Walter G. Johnson, M.S.T.P. BLOCKCHAIN MEETS GENOMICS: GOVERNANCE CONSIDERATIONS FOR PROMOTING FOOD SAFETY AND PUBLIC HEALTH 15 Journal of Food Law & Policy 74 (Spring, 2019) Foodborne illness remains an ongoing public health challenge in both the developing and industrialized worlds. In the United States, almost 50 million reported cases of infectious disease occur every year from a food product, resulting in substantial morbidity and mortality with economic burdens to health care and productivity. Despite recognition... 2019
Robert W. Adler COEVOLUTION OF LAW AND SCIENCE: A CLEAN WATER ACT CASE STUDY 44 Columbia Journal of Environmental Law 1 (January 17, 2019) I. Introduction. 2 A. Science and Regulation. 2 B. Competing Models of Science and Regulation. 5 II. The Role of Biological Water Quality Criteria (Biocriteria) in the Clean Water Act. 10 A. The Statutory Background. 10 1. CWA Statutory Objective and Subsidiary Goals. 11 2. The Qualified Discharge Ban. 12 B. Water Quality Standards. 15 1. Water... 2019
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Dr. Frankie Griffin, M.D., J.D. SOCIAL DETERMINANTS OF HEALTH AND THE LAW: MUNICIPALITIES' SUPERSONIC WATER BILLING CYCLES ENDANGER ARKANSANS' HEALTH 54-WTR Arkansas Lawyer 40 (Winter, 2019) Imagine arriving home from Arkansas Children's Hospital (ACH) on a Saturday afternoon with your child fresh from a major heart surgery requiring access to water for urgent hydration, postoperative wound care, and toileting, only to find that your family's water had been shut off without your knowledge while you were at ACH with your child--even... 2019
Jeanne M. Woods , Sarah M. Lambert THE COLLAPSE OF DEMOCRACY: THE FLINT WATER CRISIS FROM A HUMAN RIGHTS PERSPECTIVE 20 Loyola Journal of Public Interest Law 177 (Spring, 2019) INTRODUCTION A. The Disenfranchisement B. The Water Crisis I. The Treaty Obligations of the United States: The Right to Democracy A. The Inter-American System B. The ICCPR II. Regional Customary Law III. Other Human Rights Abridged by the Violation of the Right to Democracy IV. Evolutive Human Rights Law: Analyzing the Flint Water Crisis in the... 2019
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Emily M. Broad Leib, Margot J. Pollans THE NEW FOOD SAFETY 107 California Law Review 1173 (August, 2019) A safe food supply is essential for a healthy society. Our food system is replete with different types of risk, yet food safety is often narrowly understood as encompassing only foodborne illness and other risks related directly to food ingestion. This Article argues for a more comprehensive definition of food safety, one that includes not just... 2019
Leigh S. Barton WATER IS POWER: AN ANALYSIS OF CITIES' POWER TO PROCURE MUNICIPAL WATER SUPPLIES 42-SPG Environs Environmental Law and Policy Journal 95 (Spring, 2019) How powerful are U.S. cities? This question forms the basis of a massive debate in the urban law and policy field. Some believe that cities are, or at least have the potential to be, extremely powerful. Others believe that cities are completely powerless. This paper seeks to contribute towards the assertion that cities are in fact powerful.... 2019
Chan Tov McNamarah WHITE CALLER CRIME: RACIALIZED POLICE COMMUNICATION AND EXISTING WHILE BLACK 24 Michigan Journal of Race and Law 335 (Spring, 2019) Over the past year, reports to the police about Black persons engaged in innocuous behaviors have bombarded the American consciousness. What do we make of them? And, equally important, what are the consequences of such reports? This Article is the first to argue that the recent spike in calls to the police against Black persons who are simply... 2019
Andrew R. Highsmith A POISONOUS HARVEST: RACE, INEQUALITY, AND THE LONG HISTORY OF THE FLINT WATER CRISIS 18 Journal of Law in Society 121 (Fall, 2018) Table of Contents Abstract. 121 I. Introduction. 122 II. A Segregated Metropolis. 126 III. Deindustrialization and Metropolitan Fragmentation. 131 IV. STARVING THE CITY. 136 V. Conclusion. 139 2018
Jonathan Brown BEYOND CORPORATE FORM: A RESPONSE TO DAN DEPASQUALE, SURBHI SARANG, AND NATALIE BUMP VENA'S FORGING FOOD JUSTICE THROUGH COOPERATIVES IN NEW YORK CITY 45 Fordham Urban Law Journal 1121 (May, 2018) Introduction. 1121 I. Distinguishing and Categorizing Policy Objectives and Types of Cooperatives. 1122 II. The Limitations of Legal Forms. 1124 A. New York Cooperative Corporation Law. 1125 B. The Risk of Making Policy Based on Cooperatives as a Legal Form. 1127 III. Beyond Cooperatives: The Role of Other Enterprise Models. 1130 A. The Unique... 2018
Camille Pannu BRIDGING THE SAFE DRINKING WATER GAP FOR CALIFORNIA'S RURAL POOR 24 Hastings Environmental Law Journal 253 (Summer, 2018) Spurred by decades of inaction and continued exposure to unsafe drinking water, community leaders from California's disadvantaged communities (DACs) advocated for the creation of a human right to water under state law. Shortly thereafter, the California Legislature put forward a bond to finance much needed water infrastructure improvements and... 2018
Tamar Meshel ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE IN THE UNITED STATES: THE HUMAN RIGHT TO WATER 8 Washington Journal of Environmental Law & Policy 264 (July, 2018) Many low-income communities, communities of color, and indigenous communities in the United States are suffering from unequal access to safe and affordable water. This is partially the result of an ineffective and fragmented legal framework governing water issues in the country. In addition, the notion of a human right to water and sanitation,... 2018
William H. Goodman FLINT, WATER AND RACE: PROVING RACIAL INTENT IN THE FLINT WATER CRISIS 18 Journal of Law in Society 142 (Fall, 2018) The State of Michigan, its governor, and his agents poisoned an entire city, Flint Michigan, purportedly to save money. Certainly, such misconduct - deliberately inflicting appalling injury on an entire community, in particular its children - implicates the constitutional rights of those people, in particular, their rights under the Fourteenth... 2018
Baylen J. Linnekin FOOD LAW GONE WILD: THE LAW OF FORAGING 45 Fordham Urban Law Journal 995 (May, 2018) I tend to believe that most laws limiting foraging manifest a conscious or unconscious racial or class bias, although not everyone agrees with me. --Professor Karl Jacoby C1-2Table of Contents Introduction. 996 I. Foraging in America Today. 999 A. What Is (and Isn't) Foraging?. 999 B. Foraging Is a Growing Trend in America. 1000 C. Who Forages in... 2018
Dan DePasquale , Surbhi Sarang , Natalie Bump Vena FORGING FOOD JUSTICE THROUGH COOPERATIVES IN NEW YORK CITY 45 Fordham Urban Law Journal 909 (May, 2018) Introduction. 910 I. The Unsustainable, Inequitable State of the United States Food System. 912 A. Inequity in Food Access. 912 B. Employment Conditions in the Food System. 914 C. Environmental Impacts of the Food System. 915 II. Food Justice. 915 III. Cooperatives and Food Justice. 918 A. History of Cooperatives in the United States. 919 B. How... 2018
Jason Robison , Barbara Cosens , Sue Jackson , Kelsey Leonard , Daniel McCool INDIGENOUS WATER JUSTICE 22 Lewis & Clark Law Review 841 (2018) Indigenous Peoples are struggling for water justice across the globe. These struggles stem from centuries-long, ongoing colonial legacies and hold profound significance for Indigenous Peoples' socioeconomic development, cultural identity, and political autonomy and external relations within nation-states. Ultimately, Indigenous Peoples' right to... 2018
K. Sabeel Rahman INFRASTRUCTURAL EXCLUSION AND THE FIGHT FOR THE CITY: POWER, DEMOCRACY, AND THE CASE OF AMERICA'S WATER CRISIS 53 Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review 533 (Fall, 2018) C1-2Table of Contents Introduction. 533 I. Infrastructural exclusion. 536 A. The Flint water crisis. 536 B. Mechanisms of infrastructural exclusion. 538 II. Toward a political theory of infrastructure: Power, democracy, and the public utility tradition. 541 III. Constructing inclusive infrastructure: water and beyond. 547 A. Mandating water equity.... 2018
Nathan A. Rosenberg , Nevin Cohen LET THEM EAT KALE: THE MISPLACED NARRATIVE OF FOOD ACCESS 45 Fordham Urban Law Journal 1091 (May, 2018) Introduction. 1092 I. The Food Access Narrative. 1093 A. Third Way Politics and Food Access. 1094 B. The Emergence of Food Access in the United States. 1097 C. Municipal Politics and Food Access. 1099 D. Food Access and the Obesity Epidemic. 1100 II. Food Access Policies. 1101 A. The Retail Initiative. 1102 B. State and Local Fresh Food Financing... 2018
Alfredo Tigerino SATIATING FOOD INSECURE COLLEGE STUDENTS. RESTOCKING THE SHELVES BY EXPANDING POLICIES IN CALIFORNIA'S LEGISLATION 24 Journal of Law, Business & Ethics 105 (Winter, 2018) Contents I. Introduction. 106 II. Definition of Food and Sustainably Grown Foods. 107 III. Fruitless Efforts to Eradicate Food Insecurity. 108 A. Food Insecurity. 108 B. Food Insecurity in California Colleges and Universities Harms Students' Education. 110 C. Legal Authority in Addressing Food Insecurity. 111 D. Federal Efforts in Addressing Food... 2018
Nicholas Freudenberg , Nevin Cohen , Janet Poppendieck , Craig Willingham TEN YEARS OF FOOD POLICY GOVERNANCE IN NEW YORK CITY: LESSONS FOR THE NEXT DECADE 45 Fordham Urban Law Journal 951 (May, 2018) Introduction. 952 I. Food Policy Governance Standards. 955 II. Food Policy in New York City Since 2008. 959 A. Food Standards and Food Policy Coordinator. 969 B. Food Retail Expansion to Support Health (FRESH). 972 C. Changes in SNAP Enrollment and Outreach. 975 D. Universal Free Lunch. 976 E. Portion Cap Limitation. 977 III. An Assessment of... 2018
Jeff Wright, CEO Karegnondi Water Authority THE FLINT WATER CRISIS, DWSD, AND GLWA: MONOPOLY, PRICE GOUGING, CORRUPTION, AND THE POISONING OF A CITY 18 Journal of Law in Society 53 (Fall, 2018) MICHIGAN CIVIL RIGHTS COMMISSION-FLINT WATER CRISIS COMMITTEE November 22, 2016 Much has been said about the Flint Water Crisis, the causes, the effects, who is responsible, and what should be done about it now. Many have been blamed... Governor Rick Snyder; former State Treasurer Andy Dillon; Emergency Managers Ed Kurtz, Mike Brown, Darnell... 2018
Peter J. Hammer THE FLINT WATER CRISIS, KWA AND STRATEGIC-STRUCTURAL RACISM 18 Journal of Law in Society 1 (Fall, 2018) Written Testimony Submitted to the Michigan Civil Rights Commission Hearings on the Flint Water Crisis July 18, 2016 C1-2Table of Contents I. Flint, Municipal Distress, Emergency Management and Strategic-Structural Racism. 2 A. What is structural and strategic racism?. 2 B. Knowledge, power, emergency management and race. 4 C. Flint from a... 2018
Peter J. Hammer THE FLINT WATER CRISIS, KWA AND STRATEGIC-STRUCTURAL RACISM: A REPLY TO JEFF WRIGHT, GENESEE COUNTY DRAIN COMMISSIONER AND CEO KAREGNONDI WATER AUTHORITY 18 Journal of Law in Society 83 (Fall, 2018) Written Testimony Submitted to the Michigan Civil Rights Commission Hearings on the Flint Water Crisis December 31, 2016 C1-2Table of Contents I. Introduction. 84 II. Motive. 84 III. Methodology. 85 IV. Water Rates 101: A Guide to Flint's Spiraling Rate Increases. 88 V. A Reply to Mr. Wright's testimony. 91 A. KWA maintained an inappropriately... 2018
Report of the Michigan Civil Rights Commission THE FLINT WATER CRISIS: SYSTEMIC RACISM THROUGH THE LENS OF FLINT: REPORT OF THE MICHIGAN CIVIL RIGHTS COMMISSION, FEBRUARY 17, 2017 18 Journal of Law in Society 115 (Fall, 2018) In January 2016, a series of states of emergency for the city of Flint were declared by the Mayor, the Governor and even the President. These declarations turned the attention of the state and nation to the Flint water crisis. As a result, state, local and federal governments sprang into action. The National Guard was tasked to assist. FEMA sent... 2018
Sydney Donovan, Alexandra Tressler, Michael Larrick THE UNIVERSITY OF DENVER WATER LAW REVIEW ELEVENTH ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM: FORGING SOVEREIGNTY, SELF DETERMINATION, AND SOLIDARITY THROUGH WATER LAW 21 University of Denver Water Law Review 291 (Spring, 2018) Denver, Colorado March 30, 2018 2018
Kyle J. Conway THERE'S SOMETHING IN THE WATER: HOW APATHETIC STATE OFFICIALS LET THE PEOPLE OF FLINT, MICHIGAN DOWN 29 Villanova Environmental Law Journal 57 (2018) In February 2015, a rash appeared on Lee-Anne Walters' children due to bathing in water drawn from the Flint River. The family first began to avoid ingesting the water almost four months prior due to its abnormal qualities--a harsh brown tint and unsettling odors that could not be ignored. After an inspection, the Michigan Department of... 2018
Edwin Lindo , Brenda Williams , Marc-Tizoc González UNCOMPROMISING HUNGER FOR JUSTICE: RESISTANCE, SACRIFICE, AND LATCRIT THEORY 16 Seattle Journal for Social Justice 727 (Spring, 2018) Introduction. 730 I. Brenda Williams, Silence as a Precursor. 732 A. The Frisco 5 Hunger Strike for Justice. 738 B. Collecting the Facts of Injustice in San Francisco. 741 C. From Silence to Action. 744 D. Justicia: From the Background to the Center of Dialogue. 747 II. Edwin Lindo--Justicia y Sacraficio (Justice and Sacrifice). 751 A. Four... 2018
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