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Taa Grays, Clotelle Drakeford, Mirna Santiago, Mishka Woodley , Members of the Task Force on Racism, Social Equity and the Law #METOO: BUILDING INCLUSION TO BREAK DOWN BARRIERS 94-APR New York State Bar Journal 14 (March/April, 2022) The #MeToo movement has had a seismic impact on raising awareness of how women are victimized by more powerful men, particularly in the workplace. Yet, the movement has not effectively served as a platform for women of color who are also victims of sexual harassment. This concept of two different diverse identities not being recognized under the... 2022  
Shayna Medley [MIS]INTERPRETING TITLE IX: HOW OPPONENTS OF TRANSGENDER EQUALITY ARE TWISTING THE MEANING OF SEX DISCRIMINATION IN SCHOOL SPORTS 45 New York University Review of Law and Social Change 673 (2022) Anti-trans advocates have created a smokescreen--painting transgender people as a threat to cisgender women and girls--in order to push their latest legislation targeting trans students' participation in school sports. This Article rebuts the argument that there are competing sex discrimination interests when it comes to school athletics and... 2022  
Jessica Dixon Weaver A CRITICAL RACE THEORY APPROACH TO CHILDREN'S RIGHTS 71 American University Law Review 1855 (June, 2022) This Article uses critical race theory to analyze the impact of corporal punishment and physical child abuse on African American children's rights in the United States. From an international perspective, the banning of corporal punishment is consistent with multidisciplinary research about the negative effects of physical discipline on children.... 2022 African/Black American
Thalia González , Alexis Etow , Cesar De La Vega A HEALTH JUSTICE RESPONSE TO SCHOOL DISCIPLINE AND POLICING 71 American University Law Review 1927 (June, 2022) Inequities in school discipline and policing have been long documented by researchers and advocates. Longitudinal data is clear that Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) students are punished and policed at higher rates than their white classmates. For students who have disabilities, especially those with intersectional identities, the impact... 2022 Multiple Groups
Ande Davis A PREPONDERANCE OF BIAS: WHY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SHOULD BE QUALIFIED IMMUNITY'S FATAL FLAW 61 Washburn Law Journal 565 (Spring, 2022) In the wake of the 2020 police killings of Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky, and George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the public discussion of criminal accountability for law enforcement was accompanied by a related discussion around civil remedies for victims. This secondary discussion brought new public attention to the impediments posed... 2022  
David S. Cohen, Kelcie Ouillette, Jessica Tyrrell ABORTION AT THE CROSSROADS: REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS AND JUSTICE ON THE PRECIPICE OF ROE'S DEMISE 14 Drexel Law Review 787 (2022) Nearly fifty years after the Supreme Court recognized abortion as a constitutional right in the United States, the fate of Roe v. Wade hangs in the balance. This Article, written based on remarks delivered at the end of the Drexel Law Review's October 2021 symposium on COVID-19, reproductive rights, and the law (and thus before the Court's decision... 2022  
Caitlin Ramiro AFTER ATLANTA: REVISITING THE LEGAL SYSTEM'S DEADLY STEREOTYPES OF ASIAN AMERICAN WOMEN 29 Asian American Law Journal 90 (2022) Introduction. 91 I. Stereotypes of Asian American women. 93 A. General Stereotypes of All Asians: The Model Minority and Yellow Peril. 93 B. Sexualized Stereotypes of Asian American Women. 94 1. Lotus Blossom. 95 2. Dragon Lady. 96 a. Popular Cultural Depictions of Dragon Ladies. 96 b. 22 Lewd Chinese Women/Chy Lung v. Freeman. 97 c. Tokyo Rose and... 2022 Asian American
Christopher L. Mathis AN ACCESS AND EQUITY RANKING OF PUBLIC LAW SCHOOLS 74 Rutgers University Law Review 677 (Winter, 2022) Over the past few decades, several comprehensive ranking systems, including the influential U.S. News and World Report's Best Law Schools rankings, have emerged to provide useful information to prospective law students seeking to enroll in law school. These ranking systems have defined what is measured as quality and what outcomes law schools... 2022  
Elizabeth Tobin Tyler BLACK MOTHERS MATTER: THE SOCIAL, POLITICAL AND LEGAL DETERMINANTS OF BLACK MATERNAL HEALTH ACROSS THE LIFESPAN 25 Journal of Health Care Law and Policy 49 (2022) Black maternal health disparities have existed for decades. But with America's recent racial reckoning the public health and medical communities are increasingly focused on understanding the pathways that lead to higher rates of Black maternal morbidity and mortality, and policymakers are exploring legal and policy approaches to reducing... 2022 African/Black American
Mari Cheney , Mandy Lee , Anna Lawless-Collins BOLSTERING THE ASIAN AMERICAN LAW LIBRARY COLLECTION: A COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT GUIDE 114 Law Library Journal 285 (2022) An increase in Asian American hate crimes has compelled law librarians to consider their collection development decisions due to a gap in Asian American law library collections. Guidance for increasing Asian American--related materials, however, is sparse. This article aims to fill this gap by discussing the importance of representation, tips on... 2022 Asian American
Neelam Salman , Golda Philip , Sarah Williams BRIDGING HEALTH EQUITY AND CIVIL RIGHTS: HOW FEDERAL FUNDING AGENCIES CAN REDUCE DISPARITIES AND DISCRIMINATION IN HEALTHCARE USING CIVIL RIGHTS MECHANISMS 21 Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal 1 (Spring, 2022) Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and the most inhuman because it often results in physical death. I see no alternative to direct action [in order to] raise the conscience of the nation. The civil rights movement was a social, legal, and political struggle by communities that are underserved to achieve... 2022  
Kara W. Swanson CENTERING BLACK WOMEN INVENTORS: PASSING AND THE PATENT ARCHIVE 25 Stanford Technology Law Review (2022) (Spring, 2022) This Article uses historical methodology to reframe persistent race and gender gaps in patent rates as archival silences. Gaps are absences, positioning the missing as failed non-participants. By centering Black women inventors and letting the silences fill with whispered stories, this Article upends our understanding of the patent archive as an... 2022 African/Black American
Glenn D. Walters, Department of Criminal Justice, Kutztown University CHANGES IN CRIMINAL THINKING FROM MIDADOLESCENCE TO EARLY ADULTHOOD: DOES TRAJECTORY DIRECTION MATTER? 46 Law and Human Behavior 154 (April, 2022) Objective: Although there is evidence of a strong age--crime relationship, there is little consensus as to why crime peaks in midadolescence and drops off in late adolescence or early adulthood, and there is virtually no information on how age interacts with other crime-related variables such as criminal thinking. The purpose of this study was to... 2022  
Stephanie Bornstein CONFRONTING THE RACIAL PAY GAP 75 Vanderbilt Law Review 1401 (October, 2022) For several decades, a small body of legal scholarship has addressed the gender pay gap, which compares the median full-time earnings of women and men. More recently, legal scholars have begun to address the racial wealth gap, which measures racial disparities in family economic security and wealth accumulation. Yet a crucial component of both the... 2022  
Michael P. Goodyear CULTURE AND FAIR USE 32 Fordham Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Law Journal 334 (Winter, 2022) The intersections of race and copyright have been underexamined in legal scholarship, despite repeated calls for further scrutiny. The scholarship has so far focused primarily on identifying where copyright has fallen short in protecting the creative works of artists of color. This Article, instead, hopes to offer one viable solution for creating... 2022  
Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia , Margaret Hu DECITIZENIZING ASIAN PACIFIC AMERICAN WOMEN 93 University of Colorado Law Review 325 (Winter, 2022) The Page Act of 1875 excluded Asian women immigrants from entering the United States, presuming they were prostitutes. This presumption was tragically replicated in the 2021 Atlanta Massacre of six Asian and Asian American women, reinforcing the same harmful prejudices. This Article seeks to illuminate how the Atlanta Massacre is symbolic of larger... 2022 Asian American
Evan R. Seamone DISABILITY COMPENSATION FOR THE PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPACT OF RACE DISCRIMINATION: LESSONS FROM THE BOARD OF VETERANS' APPEALS 74 Administrative Law Review 309 (Spring, 2022) Introduction. 310 II. VA Disability Compensation Framework. 317 III. Research Methodology. 323 A. The Written VA Appellate Decision as the Unit of Analysis. 323 B. Supervised Machine Learning to Classify Discrimination Cases. 326 C. Study Limitations. 327 IV. Study Results. 329 A. General Trends in Outcomes Across Discrimination Cases. 329 B.... 2022  
Chris Brummer , Leo E. Strine, Jr. DUTY AND DIVERSITY 75 Vanderbilt Law Review 1 (January, 2022) In the wake of the brutal deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, lawmakers and corporate boards from Wall Street to the West Coast have introduced a slew of reforms aimed at increasing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in corporations. Yet the reforms face difficulties ranging from possible constitutional challenges to critical... 2022  
Laura Cahier ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE IN THE UNITED NATIONS HUMAN RIGHTS SYSTEM: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE PROTECTION OF INDIGENOUS WOMEN'S RIGHTS AGAINST ENVIRONMENTAL VIOLENCE 13 George Washington Journal of Energy & Environmental Law 37 (2022) Throughout the world, Indigenous women have denounced the disproportionate effects of environmental destruction, natural resource extraction, land exploitation, or intensive agriculture on every aspect of their lives and integrity, especially when these activities are conducted within or close to the lands and territories that Indigenous peoples... 2022 American Indian/Alaskan Native
Megan Uren EVERY 66 HOURS. DEAD OR DISAPPEARED. A COLONIAL GENDERED LENS ON GENOCIDE: CASE STUDY ON CANADA'S GENOCIDE AGAINST INDIGENOUS WOMEN, GIRLS, AND 2SLGBTQQIA PEOPLE 50 Denver Journal of International Law and Policy 167 (Spring, 2022) Genocide is happening today, and it will be happening tomorrow. It is not yet time to tell volunteers to stop dredging the Red River for dead bodies of Indigenous women and girls nor time for red dresses to stop being hung on the Highway of Tears. There are dead bodies in the water. There are missing bodies who were taken along wooded highways .... 2022 American Indian/Alaskan Native
Patrice Ruane FROM PIN MONEY WORKERS TO ESSENTIAL WORKERS: LESSONS ABOUT WOMEN'S EMPLOYMENT AND THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC FROM THE GREAT DEPRESSION AND THE GREAT RECESSION 29 UCLA Journal of Gender & Law 335 (Summer, 2022) C1-2Table of Contents Introduction. 336 I. The Great Depression. 342 A. Characteristics of the Women's Workforce Before the Great Depression. 343 1. The Image of Working Women. 344 2. Wage and Hour Legislation for Women Before the Great Depression. 348 B. The Employment Landscape During the Great Depression. 354 C. Federal Policy Responses. 357 1.... 2022  
Denisse Córdova Montes, Tamar Ezer, Reem Ali, Kayla Bokzam, Renu Sara Nargund, Megan Norris, Maxwell Zoberman GENDER JUSTICE AND HUMAN RIGHTS SYMPOSIUM HOLISTIC APPROACHES TO GENDER VIOLENCE 30 University of Miami International and Comparative Law Review 217 (Fall, 2022) L1-2Background . L3218 I. Day 1. 222 A. Day 1 Welcome Remarks. 222 B. Introductory Panel. 224 C. Preventing GBV. 228 D. Systemic Accountability for GBV. 232 E. Access to Justice for GBV: How Should we Define Justice?. 237 F. Rethinking Protection to Mitigate GBV: Engaging Survivors and Offenders. 241 G. Day 1 Closing Remarks. 248 II. Day 2. 248 A.... 2022  
I. India Thusi GIRLS, ASSAULTED 116 Northwestern University Law Review 911 (2022) Girls who are incarcerated share a common trait: They have often experienced multiple forms of sexual assault, at the hands of those close to them and at the hands of the state. The #MeToo movement has exposed how powerful people and institutions have facilitated pervasive sexual violence. However, there has been little attention paid to... 2022  
Hannah Haksgaard INCLUDING UNMARRIED WOMEN IN THE HOMESTEAD ACT OF 1862 67 Wayne Law Review 253 (Winter, 2022) 253 I. Introduction. 254 II. The Context for the Debate. 261 A. American Policy on the Distribution of Public Lands. 261 B. Unmarried Women's Legal Rights. 266 III. Congressional Debate Leading to the Homestead Act of 1862. 270 A. The Twenty-Eighth Congress: 1843-1845. 273 B. The Twenty-Ninth Congress: 1845-1847. 273 C. The Thirtieth... 2022  
Leonardo Figueroa Helland INDIGENOUS PATHWAYS BEYOND THE "ANTHROPOCENE": BIOCULTURAL CLIMATE JUSTICE THROUGH DECOLONIZATION AND LAND REMATRIATION 30 New York University Environmental Law Journal 347 (2022) I. The Spiritual Basis of Sacred Indigenous Relations to Land and Mother Earth. 350 II. To Nurture or Destroy Diversity? Indigenous Biocultures vs. Desacralizing Violences. 358 III. A Climate Crisis or a Problem of Colonialism? Defending Mother Earth at a High Cost. 372 IV. The Colonial Traps of Global Environmental Policy. 382 V. The Treacherous... 2022 American Indian/Alaskan Native
Palma Joy Strand, Nicholas A. Mirkay INTEREST CONVERGENCE AND THE RACIAL WEALTH GAP: DEFUSING RACISM'S DIVIDE-AND-CONQUER VIA UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME 110 Kentucky Law Journal 693 (2021-2022) Table of Contents. 693 Introduction. 694 I. Today's Economic Status Quo: Endorsement of Exploitation and Enrichment. 696 A. Rising Economic Inequality and the Tax System. 696 B. Systemic Shifts in Economic Policy and Rising Economic Inequality. 697 C. Racialized Law and Policies and Rising Economic Inequality. 700 II. Closing the Racial Wealth Gap:... 2022  
Bérénice K. Schramm, Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi, Istanbul, Turkey, e-mail: INTERSTELLAR JUSTICE NOW: BACK TO THE FUTURE OF INTERNATIONAL LAW 101 IUS Gentium 71 (2022) In order to reclaim international law's emancipatory potential for better futures, we need to take stock of the ways in which our understanding of time, and of time in international law, has informed the development of the discipline. The movie Interstellar (Nolan, 2014), with its illustration of masculine historicity and feminist... 2022  
Genesis M. Agosto INVOLUNTARY STERILIZATION OF NATIVE AMERICAN WOMEN IN THE UNITED STATES: A LEGAL APPROACH 100 Nebraska Law Review 995 (2022) C1-2TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Introduction. 995 II. Why Native Sterilization Matters. 997 A. Significance. 997 B. Contribution to Scholarship. 1001 III. Legal Context of Native Sterilization. 1002 A. Origins of Eugenic Laws in the United States. 1002 B. Infamous Eugenic Cases. 1003 C. Passage of Laws that Allowed Native Sterilizations. 1007 IV. The... 2022 American Indian/Alaskan Native
Mikaela A. Phillips JUST CAUSE, NOT JUST BECAUSE: A PRO-WORKER REFORM FOR THE EMPLOYMENT LANDSCAPE 170 University of Pennsylvania Law Review Online 90 (2022) The at-will doctrine permits employers to terminate employees at any time for any reason--or no reason at all--so long as it is not an illegal one. This creates a significant power imbalance between employers and employees, chills employee speech regarding unsafe or unlawful workplace conduct, and leaves employees vulnerable to arbitrary and unjust... 2022  
Elaina Erola LEGAL OBSTACLES IN THE EPIDEMIC OF MISSING AND MURDERED INDIGENOUS WOMEN IN THE UNITED STATES 54 Texas Tech Law Review 165 (Winter, 2022) I. Introduction. 165 II. The Jurisdictional Nightmare of Prosecuting Tribal Crimes. 167 III. The Link Between Murder and Human Trafficking. 171 IV. Recent Congressional Acts. 174 V. How the Federal Government Has Failed. 175 VI. How Tribal Courts Have Succeeded. 178 VII. Conclusion. 180 2022 American Indian/Alaskan Native
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