) 3/21/2020 756  
LULAC Calls for Immediate Government Assistance for Latino Communities Impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic Targeted News Service (US) 3/21/2020 629 Hispanic/Latinx American
March 17, 2020: Anti-Defamation League Foundation: Coronavirus Crisis Elevates Antisemitic, Racist Tropes News Bites - Private Companies (US) 3/21/2020 5449  
March 20, 2020: Anti-Defamation League Foundation: Yang & Anti-Defamation League CEO: Avoid coronavirus racism and scapegoating News Bites - Private Companies (US) 3/21/2020 5444  
National Employment Law Project Condemns Trump Administration's Use of Term, 'Chinese Virus, ' Urges Workplaces to Reject Casual Racism Targeted News Service (US) 3/21/2020 228  
Plea for action on racism over pathogen Telegraph, The (India) 3/21/2020 268  
Racial discrimination Sentinel, The (India) 3/21/2020 405  
Racism and coronavirus are both enemies that need fighting, Ombudswoman says Cyprus Mail 3/21/2020 396  
Societies That Stand Together are More Resilient in Times of Crisis, Say Human Rights Heads on International Anti-Racism Day Targeted News Service (US) 3/21/2020 652  
Southern Poverty Law Center Responds to Trump's Racist and Xenophobic Attacks on Asians Targeted News Service (US) 3/21/2020 298 Asian American/Pacific Islander
A virus originating from China exposes blatant racism in America as the US struggles to respond to the coronavirus Business Insider, The 3/20/2020 622  
Advancement Project: Racial Justice Organizations Issue Statement on Second Florida Ruling Denying Extension of Vote-By-Mail Deadline Amidst COVID-... Targeted News Service (US) 3/20/2020 545  
African American newspaper holds online forum on virus Indianapolis Star, The (Indianapolis, IN) 3/20/2020 509 African/Black American
AG: Virus fears are 'no excuse' for racism Times, The (Trenton, NJ) 3/20/2020 240  
Anti-Asian sentiment grows in US as Trump calls corona the 'Chinese virus'; Asian-Americans report rise in hate crimes, fuelled, rights groups say, by President Donald Trump's own rhetoric Telegraph Online (UK) 3/20/2020 871 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Asian groups reporting hate crimes; Coronavirus: Asian American groups compile hate crime reports as Trump persists in 'Chinese virus' attacks San Francisco Chronicle (CA) 3/20/2020 434 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Beware racism Jerusalem Post (Israel) 3/20/2020 703  
Chinese Americans fear spike in racism; Activists and politicians decry 'Chinese virus' label Detroit Free Press 3/20/2020 833 Asian American/Pacific Islander
CNN Correspondent: Man Walked Up to Me and 'Used a Racial Slur' as We Were Setting Up Live Shot Mediaite (Blog) 3/20/2020 569  
Con la expansión del coronavirus, la comunidad latinx de Madison se moviliza para apoyarse e informarse Wisconsin State Journal, The 3/20/2020 2105 Hispanic/Latinx American
Coronavirus fears are 'no excuse' for racism, AG warns Star-Ledger, The (Newark, NJ) 3/20/2020 244  
Coronavirus: Asian American groups compile hate crime reports as Trump persists in 'Chinese virus' attacks San Francisco Chronicle (CA) 3/20/2020 436 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Daniel Dae Kim makes a powerful statement about 'inexcusable' racism against Asian-Americans during coronavirus outbreak ... after revealing he has... Daily Mail Online (UK) 3/20/2020 927 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Daniel Dae Kim, Malorie Blackman, Spike Lee and more condemn Trump and racism against Asian community; Coronavirus: The symptoms Evening Standard Online (London, UK) 3/20/2020 1592 Asian American/Pacific Islander
Donald Trump's stoking of anti-China racism over the coronavirus puts Asian-Americans in a tight spot South China Morning Post Online 3/20/2020 1001 Asian American/Pacific Islander
El fracaso del liderazgo en America Latina frente al coronavirus WashingtonPost.com 3/20/2020 622 Hispanic/Latinx American
End the 'Chinese Virus' Lin: Trump empowering racism with reference New York Daily News 3/20/2020 457  
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