Raymond R. Farrell REGULATION OF UNION SECURITY CONTRACTS 59 Yale Law Journal 554 (February, 1950) The main purpose of a union security agreement is to increase the union's bargaining power. With greater control over dissident members, and with the employer tied to a union-dominated labor market, the secured union can more forcefully press its demands for better working conditions. But the monopoly power conferred by such agreements has at times... 1950
Alex Elson, Leonard Schanfield LOCAL REGULATION OF DISCRIMINATORY EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES 56 Yale Law Journal 431 (February, 1947) The social and economic stresses of war and reconversion have produced an upsurge of activity to make more effective use of the processes of law to reduce discrimination in employment. The federal Fair Employment Practices Committee carried on intense efforts in this direction during the war; several states have enacted anti-discrimination... 1947
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