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Phippard v. Korbes 4 H. & McH. 481, Provincial Court, Proprietary Province of Maryland (April 01, 1721) 1721 REPLEVIN for negro slaves. The special verdict found that the negroes in dispute belonged to Cheseldine, the testator. That the plaintiff was appointed executrix by the will of the testator. That before proof of the will in the prerogative court, a caveat was entered against the probate of the will, and a citation issued to the plaintiff to prove... Most Relevant Cases  
Abbot v. Abbot 1 Va. Colonial Dec. R21, General Court of Virginia (October 01, 1729) 1729 Trover for several Negroes Fr Deft. Many prects. of plt. in trover &c. being barred of new action by jug'ts. ag'st him of his being barr'd by Jug't in a diff't action for the same thing if former suit dismissed no bar. The Deft. pleads in bar an Action of Trover brought by the Plt. formerly for the same Negroes and upon not guilty Pleaded a... Most Relevant Cases  
Edmonds v. Hughes Jeff. 2, General Court of Virginia (April 01, 1730) 1730 The special verdict in this case is very imperfect and uncertain, so that no title in the plaintiff can be collected from it. But the case is thus. Richard Alderson was possessed of several negroes in the declaration mentioned, and made his last will and testament (dated the 15th of September, 1695) in these words, My will is, that Margaret... Most Relevant Cases  
Edmonds v. Hughs 1 Va. Colonial Dec. R36, General Court of Virginia (April 01, 1730) 1730 Det. Fr Deft. Remainder of a chattel after Estate for life good in a Will. The Special Verdict in this Case is very imperfect and Incertain so that no Title in the Plt. can be Collected from it, But the Case is thus, Richard Alderson was possessed of several Negroes in the Decl. mentioned and made his last Will and Testam't in these words (dated... Most Relevant Cases  
Marston v. Parish Jeff. 1, General Court of Virginia (April 01, 1730) 1730 The court were of opinion that the plaintiff had no right to recover the five negroes that were Williams's, and that the plaintiff should recover the negro that was Marston's, as his heir at law. Reported by Sir John Randolph. Most Relevant Cases  
Marston v. Parrish 1 Va. Colonial Dec. R35, General Court of Virginia (April 01, 1730) 1730 Detinue Fr Deft. John Williams was possessed of two Negro Boys Arther and Bill and two Negro Women Dinah and Nanny and made his last Will 22d. April 1713. Willed his Negroes and all other Goods and Chattels to be valued and Appraised and equally divided between his Wife and 3 Children, and that his Wife shou'd keep his Childrens Estates till they... Most Relevant Cases  
Tucker v. Sweney Jeff. 5, General Court of Virginia (April 01, 1731) 1731 The case. Mr. Richard Dandridge recovered judgment against the executors of Nicholas Curle for £507. Curle died possessed of several slaves, and of those slaves after his death, there was a considerable increase. Mr. Dandridge took out a fieri facias, which was served upon several of the slaves which Curle died possessed of, and likewise upon... Most Relevant Cases  
Waughop v. Tate 1 Va. Colonial Dec. R76, General Court of Virginia (October 01, 1731) 1731 Appeal Fr Plt. in app't. Appeal from Northumberland. The Case. John Contancean an Infant by Deed dated the 17th Dec'r 1718. Conveyed several Negroes to Richard Ball for the proper use and Behoof of Peter Contancean and his Heirs who was his Brother of the half Blood J. C. made his Will the same Day but nothing of these Negroes is mentioned in it... Most Relevant Cases  
Armistead v. Swiney 1 Va. Colonial Dec. R97, General Court of Virginia (April 01, 1732) 1732 In Chanc. The Case. Nicholas Curle being possessed of a considerable Estate in Slaves, Goods, Chattels, ready money and outstanding Debts, made his last Will and Testament whereby he gave several Legacies to his Wife & Children And appointed her Executrix during her Widowhood, but if she married, then Geo. Walker, John Curle, and Harry Jenkins... Most Relevant Cases  
Goddin v. Morris 1 Va. Colonial Dec. R80, General Court of Virginia (April 01, 1732) 1732 In Chan'ry. Fr Plt. The Case Goddin the Plts. Father having a small Estate in the Year 1710. died Intestate His Wife obtains L'res of Adm'on, and in October 1710, Exhibits an Inventory of the Estate which consisted of Cattle and Household Goods Appraised to 38. 10. 9. & 3 Negroes, a Man Appraised at 25£>>>>>. a Woman Appraised at 25£. and... Most Relevant Cases  
Iones v. Langhorn 1 Va. Colonial Dec. R109, General Court of Virginia (April 01, 1732) 1732 Detinue for Negroes Fr Deft. The Case. Mary Godwin being possessed of several Negroes by her Will disposed of them in this manner, My Will is that after my Debts and Legacies paid my Daughter Mary Rice shall have the use of my whole Estate Real and Personal after she comes to the age of *Years, during her natural Life, And if my Dau'ter... Most Relevant Cases  
Lightfoot v. Lightfoot 1 Va. Colonial Dec. R84, General Court of Virginia (April 01, 1732) 1732 In Chan'ry Fr Deft. The Case. Francis Lightfoot the Plts. Father was possessed of a great Estate, in Lands, Neg'rs, Goods & Chattels, and had agreed with Perry for the purchase of a Tract of Land upon Nottoway River, and made his Will Whereby among the other Legacies he gives the Deft. a Negro, he giving another in lieu of him to his Heirs, and to... Most Relevant Cases  
King v. Moore Jeff. 8, General Court of Virginia (October 01, 1733) 1733 [Note by W. G.] (Hop. 17 in Myers's Copy.) Jeff. Rep. 8. S. C. An Information was brought against the Deft. upon the Act of 5 & 6 Geo. 2. laying a duty upon Slaves for not transmitting to the Collector of the duty's a List of the Slaves by him sold imported in the ship A. The Deft. Offered as Witnesses the Master and Steward of the Ship to whom Mr.... Most Relevant Cases  
Isbell v. Butler Jeff. 10, General Court of Virginia (April 01, 1735) 1735 SlavesValue ofAt What Time ConsideredCase at Bar. In this case a question was made, whether a slave given by an intestate in his lifetime to a younger child, should be taken at the value he was when given, or the value at the testator's death. Et per tot cur. at the value when given, et recte opinor. Thomas Randolph and Hopkins... Most Relevant Cases  
Waddill v. Chamberlayne Jeff. 10, General Court of Virginia (April 01, 1735) 1735 The Plt. declares that the Deft. fraudulently and deceitfully Sold to him a Slave for a great Price 25£. knowing the said Slave at the Time and for a long Time before laboured under an incurable Disease not discovered by the Plt. and was of no value There is a Verdict for the Plt. and I have moved in arrestof Judgment that this action will not... Most Relevant Cases  
Spicer v. Pope Jeff. 43, General Court of Virginia (October 01, 1736) 1736 Executors Accounting. John Stone, by his will, April 27, 1695, devised his plantation and the profits of his slaves and personal estate, to his wife during life, and declares his will to be, that his son Richard Metualf and Ann his wife live upon the said plantation after her death, during their lives, and also keep and employ the... Most Relevant Cases  
Tayloe v. Graves Jeff. 40, General Court of Virginia (October 01, 1736) 1736 In Detinue a Case was agreed vizt. R. P. poss'ed of the Slaves in Question by his Will dated in 1712. devises to his daughter Mary the Use Labour and Service of them during her Life and after her Decease the said Slaves and their Increase to fall to her Heirs of her Body lawfully begotten forever. Mary had issue a Daughter living at the Time of the... Most Relevant Cases  
Winston v. Henry 2 Va. Colonial Dec. B213, General Court of Virginia (October 01, 1736) 1736 Canc. John Geddes having a Wife & one Daughter married to Bobby by whom she had two Daughters the Plt. Rebecca her eldest & Eliz. & was also ensient of a Son by his Will May 18. 1719. devises to his Wife 3 Slaves during her Life & the absolute Property of six more And gave her during Life a Plantation called Totero fort & the Use of all his Stock... Most Relevant Cases  
Slaughter v. Whitelock 2 Va. Colonial Dec. B251, General Court of Virginia (April 01, 1737) 1737 Martin Slaughter by his Will Aug. 23. 1732. devises four negroes to his Son George (the Plt.) and the lawful Issue of his body for ever and four negroes to his daughter Judith and the lawful Issue of her body for ever but if either my son or daughter shall die without such Issue the survivor to have an enjoy the said Slaves and their Increase... Most Relevant Cases  
Giles v. Mallecote Jeff. 52, General Court of Virginia (April 01, 1738) 1738 SlavesDetinueCase at Bar. In detinue upon a special verdict. The plaintiff's father, Thomas Mallecote, by his will, devises to his son John, Quashey, a negro man; to his son Thomas, the child his negro woman Betty then went with, and Tomboy, a negro man; and gives slaves to his other children, and declares his will, that his wife... Most Relevant Cases  
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