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Kirkpatrick v. Cisna 3 Bibb 244, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (December 10, 1813) 1813 THIS was an action of detinue for the recovery of a negro. The plaintiff derived his right under the sale of a supposed agent of an administratrix. To prove the agency, he introduced the agent himself, who deposed to his authority to sell by a letter from the administratrix, which had been accidently lost or mislaid; and that he sold to the... Most Relevant Cases  
Lequeux v. Oliver 3 Des. 535, Court of Appeals of Equity of South Carolina (February 01, 1813) 1813 THIS is a bill filed to set up a bond and mortgage alledged to have been given by the defendant, Oliver, to the deceased Mr. Addison, and lost by him in his lifetime- The bond is stated to have been dated on the 1st of May, 1805, and conditioned to pay the sum of $3400. The mortgage of the same date for nine negroes, to secure the debt. The answer... Most Relevant Cases  
Mann v. Parker 2 Mur. 262, Supreme Court of North Carolina (June 01, 1813) 1813 In this case, the Plaintiff was entitled to a verdict, if the evidence was sufficient to satisfy the Jury that the Defendant knew of the defect or unsoundness of the negro child and failed to disclose it; or the defect was apparent to a common observer and no artifice used to conceal it. The Jury have found for the Defendant, and the Plaintiff asks... Most Relevant Cases  
Marshall v. Lester 2 Mur. 227, Supreme Court of North Carolina (January 01, 1813) 1813 The question is whether two judgments rendered by a Justice of the Peace really had that character at the time this action was commenced. The law gives to every person the right of appealing from the judgment of a tain in their possession the negro which they had taken. Justice, upon praying it and giving security. This was done in the case of... Most Relevant Cases  
Park v. Willis 2 Cranch C.C. 83, Circuit Court, District of Columbia (November 01, 1813) 1813 This was an action on the case founded upon the Virginia laws of December 17, 1792, p. 192, § 50, and January 25, 1798, p. 374, §§ 6, 7; by the first of which it is enacted that no master of a vessel shall transport out of the commonwealth any servant or slave without the consent or permission of the person to whom such servant or... Most Relevant Cases  
Richardson v. Brown 3 Bibb 207, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (October 26, 1813) 1813 ON the 24th of October, 1808, Riddle executed to Brown a writing under seal, whereby he acknowledged to have borrowed of him $200, and agreed to deliver to him a negro boy, to be kept for the use of said money and as a security for its repayment. Riddle having departed this life, Brown filed his bill in chancery, upon the above mentioned agreement,... Most Relevant Cases  
Rogers' Ex'rs v. Berry 10 Johns. 132, Supreme Court of New York (May 01, 1813) 1813 A manumission of a slave by an infant, though done with the approbation and consent of his guardian, is voidable; but the manumission, though defeasible, being, in the mean time, valid, the slave so manumitted is a competent witness. The power of the infant to revoke the gift on coming of age, is an objection to the credit of the witness only. THIS... Most Relevant Cases  
State v. Flowers 2 Mur. 225, Supreme Court of North Carolina (January 01, 1813) 1813 The principle has long been settled, that an indictment for a trespass in taking property, can be supported only in those instances where the act of taking has been accompanied with force, or where it is done manu forti. The evidence disclosed to support this indictment, states that the negro charged to have been taken, was found on the land of the... Most Relevant Cases  
Stephenson v. Stephenson 3 Bibb 15, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (April 21, 1813) 1813 THIS is a suit in chancery, brought by the appellees, to recover of the appellant their respective proportions in certain slaves, which they allege were purchased in trust for them. The appellant in his answer denies that the purchase was made for the benefit of the appellees. J. S. purchased a slave with the funds belonging to himself and... Most Relevant Cases  
Stewart v. Oakes 5 H. & J. 107, Court of Appeals of Maryland (December 01, 1813) 1813 (b). Stewart vs. Oakes Court of Appeals, December Term, 1813. It was an appeal from the Court of Oyer and Terminer, &c. for Baltimore county, from a judgment rendered in that court on a petition preferred by the present appellee, claiming his freedom because of his having been removed by the defendant, (the appellant,) from this state into the... Most Relevant Cases  
Stump v. Roberts Brunn.Coll.C. 224, Circuit Court, D Tennessee (January 01, 1813) 1813 This was an action of trover to recover the value of a negro man named Dave. It appeared in evidence that the negro in question had been purchased by the plaintiff of William Roberts, one of the defendant's sons, who had executed to the plaintiff a bill of sale therefor. Whereupon the defendant introduced the son to prove that Dave was the property... Most Relevant Cases  
The Caroline 7 Cranch 496, Supreme Court of the United States (February 24, 1813) 1813 ERROR to the Circuit Court for the district of South Carolina, in a case of seizure for violation of the acts of Congress respecting the slave trade. The libel was in the words following: At a special district Court for South Carolina district, Be it remembered, That on the ___ day of _____ in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and... Most Relevant Cases  
U S v. Bruce 2 Cranch C.C. 95, Circuit Court, District of Columbia (December 01, 1813) 1813 Indictment under the statute of Maryland, 1751, c. 14, for conspiring with Negro Charles to burn Mrs. Love's house, Charles having been convicted and pardoned. United States v. Charles [Case No. 14,786]. The indictment charged the defendant [Jacob Bruce] as a slave. The statute makes it a capital offence. Most Relevant Cases  
Almeida v. Certain Slaves 5 Hall L.J. 459, District Court, D South Carolina (July 01, 1814) 1814 Libel by Joseph Almeida, captain of the American privateer schooner Caroline, against certain slaves. Dismissed. Most Relevant Cases  
Babcock v. Stanley 11 Johns. 178, Supreme Court of New York (January 01, 1814) 1814 In order to maintain an action for the price of service of a chattel, the plaintiff must show a delivery, or offer to deliver. Whether a parol agreement to sell or let the services of a negro slave, is a sale of goods, within the statute of frauds? dubitatur. IN ERROR, on certiorari, from a justice's court. Stanley brought an action against... Most Relevant Cases  
Boatright v. Meggs 4 Munf. 145, Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia (January 21, 1814) 1814 The court perceives no error in the instructions to the jury in either of the bills of exceptions mentioned. The jury having found for the plaintiff the slaves in the declaration mentioned, the misnomer of Nelly in the recital of their names in the verdict is not material, nor is the verdict repugnant, or contradictory to any fact previously... Most Relevant Cases  
Brown's Adm'rs v. Langford's Adm'rs 3 Bibb 497, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (November 23, 1814) 1814 ON the 17th of November, 1793, Elizabeth Brown and Stephen Langford entered into articles, signed and sealed by each of them, whereby the latter, in consideration of the services of the former, and for the use of certain slaves and other property therein specified, covenanted to pay to her annually the sum of 100l. and to deliver the slaves and... Most Relevant Cases  
Bruce's Adm'rs v. Smith 3 H. & J. 499, Court of Appeals of Maryland (December 01, 1814) 1814 A bill of sale executed by C B to C S, both of Washington county, in the district of Columbia, on the 26th of December 1804, for sundry slaves, to secure the payment of a debt due to C J, and acknowledged on the same day before two justices of the peace of that county. and recorded on the 10th of January 1805 in the records of said county--Held,... Most Relevant Cases  
Buckner v. Cotrell 3 Bibb 257, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (April 06, 1814) 1814 THIS action was brought by Buckner in the Court below to recover the amount of an obligation executed to him by Jacob Jones, a negro slave, and Thomas Cotrell his security. This suit was discontinued as to Jones; Cotrell pleaded that Jones, the principal, was a negro slave, the property of Betsey Buckner, for whom the plaintiff was guardian,... Most Relevant Cases  
Butt v. Rachel 4 Munf. 209, Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia (March 05, 1814) 1814 1. A native American Indian, brought into Virginia since the year 1691, could not lawfully be held in slavery here; notwithstanding such Indian was a slave in the country from which he or she was brought. THIS was a suit for freedom, by the appellees against the appellant, in the Superior Court of law for Norfolk county. At the trial, the defendant... Most Relevant Cases  
Caesar v. Peabody 11 Johns. 68, Supreme Court of New York (January 01, 1814) 1814 Where a slave, brought into this state, was sold at a sheriff's sale, under a fi. fa. against the estate of his master, and the purchaser, afterwards, sold him at private sale, it was held that the first sale was valid, but the second, being a voluntary sale, was void, as against the act. (1 N. R. L. 201.) A MOTION was made for a mandamus in this... Most Relevant Cases  
Cassou v. Blanque 3 Mart.(o.s.) 390, Supreme Court of Louisiana (July 01, 1814) 1814 The appellant is a married woman, separated of bed and board from her husband. She had brought in marriage a sum of money and two slaves, who, by the stipulations of the marriage contract, became the property of the husband. One of the slaves, named Rosette, was by him sold; the other, named Cité, he exchanged for another slave named Laguerre,... Most Relevant Cases  
Clayton v. Banks 1 Del.Cas. 520, Court of Common Pleas of Delaware (December 03, 1814) 1814 Plaintiff deduced his title to this Negro from, first, Register, second, assigned to Ford, third, himself, and in his petition prayed that as the Negro had run away and stayed until his term of service expired, the Court would now adjudge him to serve for the time lost and petitioner's expenses in recovering him. Brinckle moved for a warrant in the... Most Relevant Cases  
Commonwealth ex rel. Jesse v. Craig Supreme Court of Pennsylvania (January 01, 1814) 1814 If it do not appear whether or not a registry of a negro child under the act of 29th March 1788, was made within six months from the birth of the child, the registry is not good. Quere? Whether such defect may be supplied by parol proof. THIS was a habeas corpus issued from the Common Pleas of Allegheny county, and brought before this court by... Most Relevant Cases  
Commonwealth ex rel. Lewis v. Holloway 6 Binn. 213, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania (January 01, 1814) 1814 The domestic slave of a member of congress from South Carolina, who during the recess of congress attends the family of his master in this state, where it had taken a temporary residence, does not acquire freedom by being retained in the state longer than six months. THIS was a habeas corpus to the jailer of Philadelphia county, to bring up the... Most Relevant Cases  
Commonwealth ex rel. Stephens v. Clements 6 Binn. 206, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania (January 01, 1814) 1814 An indenture of service made by a feme covert slave, in consideration of her manumission, is good. THIS was a habeas corpus issued to Joseph Clements, to bring up the body of Susan Stephens, in his custody, together with the cause of her detainer. The defendant made return, that he held her as a servant by indenture dated the 3d September 1813, by... Most Relevant Cases  
Curtis v. Hartsfield 4 N.C. 114, Supreme Court of North Carolina (January 01, 1814) 1814 Where an administrator sells at vendue a slave, as the property of his intestate, and recovers judgment on the bond given for the purchase money, and the son of the intestate, claiming the slave by gift from his father, threatens to sue him for it; equity will prevent the suit by injuction, as the parties are now all before the court and full... Most Relevant Cases  
Delany v. Vaughn 3 Bibb 379, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (July 11, 1814) 1814 DELANY purchased of Vaughn a negro woman, at the price of $350, paid $200 down and promised to pay the residue. To recover the residue Vaughn brought this suit in the Court below. Non-assumpsit was pleaded, and issue joined thereon. On the trial in that Court, Delany urged as a defense to the action the commission of a fraud by Vaughn in the sale... Most Relevant Cases  
Dickey v. United Ins. Co. 11 Johns. 358, Court for the Correction of Errors of New York (January 01, 1814) 1814 Insurance on vessel and cargo, at and from St. Bartholomew's to Havanna. The insurers were informed, that the vessel would have some negroes on board, bound to the Havanna, and that the cargo consisted of soap, wine, &c., and the policy contained a warranty, free from loss, if not permitted to entry, in consequence of having... Most Relevant Cases  
Emanuel v. Ball 2 Cranch C.C. 101, Circuit Court, District of Columbia (June 01, 1814) 1814 This was a petition for freedom [by the negro Emanuel against Henry W. Ball]. The petitioner was permitted to come from Virginia, to the city of Washington to see his wife, and to return by a certain day; but he stayed some months longer, and was taken up in Washington, by an agent of his owner, but escaped and eloped, and the agent sold him to the... Most Relevant Cases  
Garey v. Johnson 2 Cranch C.C. 107, Circuit Court, District of Columbia (December 01, 1814) 1814 Trespass vi et armis for beating the plaintiff's slave. Most Relevant Cases  
Gelston v. Russell 11 Johns. 415, Supreme Court of New York (January 01, 1814) 1814 L., in the revolutionary war, left his property and family in this state, and went to Canada, where he resided until his death, about the year 1801. Among the property of L. left with his family, was a female slave, who had a son born, named P.; and J., the eldest son of L., had the management of his father's estate, after he went away. In 1798,... Most Relevant Cases  
Jones v. Langhorne 3 Bibb 453, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (October 14, 1814) 1814 JONES the appellant, exhibited his bill praying the cancelment of a deed of trust which he had executed to the appellee, and for the restoration of certain slaves mentioned in said deed. Complainant before he can obtain aid from a Court of Equity, must show that he has offered to do equity. Slaves conveyed in trust are subject to execution for the... Most Relevant Cases  
Lacy v. Wilson 4 Munf. 313, Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia (December 15, 1814) 1814 1. A deed claring a loan of a slave from a father to his daughter during her life, and a gift to her children after her death, (being admitted to record on proof by one witness only,) is not good against her husband's creditors, or purchasers from him, without notice of such deed; possession of such slave having remained with the husband for five... Most Relevant Cases  
Lewis v. Cooper 3 Tenn. 467, Supreme Court of Errors and Appeals of Tennessee (January 01, 1814) 1814 Lewis filed this bill to be relieved against a judgment recovered by Flynn for the use of Cooper. The ground upon which relief is sought is a want of consideration for the bond. The substance of the case appears from the bill, answer, and proof, to be that Lewis sold to one M'Adam a negro girl named Dilce, and that he executed to M'Adam a bill of... Most Relevant Cases  
Mansell's Adm'r v. Israel 3 Bibb 510, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (December 06, 1814) 1814 THIS was an action of detinue, brought by Israel against Price, as administrator of Mansell, for sundry slaves. The declaration alleges an illegal and tortious taking of the slaves by the intestate, and a detention by him in his life and by the defendant as administrator since his death. Detinue will lie against an executor or adm'r for property... Most Relevant Cases  
Mason v. Mason's Ex'rs 3 Bibb 448, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (October 12, 1814) 1814 CHARLES MASON, in 1804, made his will, and after directing his debts and funeral expenses to be paid, bequeathed to his wife Polly Mason 1500 pounds, his black mere and his household furniture; and by a further bequest ordered that all his slaves, fifteen in number, should be hired out until the sum given to his wife should be raised, after the... Most Relevant Cases  
Meunier v. Duperron 3 Mart.(o.s.) 285, Supreme Court of Louisiana (April 01, 1814) 1814 The plaintiff having, at the instigation of the defendant, arrested a free negro woman, and shipped her off, was prosecuted, found guilty, fined, imprisoned, and condemned to heavy damages. Having suffered the imprisonment, and paid the fine and damages, he brought the present action to compel the plaintiff to indemnify him, or pay his proportion... Most Relevant Cases  
Morton v. Israel 3 Bibb 517, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (December 06, 1814) 1814 THIS was an action of detinue for a slave. The declaration is not liable to the objections taken to the declaration in the case of Price v. Israel, but it is furthermore objectionable in not alleging either property or possession in the plaintiff. It avers indeed that the plaintiff was in right of his wife possessed of the mother of the slave in... Most Relevant Cases  
Nesmieth v. Bowler 3 Bibb 487, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (October 24, 1814) 1814 THIS was a bill in chancery with injunction to restrain the sheriff from selling a slave taken under a fieri facias, the property of which slave the complainant alleges he had acquired by purchase from the defendant in the execution previous to its emanation. A bill in equity to restrain a sheriff from selling a slave taken in execution will not... Most Relevant Cases  
Ogden v. Blackman 3 Mart.(o.s.) 305, Supreme Court of Louisiana (June 01, 1814) 1814 This is an appeal from a judgment rendered, in this cause, by the Court of the First District, by which an injunction, previously granted by the judge of that district, is dissolved, and made null and void. It is stated by the appellant, who was plaintiff in the court below, in the petition, that a trial and condemnation of his slave was had before... Most Relevant Cases  
Pradiere v. Combe 2 Tread. 625, Constitutional Court of Appeals of South Carolina (January 01, 1814) 1814 This was an action of trover to recover a negro man, named Louis. The only exception taken by defendant is, that a witness, Mr. Dela Lande, had not proved the hand-writing of defendant to a certain deed of defeasance, the witness having said that he had been acquainted with the writing of Mr. Dela Combe, and believed the signature shewn to him to... Most Relevant Cases  
Price v. Israel 3 Bibb 516, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (December 06, 1814) 1814 THIS was an action of detinue brought by Israel against Price for a slave. The declaration is not only objectionable because it alleges a tortious taking by Mansell, but it is equally so in alleging a detention by him as well as by the defendant. The defendant in this case is not charged in the character of administrator or representative of... Most Relevant Cases  
Pye v. Wood 3 H. & J. 504, Court of Appeals of Maryland (December 01, 1814) 1814 In an action on a replevin bond, executed on suing out a writ of replevin for negro slaves, which writ was non prossed, and the plaintiffs here were kept out of the negroes from May 1804 to March 1805. The defendant in or der to shew the declarations of the plaintiff, that the alaves were of ittle or no value, offered to ask a witness the following... Most Relevant Cases  
Redwood v. Riddick 4 Munf. 222, Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia (March 18, 1814) 1814 1. If a widow executrix purchase slaves for the estate of her husband, by his direction, with money left by him for that purpose; but afterwards hold them as her own, and apply their profits to her own use; she is to be considered a trustee for the benefit of his estate, and responsible, in equity but not at law, to his legatees. 2. And, if she... Most Relevant Cases  
Richardson ads. Mccray 1 Tread. 472, Constitutional Court of Appeals of South Carolina (November 01, 1814) 1814 This doctrine would be monstrous. In the first place, the defendant was not liable for the expenses attendant on the prosecution of his negro for a public offence; and secondly, because it would thwart every principle of law, to make him so upon the mere act of the plaintiff. No man can, by a voluntary payment of the debt of another, make himself... Most Relevant Cases  
Settle v. Wordlaw 4 N.C. 40, Supreme Court of North Carolina (January 01, 1814) 1814 From the will referred to in this case, it appears, the testator devised to his daughter Sarah a negro girl, Nanny, and to his wife a negro woman, Fanny, the mother of Nanny. By another clause, the testator devises to his daughter Nancy the first child Fanny should have; and in case Fanny has no other child, devises her to Nancy. By a further... Most Relevant Cases  
Sherman v. Russell 4 N.C. 79, Supreme Court of North Carolina (January 01, 1814) 1814 This is an action of detinue to recover a slave which the plaintiff bought at a sale, made by a constable, in virtue of an execution against the goods and chattels of Michael Sherman. It appears from the case stated, that the slave in question once belonged to Michael Sherman, who, sometime antecedent to the contracting the debt which it was sold... Most Relevant Cases  
Simmons v. Gird 2 Cranch C.C. 100, Circuit Court, District of Columbia (April 01, 1814) 1814 This was an action by negro Robert Simmons against John Gird. The plaintiff was a slave, brought into Alexandria, whence he sailed on a voyage, and returned to Alexandria, but was not kept therein one whole year together, or so long, at different times, as amounted to one year, unless the time of his sailing on the voyage should be... Most Relevant Cases  
Smith's Ex'rs v. Clay 3 Bibb 272, Court of Appeals of Kentucky (April 11, 1814) 1814 THIS is a bill in chancery, filed by the defendant in error against the plaintiff's intestate to recover of him the amount of a fifty dollar bank note, which is alleged to be a counterfeit, and to have been paid by the plaintiffs' intestate to the defendant in part of the price of a negro boy. The bill charges a promise on the part of the intestate... Most Relevant Cases  
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