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Epe's Adm'r v. Dudley 5 Rand. 437, Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia (August 21, 1827) 1827 On the merits, there is no question about this case. The whole estate, both real and personal, being devised to the widow for life, and the crop being made on her land with her slaves, the year after the testator's death, is, without doubt, of right hers, and may be properly recovered by her husband, as her administrator. The evidence stated and... Most Relevant Cases  
Farrar v. Gaillard's Adm'r Walker 269, Supreme Court of Mississippi (December 01, 1827) 1827 Upon a contract for the delivery of ten slaves at a given day and notes taken by the vender, payable after the day fixed for the delivery of the slaves, a recovery cannot be had on such note, unless all the slaves were tendered at the time fixed by the contract. Most Relevant Cases  
Fulton v. Shaw 4 Rand. 597, Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia (January 23, 1827) 1827 Where a female slave is emancipated, with a reservation that her future increase shall be slaves, such reservation is void, and the woman and her increase are absolutely free. This was an appeal from the Petersburg Superior Court, where Fanny Shaw, a woman of colour, brought an action to recover her freedom, against Elizabeth B. Fulton. At the... Most Relevant Cases  
Gentry v. Barnett 6 T.B.Mon. 113, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (October 24, 1827) 1827 Pleadings. Slaves. Bonds in Actions of Replevin. Performance of Conditions. Liability of Wrong-doers. ERROR TO THE MADISON CIRCUIT; GEORGE SHANNON, JUDGE. James H. and David Gentry took four slaves from the possession of William Barnett, who, to regain possession thereof, issued his writ of replevin, and gave Thomas C. Howard as his security, in a... Most Relevant Cases  
George v. Corse's Adm'r 2 H. & G. 1, Court of Appeals of Maryland (June 01, 1827) 1827 On a petition by certain slaves against the administrator of J C, with the will annexed, in which they claimed freedom, it appeared that J C, whose property they were at the time of his death, had declared them free by his last will and testament, and thereby provided that if his personal estate, exclusive of such slaves, should not be sufficient... Most Relevant Cases  
Goodloe v. McLanathan 6 T.B.Mon. 310, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (December 13, 1827) 1827 It seems to the court, that in a suit like the present, brought by the purchaser of a slave to cancel the contract of purchase, and to be restored to the price paid, on the ground of fraud in the seller, though a jury may be called to enquire into the fraud, it is the duty of the chancellor to decide upon the alleged fraud, and if a jury be... Most Relevant Cases  
Green v. Judith 5 Rand. 1, Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia (March 02, 1827) 1827 The plaintiffs in the Court below brought their suit against the appellant (an agent of the Commonwealth) to recover their freedom. Judith, the mother and grandmother of the others, was once the property of Ball. The State insists that they are still slaves, belonging to Ball's estate, and subject to her judgment against Ball. They claim to be... Most Relevant Cases  
Gregory v. Baugh 4 Rand. 611, Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia (February 14, 1827) 1827 In what cases, and upon what principles, hear-say evidence as to pedigree, is admitted. Matters of general history must be given in evidence, as well as all other facts; and the jury are not to be left to their own information as to such things. A re-view of all our laws concerning Indian slavery in Virginia. In questions of freedom, evidence that... Most Relevant Cases  
Grice v. Jones 1 Stew. 254, Supreme Court of Alabama (July 01, 1827) 1827 THIS was an action of detinue, brought by Jones, as administrator, for a negro man, of the property of his intestate. The defendant plead the general issue, and the statute of limitations. To this last plea, the plaintiff replied, that the action was not barred at the death of his intestate, and had not been barred since he became administrator. To... Most Relevant Cases  
Grigsby v. Cleary 5 T.B.Mon. 514, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (October 09, 1827) 1827 Lessees and Bailees of Tenants for Life. Statute. Evidence. ERROR TO THE DAVIESS CIRCUIT; ALNEY M'LEAN, JUDGE. Case stated. Nathaniel Grigsby devised Pat and other slaves and property to his wife Susannah, sons, Mack and Enoch, and Linton Smith, during their lives, and after their deaths the slaves to be divided between his sons, Nathaniel,... Most Relevant Cases  
Halbert v. Grant 4 T.B.Mon. 580, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (May 05, 1827) 1827 Frauds Against Creditors. Jurisdiction. Devises. Executors. Conveyances. Statutes. Executions. Estoppel. Choses in Action. APPEAL FROM THE LEWIS CIRCUIT; WM. P. ROPER, JUDGE. This is a bill brought by a creditor to set aside certain transfers and conveyances of lands, slaves and other estate, made by the debtor, Isaac Halbert, one of the... Most Relevant Cases  
Harrison v. Murrell 5 T.B.Mon. 359, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (July 05, 1827) 1827 Hiring of Slaves. Lessor and Lessee. ERROR TO THE LOGAN CIRCUIT; HENRY P. BROADNAX, JUDGE. Harrison hired of Murrell two negroes, for the term of one year, at the price of one hundred and sixty dollars, and covenanted to pay the same on or before the 25th day of December, 1820. The negroes had not been in the possession of Harrison but little more... Most Relevant Cases  
Hart v. Fanny Ann 6 T.B.Mon. 49, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (October 22, 1827) 1827 Constructions. Devises. Transposition. ERROR TO THE MONTGOMERY CIRCUIT; SILAS W. ROBBINS, JUDGE. The case presents for the consideration of the court, the construction of the will of William Hart, deceased. It bears date in 1803, it was duly admitted to record in the same year, in the county of Montgomery, in this State; directing his slave Peter,... Most Relevant Cases  
Hawkin's Adm'r v. Craig 6 T.B.Mon. 254, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (December 03, 1827) 1827 Slaves. Dower. Husband and Wife. Assignment of Dower. Evidence. Error. APPEAL FROM THE JESSAMINE CIRCUIT; WILL. L. KELLY, JUDGE. The now wife of Craig, was once the wife of Edmond Singleton, and at?? is death became entitled to the life estate in one-third of the slaves, then owned by Singleton, as her dower of the slaves. Sometime after the death... Most Relevant Cases  
High v. Stainback 1 Stew. 24, Supreme Court of Alabama (January 01, 1827) 1827 THIS was an action of trover in the Circuit Court of Morgan county by Stainback v. High, for three negro slaves which he claimed under the will of Samuel Lyle, bequeathing to him in trust for the use of Mary High, daughter of testator, and wife of defendant, for her life, and after her death to her heirs. On the trial, the plaintiff offered Thomas... Most Relevant Cases  
Hoyle v. Huson 1 Dev. 348, Supreme Court of North Carolina (December 01, 1827) 1827 The clause of the will, on which the question in this case turns, is as follows: I will that my wife Mary Huson, shall have such a part of my land, as she with her children and negroes, which are left to her, can attend under crop annually, during her natural life or widowhood; and the balance of clear land, I will that it be rented out by my... Most Relevant Cases  
Hutchins v. Lee Walker 293, Supreme Court of Mississippi (December 01, 1827) 1827 The provisions in the statute for the sale of runaway slaves, are merely directory, and a non-compliance with these provisions does not invalidate the sale. If the slave sell for less money, because of any neglect in the sheriff to perform his duty, the remedy is by an action against the sheriff for damages. Most Relevant Cases  
Ingram v. Porter 4 McCord 198, Court of Appeals of Law and Equity of South Carolina (January 01, 1827) 1827 A father by deed of gift gave to his daughter a slave to hold &c. after his death. Held that the right of property vested immediately in the daughter, and her right barred by the statute of limitations, during the life of the father. A future interest in a chattel, opposed to the present interest in the grantor, cannot be created.... Most Relevant Cases  
Jarrett v. Higbee 5 T.B.Mon. 546, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (October 11, 1827) 1827 Slaves. Passes. Runaways. Warrant. Jurisdiction. Probable Cause. ERROR TO THE FAYETTE CIRCUIT; JESSE BLEDSOE, JUDGE. Jarrett declared against Higbee in a plea of trespass vi et armis, for taking and imprisoning a slave, the property of the plaintiff, and detaining him, and for loss of service, and for expense in regaining the possession.... Most Relevant Cases  
Jennings v. Fundeburg 4 McCord 161, Court of Appeals of Law and Equity of South Carolina (January 01, 1827) 1827 To excuse a trespass on the ground of accident, it must appear to have occurred without the least fault on the part of the defendant. Where defendant was in pursuit of runaway negroes who ran from him, and he fired his gun towards them, intending to shoot over their heads, to induce them to stop, and one of the negroes was killed by a random shot,... Most Relevant Cases  
Jones v. Chappell 5 T.B.Mon. 422, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (October 04, 1827) 1827 Contracts. Compromise. Fraud. Garnishee. Continuance. Error. Depositions. Practice. ERROR TO THE HARDIN CIRCUIT; PAUL I. BOOKER, JUDGE. Statement. Chappell sold to a man by the name of Ditto, three negroes, a woman and her two children, for the price of eight hundred and fifty dollars, four hundred and fifty dollars of which sum, was paid by Ditto,... Most Relevant Cases  
Kitty v. Fitzhugh 4 Rand. 600, Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia (January 31, 1827) 1827 A party asking instructions of the Court to the jury as to the law, should specify the points, and not ask instructions generally as to the law arising out of a complicated mass of evidence. Judges CARR and COALTER. Quære, how far a slave, who has been emancipated by one, who had no title originally, but who has had a length of possession... Most Relevant Cases  
Land v. Jeffries 5 Rand. 211, Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia (June 04, 1827) 1827 Mrs. Birdsong was a widow possessed of some slaves, which she held in right of dower, and some furniture, of which she was absolute owner. Being about to be married to the defendant Jeffries, she executed an absolute deed of gift of her slaves and furniture, to her brother, J. W. Land. This deed was drawn by the defendant Jeffries, (a lawyer,) and... Most Relevant Cases The case or administrative decision has some negative history, but has not been reversed or overruled.
Lee v. Preuss 3 Cranch C.C. 112, Circuit Court, District of Columbia (May 01, 1827) 1827 Petition for freedom by Lizette, John, and Janette, or Jeane, children of Joanna, and Nancy, the daughter of Lizette [Lee against Augustus Preuss]. The petitioners having given evidence tending to prove their right to emancipation after certain periods of service respectively which had not yet expired, prayed the court by their counsel, Mr.... Most Relevant Cases  
Leverett v. Leverett 2 McCord Eq. 84, Court of Appeals of Law and Equity of South Carolina (May 01, 1827) 1827 The act which requires the slaves on the plantation of a tenant for life who dies after the 1st of March, of any year, to remain thereon to finish the crop, does not give hire to the remainder-man, but confers their services for the remainder of the year to the estase of the deceased tenant. Most Relevant Cases  
Lucy v. Denham's Adm'r 4 T.B.Mon. 167, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (January 31, 1827) 1827 Error. Slaves. Obligations. Pleading. Practice. ERROR TO THE PULASKI CIRCUIT; JOHN L. BRIDGES, JUDGE. Case when formerly here. This is the same case that was formerly in this court, and decided in favour of the present plaintiffs in error, the report whereof is contained in 5 Littell, 330. By adverting to the opinion then given, it will be found... Most Relevant Cases  
Mandeville v. Cookenderfer 3 Cranch C.C. 257, Circuit Court, District of Columbia (December 01, 1827) 1827 This was an action upon the case against [Thomas Cookenderfer] the keeper of a public stage-office in Washington, for suffering the plaintiffs' slave to take passage in the stage-coach from Washington to Baltimore, whereby the slave escaped; and the plaintiffs [Mandeville and Larmour] were put to great trouble and expense in recovering him. At the... Most Relevant Cases  
Martin v. Kelly 1 Stew. 198, Supreme Court of Alabama (July 01, 1827) 1827 THIS was an action of detinue by Kelly against Martin for a slave. The plaintiff derived title with warranty, through one Younger, who derived title from Mitchell, and he from Williams. The defendant offered to prove the declarations of Younger, (made after the sale to the plaintiff,) in order to shew that the title from Mitchell to Younger was a... Most Relevant Cases  
Mason v. Matilda 25 U.S. 590, Supreme Court of the United States (March 16, 1827) 1827 On the construction of the statute of Virginia, emancipating slaves brought into that State in 1792, unless the owner removing with them should take a certain oath within sixty days after such removal, the fact of the oath having been taken may be presumed by the lapse of twenty years, accompanied with possession. This cause comes up on a bill of... Most Relevant Cases  
McDonald v. Walton 1 Mo. 726, Supreme Court of Missouri (May 01, 1827) 1827 This is an action of detinue, brought by the appellant, McDonald, as administrator, against Walton, the appellee, to recover certain slaves. The pleas were non detinet, and the statute of limitations; a verdict was found for the defendant on the issues made up; and to reverse the judgment rendered on that verdict, the present appeal is taken. From... Most Relevant Cases  
Mears v. Morrison 1 Ill. 223, Supreme Court of Illinois (December 01, 1827) 1827 This is an action of covenant, brought by the plaintiff in error, against the defendant, upon the following obligation: I do hereby sell, deliver over, and transfer to William Mears, the time that a negro girl named Harriet, and her children, had to serve William Morrison, she being a daughter of a servant of said Morrison, indentured under the... Most Relevant Cases  
Merry v. Tiffin 1 Mo. 725, Supreme Court of Missouri (May 01, 1827) 1827 The case is, that an action of assault and battery was brought against the defendants in error, by John, for freedom. The record shows, that the mother of the plaintiff, before the ordinance of Congress, of 1787, was holden as a slave, in the Territory northwest of the river Ohio, in that part now called Illinois, and that, after said ordinance,... Most Relevant Cases  
Mickie v. Wood's Ex'r 5 Rand. 571, Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia (August 21, 1827) 1827 No set form of words is necessary to constitute a lease; and a contract between two persons that one should have, during the life of the other, land, negroes, &c. he paying therefor a stipulated annual sum, is not a sale, but a rent. Such a contract does not lose its character of a rent, by slaves and other personal property being included in the... Most Relevant Cases  
Minor v. Kelly 5 T.B.Mon. 272, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (June 28, 1827) 1827 Pleading. Consideration. Vendor and Vendee. Immaterial Issues. Rescission of Contracts. Replication. ERROR TO THE GARRARD CIRCUIT; JOHN L. BRIDGES, JUDGE. To a petition and summons, on a note stipulating the payment of a sum of money, the defendant pleaded that the note was executed in consideration of a negro woman slave and her child, sold to the... Most Relevant Cases  
Mitchell v. Wilson 3 Cranch C.C. 242, Circuit Court, District of Columbia (December 01, 1827) 1827 Replevin for a negro woman named Mahala. This cause, which was discontinued at December term, 1826, for want of the defendant's appearance, was by consent of the parties, at May term, 1827 [Case No. 9,671], reinstated, with a mutual release of errors, and it was agreed that upon a motion for the return of the property, the whole merits of the cause... Most Relevant Cases  
Mitchell v. Wilson 3 Cranch C.C. 92, Circuit Court, District of Columbia (May 01, 1827) 1827 Replevin for a negro woman named Mahala. Most Relevant Cases  
Morgan v. Rhodes 1 Stew. 70, Supreme Court of Alabama (January 01, 1827) 1827 IN the Circuit Court of Wilcox county, Rhodes brought an action of trespass against Morgan, charging him with having killed his, the plaintiff's slave, of the value of $1000, whereby the slave was wholly lost to him. The defendant among other pleas, plead that the plaintiff did not produce any witnesses before the grand jury, or use any... Most Relevant Cases  
Ogden v. Price 9 N.J.L. 167, Supreme Court of Judicature of New Jersey (January 01, 1827) 1827 The only question presented in this case to our examination is, whether the assignment made by Elihu Price to the plaintiffs below was valid as to the negro child Betty, and transferred to them her services. The right of Price at the time of the assignment to the services of the child until the age of twenty-one years, is not questioned; nor the... Most Relevant Cases  
Overfield v. Bullitt 1 Mo. 749, Supreme Court of Missouri (May 01, 1827) 1827 This was an action of detinue, brought by Overfield agains Bullitt, in the Circuit Court, to recover a negro woman slave named Hannah, and her child Andrew, in which judgment was given by the Circuit Court for the defendant; from which the plaintiff appealed, and to reverse which now prosecutes his appeal in this Court. The substantial facts, as... Most Relevant Cases  
Penrose v. Green 1 Mo. 774, Supreme Court of Missouri (November 01, 1827) 1827 This was an action of detinue for a negro woman, a slave; verdict and judgment for the defendant in error, who was also the defendant below; pleas, non detinet. The facts of the cause, with the instruction refused and given, appear by a bill of exceptions. Many facts and propositions appear by this record which are not of importance to be noticed.... Most Relevant Cases  
Pierce v. Myrick 1 Dev. 345, Supreme Court of North Carolina (December 01, 1827) 1827 In trespass for killing a slave, an outrage by the slave less than a threatened felony, will justify the killing. In such an action, evidence of the slave's good character is admissible, to repel the presumption of his improper conduct. In trespass, where not guilty, and a justification are pleaded, and the Jury find the first issue for the... Most Relevant Cases  
Richard v. Van Meter 3 Cranch C.C. 214, Circuit Court, District of Columbia (December 01, 1827) 1827 This was a petition for freedom [by negro Richard], stating in general terms, that the petitioner is entitled to his freedom, but is held in slavery by the defendant [Abraham Van Meter]. It was filed on the 3d of April, 1826. On the 31st of May, 1827, the petitioner filed an additional petition stating that he had filed his petition for freedom,... Most Relevant Cases  
Richardson v. Dukes 4 McCord 156, Court of Appeals of Law and Equity of South Carolina (January 01, 1827) 1827 The defendant shot the plaintiff's slave while he was stealing potatoes from a bank at night, and killed him. The court held the defendant liable for the value of the negro, and granted a new trial, the jury having found a verdict for one dollar. In assessing damages where property is in question, the value of the article as nearly as it can be... Most Relevant Cases  
Roberts v. Smiley 5 T.B.Mon. 270, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (June 28, 1827) 1827 Statement of the case. Smiley sold to Roberts & Co. a negro boy named John, and on the 28th day of February, 1816, executed to them a bill of sale, in which he covenanted to warrant and defend the boy against the claims of all and every person whatsoever. The boy was afterwards carried by Roberts & Co. to the State of Louisiana, and there sold; and... Most Relevant Cases  
Shirley v. Long 6 Rand. 764, Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia (August 22, 1827) 1827 If a father give a slave to a child, and the donor retain possession of the slave, and exercise control over it, the gift is not the less fraudulent because the child always lived with the father, and the slave was always called the child's in the family and neighbourhood. A parol gift of a slave to a child, without possession in the donee, is... Most Relevant Cases  
Smith v. Montgomery's Adm'rs 5 T.B.Mon. 502, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (October 08, 1827) 1827 Presumptions. Evidence. Gifts by Father to Children. APPEAL FROM THE WAYNE CIRCUIT; JOHN L. BRIDGES, JUDGE. Case stated. This is an appeal from a judgment recovered by Taylor, who is the administrator of William Montgomery, deceased, in an action of detinue, brought by him against Smith for seven slaves. The slaves are claimed by the administrator... Most Relevant Cases  
Smith v. Yeates 1 Dev. 302, Supreme Court of North Carolina (December 01, 1827) 1827 The act of 1806, requiring gifts of slaves to be authenticated by writing, cannot be evaded by a fictitious sale; therefore where the donor gave the donee the purchase money, and then sold and delivered the slave, receiving back the money--this was held to be a gift, and void without a deed. It seems, that a writing conveying a slave, is void as a... Most Relevant Cases  
State v. Johnson 1 Dev. 360, Supreme Court of North Carolina (December 01, 1827) 1827 The act of 1825 was passed to prevent the asportation of slaves by persons having those facilities to do it, which a connexion with a ship gives. The act of concealing a slave on ship board, with the intent to carry him from the State, by a person having no connexion with that ship, is not within the mischief. An indictment on the statute, which... Most Relevant Cases  
State v. Peter 1 Stew. 38, Supreme Court of Alabama (January 01, 1827) 1827 THIS case comes before us on a point referred. The prisoner was indicted for the murder of another slave, and found not guilty of murder, but guilty of manslaughter: The Circuit Court passed judgement that he should be whipped and branded, but reserved the question as to the legality of the sentence for the determination of this Court. We are of... Most Relevant Cases  
State v. Phil 1 Stew. 31, Supreme Court of Alabama (January 01, 1827) 1827 AT the March term 1825, of the Circuit Court of Tuscaloosa county, Phil, a slave, was indicted and found guilty of an assault, with an intent to commit a rape. The judgement was arrested. At October term, 1825, an indictment for the same offence, charging the assault to have been on a free white woman, was returned a true bill. The venue was... Most Relevant Cases  
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