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Grimes v. Grimes' Devisees 2 Bibb 594, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (April 01, 1812) 1812 THIS was an action of detinue for slave, brought by the defendants in error, claiming as devisees under the will of Philip Grimes, deceased, against the plaintiff in error, who was the executor. The main question is, whether they could maintain the action without showing that the executor had assented to their taking the slave devised to them? It... Most Relevant Cases  
Hopkins v. Fleet 9 Johns. 225, Supreme Court of New York (January 01, 1812) 1812 Where the overseers of the poor of the town of O. gave a certificate in writing that the bearer J. the slave of H. was under the age of 50 years and of sufficient ability to get his living, at the bottom of which was written, We do hereby manumit the same, and the whole signed by the overseers, but not by the executors... Most Relevant Cases  
Houton v. Holliday 2 Mur. 111, Supreme Court of North Carolina (January 01, 1812) 1812 A. borrowed of B. $200, and to secure the payment thereof, pledged to him a negro slave, whose services were worth $60 per year. A. paid B. the money borrowed, and B. delivered to him the slave. A. then demanded of B. satisfaction for the services of the slave during the time B. had him in possession, and upon B's refusal to pay, brought suit and... Most Relevant Cases  
In re Macarty 2 Mart.(o.s.) 279, Superior Court of Louisiana (October 01, 1812) 1812 Habeas corpus. The gaoler produced, as the cause of his detention, a warrant from a parish judge, stating that from depositions before him, there was strong suspicion that the prisoner was concerned in an insurrection of the slaves, commanding an officer to arrest him and convey him to gaol, and the gaoler to receive and keep him till he was... Most Relevant Cases  
Jacob v. Ursuline Nuns 2 Mart.(o.s.) 269, Superior Court of Louisiana (October 01, 1812) 1812 The petition stated that the plaintiffs' father, a free black man, acted as overseer on the plantation of the defendants, since the year 1796, till his death in 1811-that in 1801, the superior of the convent made a donation to him of two arpents of land fronting the river, with the usual depth, for his services; and in the year 1804, the superior,... Most Relevant Cases  
Killingsworth v. Bradford 2 Tenn. 204, Supreme Court of Errors and Appeals of Tennessee (May 01, 1812) 1812 This was an action of trover brought for the recovery of the value of two negroes, Aaron and Esther. The plaintiff claimed title to them under John Lanning; the defendant claims title under Tobias Wilhelm. Wilhelm had commenced an action against Lanning for the recovery of Esther; during the pendency of that action Wilhelm sold, conveyed by bill of... Most Relevant Cases  
Lamar v. Taylor 3 Brev. 99, Constitutional Court of Appeals of South Carolina (December 01, 1812) 1812 The declaration was for a special injury done, by inveigling away plaintiff's slave, and the issue was upon this special charge; but there was no evidence to support it, the plaintiff relying upon the evidence usually produced to sustain an action of trover.Held, by BREVARD, J., that the proof ought to correspond with the allegations... Most Relevant Cases  
Lewis v. Spalding 2 Cranch C.C. 68, Circuit Court, District of Columbia (December 01, 1812) 1812 This was an action upon the case charging that the defendant, unlawfully, wickedly, and maliciously, conspired with divers ill-disposed persons to the plaintiffs unknown, to kidnap and carry off the slave of the plaintiffs, then in their peaceable possession; and in pursuance of such conspiracy, falsely and maliciously, by false... Most Relevant Cases  
Limehouse v. Gray 1 Tread. 73, Constitutional Court of Appeals of South Carolina (January 01, 1812) 1812 As to the first ground in this case, I think it was perfectly correct to admit parol evidence to do away the effect which, it was contended, should be produced by the advertisement. For I will suppose, that it could have been proved, that the negro in question was not included in the advertisement; that the vendue-master had not the possession of... Most Relevant Cases  
Logan v. Vance Litt.Sel.Cas. 161, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (October 17, 1812) 1812 FROM THE FAYETTE CIRCUIT COURT. Jane Vance, having purchased, paid for, and received the possession of a negro woman, from Logan, exhibited her bill in the Fayette circuit court, in which she charges the purchase of the negro from Logan, the receipt of the purchase money by him, and that he agreed, by the terms of the sale and purchase, to execute... Most Relevant Cases  
McDaniel v. Will 2 Bibb 550, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (April 01, 1812) 1812 THE appellees, as paupers, brought suit in the late Bourbon District Court, against the appellants, asserting their right to freedom, under the act of assembly of 1778, for preventing the further importation of slaves. On the trial of the issue joined in that cause, in the year 1801, a verdict and judgment was obtained in favor of the appellants;... Most Relevant Cases  
McDowell v. Hall 2 Bibb 610, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (October 01, 1812) 1812 THIS is an action of detinue, brought by the appellee against the appellant, for two negroes, Ellis and Paul. Pleas non detinet and statute of limitations, and issues thereupon; verdict and judgment for the negroes, and damages and costs. The appellee derived title from Robert Hall, sen., who was the lawful owner of the negroes in 1803, and on the... Most Relevant Cases  
Moore v. Turbeville 2 Bibb 602, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (April 01, 1812) 1812 THIS was an action upon the case for a deceit. The plaintiff in the action alleges in substance, that on the 7th day of September, 1809, he gave to the defendant his obligation, to deliver by the 25th of December next thereafter, a negro man, between the age of 16 and 25, equal in value to a negro man by the name of Moses, belonging to James... Most Relevant Cases  
Perry v. Rhodes 2 Mur. 140, Supreme Court of North Carolina (January 01, 1812) 1812 The substance of the bequests contained in this will, is, that all the testator's personal property should be divided amongst his wife and daughters, when the youngest of the latter attained the age of twenty-one years. But in the mean time, he gives all his moveable property to his wife, except his negroes, which he directs his executors to hire... Most Relevant Cases  
Reddick v. Trotman 2 Mur. 165, Supreme Court of North Carolina (July 01, 1812) 1812 Judgment being recovered against B. he for the purpose of raising money to discharge it, offered for sale at auction a negro slave, and C. became the highest bidder, and the slave was delivered to him; but he not paying the money on the delivery of the slave, B. by consent of C. took the slave home to his own house, to keep until the money should... Most Relevant Cases  
Robertson v. Ewell 3 Munf. 1, Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia (March 09, 1812) 1812 Monday, March 9th, 1812, the President delivered the unanimous opinion of the Court, (consisting of Judges Fleming, Roane, Brooke, and Coalter,) that the title of the appellee to the slaves in question, being under an absolute bill of sale by an executor, who was nevertheless permitted to retain the possession thereof, the same ought to be... Most Relevant Cases  
Scott's Ex'r v. Hill 2 Mur. 143, Supreme Court of North Carolina (January 01, 1812) 1812 A. having recovered a judgment against B, sued out a writ of fieri facias, which the Sheriff levied upon two negroes, and returned his levy on the execution. A. then sued out another fi. fa. instead of a venditioni exponas. Held, that A, by suing out a fi. fa. after the return of the levy, discharged the levy, and was not entitled to a distringas... Most Relevant Cases  
State v. Cecil 2 Mart.(o.s.) 208, Superior Court of Louisiana (April 01, 1812) 1812 A woman of color was offered as a witness, by the Attorney General, and a gentleman swore that she was once a slave, but he had liberated her. She had a copy of the act of liberation; the original of which was in New York. Most Relevant Cases  
State v. Washington 2 Mur. 100, Supreme Court of North Carolina (January 01, 1812) 1812 Under the act of 1807, ch. 10, a slave convicted in the County Court of any offence, the punishment of which extends to life, limb or member, is entitled to an appeal to the Superior Court; and if such appeal be prayed for and denied, a writ of certiorari is the proper remedy to bring up the case to the Superior Court, where there shall be a trial... Most Relevant Cases  
Stone v. Wilson 1 Tread. 68, Constitutional Court of Appeals of South Carolina (January 01, 1812) 1812 These were two actions brought by way of summary process, for two quarters' hire of a negro, at the rate of one hundred dollars per year. The defence was, that by a writen agreement between the parties, it appeared, that the defendant was to pay annually, and that the plaintiff could neither sue until the end of the year, nor split the sum into... Most Relevant Cases  
Stroman v. Rottenbury 4 Des. 268, Court of Appeals of Equity of South Carolina (June 01, 1812) 1812 A person holding slaves in trust, or for the use of another, is bound to account for the actual profits of their labor;and if he does not, the commissioner will be justified in charging him with the usual rate of hire. A deed by a parent, providing, in consideration of love and affection, for his beloved grand-children by his daughter,... Most Relevant Cases  
Tonnelier v. Maurin's Ex'r 2 Mart.(o.s.) 206, Superior Court of Louisiana (April 01, 1812) 1812 The plaintiff lived with the defendant's testator as his ménagère. She had with her in his family, several grown daughters of hers. It was in evidence that he hired out some of the plaintiff's slaves, and received their wages. They had lived together in this manner for several years, in Hispaniola, St. Yago de Cuba and New Orleans. Most Relevant Cases  
Tucker v. Palmer 3 Brev. 47, Constitutional Court of Appeals of South Carolina (May 01, 1812) 1812 The plaintiff conveyed certain slaves to Beverly Sydner, in trust, to be disposed of for the benefit of his creditors; and after this conveyance hired them to the defendant for six months. The trustee empowered the defendant to take possession of the negroes by virtue of the trust deed; on which the plaintiff demanded them; but the defendant... Most Relevant Cases  
U S v. Patrick 2 Cranch C.C. 66, Circuit Court, District of Columbia (December 01, 1812) 1812 The defendant, a slave, was convicted of an attempt to ravish a white woman. The indictment was under the act of assembly of Maryland, 1751, c. 14, § 2. Most Relevant Cases  
Violet v. Stephens Litt.Sel.Cas. 147, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (July 03, 1812) 1812 FROM THE FAYETTE CIRCUIT COURT. The plaintiffs brought this action, as paupers, in the Fayette circuit court to recover their freedom. On the trial they asserted their right to freedom, under an act of Pennsylvania, passed 1780, entitled an act for the gradual abolition of slavery in that state: Also, under the following act of... Most Relevant Cases  
Watkins v. McDonough 2 Mart.(o.s.) 154, Superior Court of the Territory of Orleans (April 01, 1812) 1812 Suit on a warranty for the soundness of a negro sold by the defendant. The answer denied all the allegations in the petition. Most Relevant Cases  
Wells v. Lane 9 Johns. 144, Supreme Court of New York (January 01, 1812) 1812 Parol declarations made more than 20 years ago, by the owner of a slave, that he purchased her to make her free, and that he meant her to be freed, were held to be a manumission of such slave. Whether, since the statute of 8th April, 1801, (sess. 24. c. 188,) a slave can be manumitted without some instrument in writing? Qure. IN error, on... Most Relevant Cases  
Williams v. Howard 3 Munf. 277, Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia (January 01, 1812) 1812 A three months' replevy bond was executed, March 23d, 1808, by Powell Williams, Arthur Horner, and James P. Cocke, to Jane Howard, in the penal sum of 3401. 17s. 2d., with a condition that whereas two negroes, (naming them,) one yoke of oxen, six head of cattle, and five horses, have been distrained by Thomas Watkins, deputy Sheriff for... Most Relevant Cases  
Wolf v. O'Farrel 1 Tread. 151, Constitutional Court of Appeals of South Carolina (November 01, 1812) 1812 This was an action of trover, to recover a negro slave, tried before judge Smith, at Orangeburgh. The plaintiff had taken a mortgage of the negro in question, from one Snell, redeemable upon the payment of a certain sum of money, on a future day. Snell continued in the possession of the negro, and previous to the day of payment, sold him to the... Most Relevant Cases  
Wood v. Davis 7 Cranch 271, Supreme Court of the United States (March 09, 1812) 1812 Present. All the Judges. ERROR to the Circuit Court for the district of Columbia, sitting at Washington. The Defendants in error, John Davis and others, were children of Susan Davis, a mulatto woman, who had obtained a judgment for her freedom in a suit which she had brought against Caleb Swann, to whom she had been sold by Wood the Plaintiff in... Most Relevant Cases  
Arrington v. Battle 2 Mur. 246, Supreme Court of North Carolina (January 01, 1813) 1813 Question of costs. In an action of detinue, the parties refer the case to arbitration. The arbitrators award, that the Defendant shall deliver to the Plaintiff the slave sued for, and that the Plaintiff shall pay to the Defendant the purchase money for the slaves; but were silent as to the costs of the suit. Held, that each party shall pay his own... Most Relevant Cases  
Bacon v. Brown 3 Bibb 35, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (May 06, 1813) 1813 THE appellee brought his action in the Franklin Circuit Court to recover of the appellant for the unsoundness of a negro man which he had purchased of the appellant. He charges in his declaration that the appellant, at the time of the sale of said negro, promised and assumed upon himself that said negro was sound; and he alleges the negro was... Most Relevant Cases  
Ball's Devisees v. Ball's Ex'rs 3 Munf. 279, Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia (February 22, 1813) 1813 Monday, February 22d, 1813, the President delivered the Court's opinion, that there is no error in the said decree, except in the dismission of the bill, as to the appellee, before an account of distribution of the personal estate of William Ball, deceased, other than the slaves, one third of which had been allotted to the appellee, in a... Most Relevant Cases  
Black v. Beattie 2 Mur. 240, Supreme Court of North Carolina (January 01, 1813) 1813 A. conveyed a negro slave to B. upon condition that B. was not to take the slave out of her possession, or deprive her of the use and benefit of the slave, until her death, or until she might see proper or fit to give up to him the slave. A. then married C. who placed the slave in the hands of D. where he remained until C's death. A. survived her... Most Relevant Cases  
Brashear v. Burton 3 Bibb 9, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (April 14, 1813) 1813 THIS is an action of detinue for a negro that both parties claim under transfers from Mary Caldwell. The appellant claims in virtue of a bill of sale from William Snelling, dated the 1st of January, 1810; Snelling claimed under a sale from James Caldwell of the same date; and James Caldwell claimed in virtue of a bill of sale from Mary Caldwell,... Most Relevant Cases  
Brown v. Gilliland 3 Des. 539, Court of Appeals of Equity of South Carolina (February 01, 1813) 1813 THE bill charges that the complainant Joseph Brown, made a sale at public auction of three negroes belonging to the estate of his testator, on the 19th day of January, 1813, by leave of the ordinary, and that the defendant Gilliland being the highest bidder, became the purchaser at five hundred dollars; and the said negroes were put down to the... Most Relevant Cases  
Browning's Adm'r v. Coppage 3 Bibb 37, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (May 21, 1813) 1813 THIS is an appeal from a judgment for the defendant in an action of detinue for two slaves. A bill of exception taken to the refusal of the Court below to grant a new trial, presents the whole case, which is briefly this: Contract between husband and wife before marriage, not to have operation until after coverture ceases, is not extinguished by... Most Relevant Cases  
Caborne v. Godfrey 3 Des. 514, Court of Appeals of Equity of South Carolina (February 01, 1813) 1813 THIS cause was argued very fully in the Circuit Court of Equity, but as the argument was repeated and enlarged in the hearing on the Court of Appeals, it will be stated hereafter. The Court took time to deliberate, and afterwards delivered the following decree: This is a suit brought to recover a certain number of negroes under a letter written to... Most Relevant Cases  
Carlyle v. Patterson 3 Bibb 93, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (June 27, 1813) 1813 THIS appeal is prosecuted by the appellants from a judgment recovered against them in an action of detinue, which they prosecuted in the Court below to recover six negroes, which the appellee held in his possession. Both parties derive title from the same origin. The appellee claims an interest in them as tenant in common with the appellants, under... Most Relevant Cases  
Cramer v. Bradshaw 10 Johns. 484, Supreme Court of New York (October 01, 1813) 1813 Where by a bill of sale, B. granted, bargained and sold, a negro woman slave named, &c. being of sound wind and limb, and free from all disease, it was held that these were not words of description, but an averment of a fact, and amounted to an express covenant, or warranty, as to the soundness of the slave. THIS was an action of covenant. The... Most Relevant Cases  
Dunbar v. Williams 10 Johns. 249, Supreme Court of New York (May 01, 1813) 1813 No action lies by a physician for medicine administered to, and attendance on, a slave, without the knowledge or request of the master, in a case not requiring instant and immediate assistance. But it seems, that if medical, or other assistance be rendered to a slave, in a case of such pressing necessity as not to admit of a previous application to... Most Relevant Cases  
Eastland v. Jordan 3 Bibb 186, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (October 12, 1813) 1813 SUSANNAH LIGHTFOOT, being the owner of a negro boy, Moses, transferred him to Jordan by deed, in trust, that the proceeds of his hire should be applied to the maintenance of Goodrich Lightfoot, during his life. Some time thereafter, Eastland obtained a judgment and sued out a fieri facias against the estate of Goodrich Lightfoot. By this execution... Most Relevant Cases  
Edwards v. McConnel 3 Tenn. 305, Supreme Court of Errors and Appeals of Tennessee (January 01, 1813) 1813 On the first impression the Court entertained no doubt of the correctness of the opinion of the circuit judge in relation to the record, because we conceived that the jury could not be misled by it, as the main point of the charge was correct, viz., that a child born after the mother's freedom commenced was free. But on further argument and more... Most Relevant Cases  
Ewing v. Beauchamp 3 Bibb 41, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (May 24, 1813) 1813 BEAUCHAMP, on the 26th of February, 1795, executed to Ewing the following writing obligatory, to-wit: Whereas I have bargained and sold to Charles Ewing a negro fellow, to be paid to him next fall, this shall oblige me to pay to him or his order forty shillings per month in cash for every month said negro, or a good hand in his room, shall... Most Relevant Cases  
Faber v. Baldrick 1 Tread. 374, Constitutional Court of Appeals of South Carolina (May 01, 1813) 1813 A motion for a new trial is made in this case, on the following grounds, viz. 1st, That the plaintiff's case rested upon the uncorroborated evidence of one witness, who testified positively to a fact which occurred nearly thirty years ago, when the witness was a girl, viz. to the sale and delivery of the mother of the negroes in dispute; whereas... Most Relevant Cases  
Field v. Beeler 3 Bibb 18, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (April 27, 1813) 1813 FIELD having become indebted to Sturgus, delivered to him a negro girl as a pledge for the payment of the sum due, and executed to Sturgus an absolute bill of sale, taking at the same time an instrument of writing from him showing that the girl was redeemable at any time upon the payment of the amount due. Sometime after Sturgus became desirous of... Most Relevant Cases  
Fitzhugh's Adm'x v. Beale 4 Munf. 186, Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia (January 28, 1813) 1813 1. In detinue for a slave, the plaintiff proved that the defendant (whose wife was entitled to the slave in question, as part of her dower of the estate of a former husband) had given said slave to the plaintiff's wife when a feme sole, upon condition that her brothers (in whom the reversionary interest was) would join in a deed conveying to her... Most Relevant Cases  
Gatewood v. Tunk 3 Bibb 246, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (December 10, 1813) 1813 THIS is an action of detinue brought to recover a negro boy named Fayette, by Alse Tunk, the defendant in error, against the plaintiff Gatewood. Non detinet was pleaded and verdict and judgment obtained by Tunk. A motion was made for a new trial, but overruled by the Court. If persons are married by a minister, that the license was obtained from an... Most Relevant Cases  
Keen v. Macey 3 Bibb 39, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (May 24, 1813) 1813 CORNELIUS DUVAL executed a bill of sale, disposing of certain negroes, of which he was the rightful owner, to his daughter Esther West, during her natural life, and after her decease to be equally divided between such of her children as might be then living. Esther West died, leaving Vandever West, one of the appellants, and the wife of Keen, two... Most Relevant Cases  
Kent v. Armistead 4 Munf. 72, Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia (March 20, 1813) 1813 1. A declaration in detinue, for a slave, is insufficient to support the action, if it omit to state that the slave in question belonged to, or was the property of, the plaintiff: and such defect is not cured by verdict. In this case the declaration was in the following words: The district composed of Richmond, Westmoreland, Lancaster and... Most Relevant Cases  
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