Samuel C. Wiel, San Francisco, Cal. MINGLING OF WATERS 29 Harvard Law Review 137 (December, 1915) RIVERS are sometimes artificially joined by building a conduit near the head of one of them and conducting its flow across the divide into the other. A mill situated upon the divide and run by water power will serve as an illustration, although the situation arises more commonly in irrigation projects, mining enterprises, and the establishment of... 1915
  WATER-RIGHTS - COVENANTS RUNNING WITH THE LAND 3 Harvard Law Review 234 (December 15, 1889) A number of lots on the west side of a river were supplied with water for manufacturing purposes through Brown's race. These lots were owned by different persons who were entitled in severalty to the use of the water in the race. These owners banded together to purchase a lot On the cast side of the river, and made an agreement which showed... 1889
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