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Jann L. Murray-Garcia, MD, MPH , Victoria Ngo, PhD "I THINK HE'S NICE, EXCEPT HE MIGHT BE MAD ABOUT SOMETHING": CULTURAL HUMILITY AND THE INTERRUPTION OF SCRIPTS OF RACIAL INEQUALITY 25 U.C. Davis Social Justice Law Review 73 (Summer, 2021) I think he's nice, except he might be mad about something. A White-presenting child responds to the question ABC News's John Stossel posed to a group of school-aged children. He shows them enlarged photos of two men, one Black and the other White. What about this guy? Do you think he's nice? Stossel asks about the White man. I think he's... 2021 Most Relevant African/Black American
Leah M. Litman, Melissa Murray, Katherine Shaw A PODCAST OF ONE'S OWN 28 Michigan Journal of Gender & Law 51 (2021) In this short Essay, we discuss the lack of racial and gender diversity on and around the Supreme Court. As we note, the ranks of the Court's Justices and its clerks historically have been dominated by white men. But this homogeneity is not limited to the Court's members or its clerks. As we explain, much of the Court's broader ecosystem suffers... 2021 Most Relevant  
Rangita de Silva de Alwis ADDRESSING ALLYSHIP IN A TIME OF A "THOUSAND PAPERCUTS" 19 Hastings Race and Poverty Law Journal 63 (Winter 2021) In 2020, a team of students in the class on Women, Law and Leadership students interviewed 100 male law students on their philosophy on leadership and conducted several surveys on allyship and subtle bias. Complementing the allyship interviews, the class developed several survey instruments to examine emerging bias protocols and stereotype threats... 2021 Most Relevant  
Ekow N. Yankah AHMAUD ARBERY, RECKLESS RACISM AND HATE CRIMES: RECKLESSNESS AS HATE CRIME ENHANCEMENT 53 Arizona State Law Journal 681 (Summer, 2021) In February 2020, Ahmaud Arbery, a twenty-five-year-old Black jogger in Georgia, was chased down by a group of armed, White men in trucks, trapped, shot, and killed. His killers pursued Arbery because they suspected him--with no evidence whatsoever--of being behind a string of (unreported) neighborhood robberies. Arbery's killers had never seen any... 2021 Most Relevant African/Black American
Laura P. Moyer , John Szmer , Susan Haire , Robert K. Christensen , University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Email: laura.moyer, Funding information, National Science Foundation, Grant/Award Numbers: 1654614, 1654559, 1654697, 1655159 'ALL EYES ARE ON YOU': GENDER, RACE, AND OPINION WRITING ON THE US COURTS OF APPEALS 55 Law and Society Review 452 (September, 2021) Because stereotyping affects individual assessments of ability and because of socializing experiences in the law, we argue that women and judges of color, while well-credentialed, feel pressure to work harder than their white male peers to demonstrate their competence. Using an original dataset of published appellate court opinions from 2008-2016,... 2021 Most Relevant  
Kim Vu-Dinh BLACK LIVELIHOODS MATTER: ACCESS TO CREDIT AS A CIVIL RIGHT AND STRIVING FOR A MORE PERFECT CAPITALISM THROUGH INCLUSIVE ECONOMICS 22 Houston Business and Tax Law Journal 1 (2021) Following the murder of an unarmed African-American male by a white police officer, in 2020 the nation erupted in protest, rallying to the call of Black Lives Matter, shining a light on the systemic racism engendered in American society. While the dialogue on racial inequality often focuses on police brutality and the political rights of African... 2021 Most Relevant African/Black American
Don Corbett CHANGING THE GAME: GEORGE FLOYD, ATHLETE PROTEST, AND THE COUNTERSPEECH DOCTRINE 98 University of Detroit Mercy Law Review 197 (Winter, 2021) On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, an African American man, died at the hands of four police officers in Minneapolis, MN. A convenience store employee believed Floyd, who was unarmed, attempted to use counterfeit money to pay for goods and called 911. Four officers from the Minneapolis Police Department responded, and within thirty minutes, Floyd was... 2021 Most Relevant  
Taifha Natalee Alexander CHOPPED & SCREWED: HIP HOP FROM CULTURAL EXPRESSION TO A MEANS OF CRIMINAL ENFORCEMENT 12 Harvard Journal of Sports & Entertainment Law 211 (Spring, 2021) C1-2Table of Contents INTRODUCTION. 213 I. Mass Incarceration of Black Men. 216 II. The Intersection of Criminal Justice & Hip Hop. 220 A. Rap Lyrics as Evidence in Criminal Proceedings. 221 B. The Criminal Justice System's Perception of Black Men. 225 C. Prison as Rite of Passage, Not Deterrent. 228 III. Issues With The Probative Versus... 2021 Most Relevant African/Black American
Bianca Velez DO THE POLICE PROTECT AND SERVE ALL PEOPLE IN THE UNITED STATES?: A SURVEY OF THE PROBLEMS WITHIN MODERN POLICING AND SOLUTIONS TO ENSURE THE POLICE PROTECT AND SERVE US ALL 55 University of San Francisco Law Review 421 (2021) ON MAY 25TH, 2020, MINNEAPOLIS POLICE responded to a call from a convenience store employee alleging that a Black man named George Floyd had made a purchase with a counterfeit twenty-dollar bill. Four police officers subsequently detained Mr. Floyd, and within seventeen minutes of the first squad car arriving at the scene, Mr. Floyd was handcuffed,... 2021 Most Relevant African/Black American
Paul Butler FOREWORD TO THE REPUBLICATION OF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION AND THE CRIMINAL LAW 92 University of Colorado Law Review 1443 (Special Issue 2021) Twenty-four years later, je ne regrette rien. I do not mean that I got everything exactly right, but I miss my youthful exuberance. I wonder, in the words of Birdman, What happened to that boy? Here is one of the passages that, introspect, seems most poignant: I argue that but for the fruits of slavery and entrenched racism, African Americans... 2021 Most Relevant  
Jack K. Whitehead, Jr. GODFREY, ADAMS AND 100 BLACK MEN 68 Louisiana Bar Journal 266 (December, 2020/January, 2021) The organization 100 Black Men of America began in 1963 in New York City amid the civil unrest facing the country. The founders included Jackie Robinson, former NYC Mayor David Dinkins and leading African-American businessmen. The 100 mission is grounded on four pillars--1) mentoring; 2) education; 3) economic empowerment; and 4) health and... 2021 Most Relevant African/Black American
Gabrielle Kolencik HARMONY BETWEEN MAN AND HIS ENVIRONMENT: REVIEWING THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION'S CHANGES TO THE NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY ACT IN THE CONTEXT OF ENVIRONMENTAL RACISM 9 Joule: Duquesne Energy & Environmental Law Journal 1 (Spring, 2021) In 1970, Congress passed, with strong bipartisan support, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) for the purpose of requiring federal agencies to engage in efforts which will prevent or eliminate damage to the environment and biosphere and stimulate the health and welfare of man. For over fifty years, NEPA had propelled towards the... 2021 Most Relevant  
Pat K. Chew HIDING SEXUAL HARASSMENT: MYTHS AND REALITIES 21 Nevada Law Journal 1223 (Spring, 2021) The percent of Americans viewing sexual harassment as a major problem actually decreased between 2017 and 2019, with only 53% of men considering it a major problem in 2019 compared to 66% in 2017. Each time that I was taking it, again and again, it just felt like more of me diminishing . until [I] was just like a shell of a person. C1-2Table of... 2021 Most Relevant  
Deborah L. Rhode LEADERSHIP IN TIMES OF SOCIAL UPHEAVAL: LESSONS FOR LAWYERS 73 Baylor Law Review 67 (Winter, 2021) This article explores the leadership challenges that arose in the wake of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread protests following the killing of an unarmed Black man, George Floyd. Lawyers have been key players in both crises, as politicians, general counsel, and leaders of protest movements, law firms, bar associations, and law... 2021 Most Relevant African/Black American
Kimberly D. Bailey MALE SAME-SEX "HORSEPLAY": THE EPICENTER OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT? 73 Florida Law Review 95 (January, 2021) In Oncale v. Sundowner Offshore Services, Inc., the U.S. Supreme Court recognized same-sex sexual harassment as a cognizable claim of sex discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. At the time, many scholars found this recognition to be significant and important, but some also argued that the Court provided an incomplete... 2021 Most Relevant  
Russell K. Robinson MAYOR PETE, OBERGEFELL GAYS, AND WHITE MALE PRIVILEGE 69 Buffalo Law Review 295 (April, 2021) 296 Introduction. 296 I. Challenging Anti-Gay Stereotypes. 303 II. Is Pete Gay Enough?. 309 III. Pete as a Symbol of Respectability Politics. 316 A. An Examination of Racialized Respectability Politics in the Don't Ask, Don't Tell and Marriage Equality Movements. 317 B. Analyzing Buttigieg's Candidacy as the Embodiment of the Gay and... 2021 Most Relevant  
Christopher J. Ryan, Jr., Meghan Dawe MIND THE GAP: GENDER PAY DISPARITIES IN THE LEGAL ACADEMY 34 Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics 567 (Summer, 2021) Differences in pay between women and men in the same jobs have captured the public's attention in recent years. However, public interest in and press coverage of salary differences on the basis of gender--or any other ascriptive class--in the learned professions are wanting. Moreover, few studies have spoken directly on the gender pay disparities... 2021 Most Relevant  
Rachel Guy NATION OF MEN: DIAGNOSING MANOSPHERIC MISOGYNY AS VIRULENT ONLINE NATIONALISM 22 Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law 601 (Spring, 2021) I. Introduction. 602 II. Defining Manospheric Misogyny. 603 A. The Manosphere. 603 B. Enacting Structural Sexism through Manospheric Misogyny. 606 III. Manospheric Misogyny as Nationalism. 610 A. A Regressive Cultural Nationalism. 611 B. An Imagined Community in Anti-Feminism. 614 1. Oppositional Identity. 615 2. Grievance. 616 3. Recruitment. 618... 2021 Most Relevant  
Hugh Cassidy , Tennecia Dacass , Kansas State University, Central Washington University OCCUPATIONAL LICENSING AND IMMIGRANTS 64 Journal of Law & Economics 1 (February, 2021) This study examines the incidence and impact of occupational licensing on immigrants using two sources of data: the Current Population Survey and the Survey of Income and Program Participation. We find that immigrants are significantly less likely to have a license than similar natives and that this gap is largest for men, workers in the highest... 2021 Most Relevant  
Lori A. Young ONE JOURNEY TOWARD RACIAL JUSTICE: THE POWER OF ME, THE POWER OF WE 24 Journal of Gender, Race and Justice 5 (Spring, 2021) I remember being emotionally traumatized when I learned of Trayvon Martin. Then came Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Later, seeing the video of Philando Castille was gut-wrenching. I couldn't even watch the entire eight minute and 46 second video of George Floyd's killing. These stories--these images--of Black men senselessly killed without... 2021 Most Relevant African/Black American
Karissa Provenza OPERATING WITHIN SYSTEMS OF OPPRESSION 18 Hastings Race and Poverty Law Journal 295 (Summer, 2021) I. INTRODUCTION. 297 II. DEFINITIONS AND ORIGINS OF TERMINOLOGY. 298 III. MODERN EXECUTION AND DISCRIMINATION. 299 IV. GATEKEEPING OF PROPERTY INTERESTS. 304 A. Property Interests of Whiteness. 304 B. Guarding Whiteness. 305 C. Property Interests in Male Supremacy. 306 V. THE EXCLUSIVITY OF AN OBJECTIVE LEGAL SYSTEM FORMED THROUGH A WHITE... 2021 Most Relevant  
Kiera Murphy, Katherine Earle Yanes REFLECTING ON THE DIVERSITY & INCLUSION COMMITTEE'S POLICE LIABILITY PROGRAMS 68-FEB Federal Lawyer 10 (January/February, 2021) George Floyd was a Black man who died at the hands of Minneapolis police officers on Memorial Day of 2020. Widespread protests followed, with chants of I can't breathe reverberating in our consciences. The outrage over Mr. Floyd's death sparked an ongoing national conversation on law enforcement training and liability. As part of that... 2021 Most Relevant African/Black American
Judith Resnik REPRESENTING WHAT? GENDER, RACE, CLASS, AND THE STRUGGLE FOR THE IDENTITY AND THE LEGITIMACY OF COURTS 15 Law & Ethics of Human Rights 1 (May, 2021) In 1935, when the U.S. Supreme Court's new building opened and displayed the phrase Equal Justice Under Law, racial segregation was commonplace, as were barriers limiting opportunities for men and women of all colors to participate in economic and political life. The justices on the Court and the... 2021 Most Relevant  
Jeanelly Nuñez SCANNING FOR BIAS: A NEUROSCIENTIFIC RESPONSE TO POLICING WITH IMPLICIT BIAS 27 Cardozo Journal of Equal Rights & Social Justice 295 (Spring, 2021) C1-2Table of Contents I. Introduction. 296 II. Numbers Do Not Lie--Statistical Data on Racial Disparities. 298 A. Am I Next? Likelihood that Victims to Fatal Police Violence are Men of Color. 298 B. Examining Drug Arrest Numbers for Minorities Compared to White People. 299 C. Driving While Black and Terry v. Ohio. 300 D. Minorites Make Up the... 2021 Most Relevant African/Black American
Madeline Dawn Nelson SCHOOL'S OUT FOR BLACK BOYS IN WISCONSIN: AN ANALYSIS OF WISCONSIN'S RACIST IMPLEMENTATION OF EXPULSION AND SUSPENSION LAW AND ITS INTERSECTION WITH WISCONSIN STUDENTS' OPPORTUNITIES FOR SUCCESS 36 Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society 111 (Spring, 2021) Each day [a student] is not receiving an education is gone forever. No amount of money can replace the lost opportunity. If [the student] has been wrongfully expelled . the harm is enormous. Introduction. 112 I.Background of Student Discipline Law in Wisconsin's K-12 Public Schools. 114 A. Suspension Law in Wisconsin. 115 B. Expulsion Law in... 2021 Most Relevant African/Black American
Haley Walker SCHOOL-TO-PRISON-PIPELINE: WHY EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAMS AREN'T PROPERLY SERVING OUR MENTALLY ILL YOUTH AND THE CURRENT JUVENILE JUSTICE SYSTEM IS TOO PUNITIVE 22 Marquette Benefits & Social Welfare Law Review 147 (Spring, 2021) This article explores the intersect between mentally ill youth and the juvenile justice system. Mentally ill youth are disproportionately represented at every stage in the juvenile justice system due to their symptoms being mistaken for delinquent behavior. This stems from the legislators reforming the juvenile justice system from rehabilitative to... 2021 Most Relevant  
Shawn E. Fields THE ELUSIVENESS OF SELF-DEFENSE FOR THE BLACK TRANSGENDER COMMUNITY 21 Nevada Law Journal 975 (Spring, 2021) Ky Peterson, a Black transgender man from rural Georgia, had previously been brutally raped while walking home. Mr. Peterson reported the incident to the police, but they never opened an investigation; in fact, the police could barely be bothered to file [a] report. As a result, Mr. Peterson began carrying a firearm for personal protection. On... 2021 Most Relevant African/Black American
Robert J. McWhirter THE FIFTEENTH AMENDMENT 58-DEC Arizona Attorney 22 (December, 2021) Vintage illustration features President Ulysses S. Grant sitting at the center of a large table, signing the 15th Amendment, granting that the right to vote cannot be denied on basis of race or color. The amendment granted African American men the right to vote and was adopted into the U.S. Constitution in 1870. The right of citizens of the United... 2021 Most Relevant  
Robert J. McWhirter THE FIFTEENTH AMENDMENT 58-NOV Arizona Attorney 28 (November, 2021) Vintage illustration features President Ulysses S. Grant sitting at the center of a large table, signing the 15th Amendment, granting that the right to vote cannot be denied on basis of race or color. The amendment granted African American men the right to vote and was adopted into the U.S. Constitution in 1870. The right of citizens of the United... 2021 Most Relevant  
Karl T. Muth THE PANTHER DECLAWED: HOW BLUE MAYORS DISARMED BLACK MEN 37 Harvard Blackletter Law Journal 7 (Spring, 2021) I am clearly within the limits of historical truth when I say that the civilizations of the past that arose to world domination through Caucasian initiative, effort, and genius disappeared as the result of the Insidious contaminating influence of mongrelism .. The use of firearms and the placing of the ballot in the hands of the negro in a white... 2021 Most Relevant African/Black American
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