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Andy Carr Anger, Gender, Race, and the Limits of Free Speech Protection 31 Hastings Women's Law Journal 211 (Summer, 2020) Individuals' mental states are relevant to many processes in America's legal system, from finding parties had consciousness of guilt to determining damages for tort victims' pain and suffering. Under the First Amendment, emotions are taken into consideration for assessing the boundaries of free speech rights. Among the essential emotions affecting...; Search Snippet: ...LAW JOURNAL Hastings Women's Law Journal Summer, 2020 Article ANGER, GENDER, RACE, AND THE LIMITS OF FREE SPEECH PROTECTION Andy Carr... 2020  
André Douglas Pond Cummings , Caleb Gregory Conrad From "Mind Playing Tricks on Me" to "Trauma": Adverse Childhood Experiences and Hip Hop's Prescription 59 Washburn Law Journal 267 (Spring, 2020) Over the past two decades, research focused on the causes and the lasting impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs, has been changing the way researchers, healthcare providers, and advocates approach areas like mental health, risky behaviors, and chronic disease. Numerous studies have produced and solidified results that present three...; Search Snippet: community. [FN81] In 2018 alone, over 6.8 million black Americans had a diagnosable mental illness, but the overwhelming message in black communities is that men are not supposed to cry and that we should deal... 2020 African/Black American
Paul K. Stafford Men, Their Rights and Nothing More; Women, Their Rights and Nothing Less 83 Texas Bar Journal 372 (June, 2020) Annually, our nation commemorates black history in February and women's history in March; however, in 2020 we are commemorating the anniversaries of two seminal movements culminating in the ratification of two constitutional amendments--the 150th anniversary of the 15th and the 100th anniversary of the 19th. It is no more possible to understand the...; Search Snippet: ...2994199 TEXAS BAR JOURNAL Texas Bar Journal June, 2020 Feature MEN, THEIR RIGHTS AND NOTHING MORE; WOMEN, THEIR RIGHTS AND NOTHING... 2020 African/Black American
Abigail C. Saguy , Juliet A. Williams , Mallory Rees Reassessing Gender Neutrality 54 Law and Society Review Rev. 7 (March, 2020) Since the 1970s, advocates have used the term gender neutral to press for legal change in contexts ranging from employment discrimination to marriage equality to public restroom access. Drawing on analyses of all Supreme Court cases, federal courts of appeals cases, and Supreme Court amicus briefs in which the terms gender neutral/neutrality, sex...; Search Snippet: ...SOCIETY REVIEW Law and Society Review March, 2020 Article REASSESSING GENDER NEUTRALITY [FNa1] Abigail C. Saguy [FNa2] Juliet A. Williams [FNa3... 2020  
Jessica M. Salerno, Justin Sanchez , Arizona State University Subjective Interpretation of "Objective" Video Evidence: Perceptions of Male Versus Female Police Officers' Use-of-force 44 Law and Human Behavior 97 (April, 2020) Objective: The police face great scrutiny after highly publicized instances of lethal force. Dash-camera footage ostensibly provides objective evidence of whether the force was excessive. We tested whether participants interpreted the same objective video of an officer exerting force differently based on the officer's gender and race....; Search Snippet: ...April, 2020 SUBJECTIVE INTERPRETATION OF OBJECTIVE VIDEO EVIDENCE: PERCEPTIONS OF MALE versus FEMALE POLICE OFFICERS' USE-OF-FORCE [FNd1] Jessica M... 2020  
Homer C. La Rue , Alan A. Symonette The Ray Corollary Initiative: How to Achieve Diversity and Inclusion in Arbitrator Selection 63 Howard Law Journal 215 (Winter, 2020) C1-2TABLE OF CONTENTS PART I A RESTATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM. 216 Introduction. 216 A. Jay-Z's Cried Alarm--Current Statement of an Old Problem. 218 B. What We Know About the Numbers and Why They Are Not Changing. 220 C. The Factors that Lead to Under-Selection of Persons of Color and Women in Labor-Management and Employment Arbitrations. 221 PART II...; Search Snippet: ...200 eligible arbitrators on the roster only three identified as African American, two men and one woman. One of the men had a conflict... 2020 African/Black American
Deborah N. Archer White Men's Roads Through Black Men's Homes: Advancing Racial Equity Through Highway Reconstruction 73 Vanderbilt Law Review 1259 (October, 2020) Racial and economic segregation in urban communities is often understood as a natural consequence of poor choices by individuals. In reality, racially and economically segregated cities are the result of many factors, including the nation's interstate highway system. In states around the country, highway construction displaced Black households and...; Search Snippet: ...VANDERBILT LAW REVIEW Vanderbilt Law Review October, 2020 Article WHITE MEN'S ROADS THROUGH BLACK MEN'S HOMES: [FNa1] ADVANCING RACIAL EQUITY THROUGH HIGHWAY RECONSTRUCTION Deborah N... 2020 African/Black American
Andrea Freeman You Better Work: Unconstitutional Work Requirements and Food Oppression 53 U.C. Davis Law Review 1531 (February, 2020) Work requirements attached to the receipt of welfare (TANF) and food stamps (SNAP) disproportionately harm people of color. They arose out of unfounded fears of fraud based on racial stereotypes like the Welfare Queen. While food assistance helps raise households out of poverty, work requirements do not. Instead, they lead to greater food...; Search Snippet: justice advocates. RuPaul, Supermodel (You Better Work ) (Tommy Boy Records 1993). . Copyright © 2020 Andrea Freeman. Associate Professor of... 2020  
Jake Crabbs You Got the Wrong Guy 108 Illinois Bar Journal 34 (August, 2020) Process servers and cases of mistaken identity. A PLAINTIFF'S COUNSEL IN A CIVIL ACTION RECEIVES A MOTION BY THE DEFENDANT to quash service of process. The motion argues that that the person described in the return of service is not the defendant. The defendant asserts that he is several inches shorter and more than two dozen pounds lighter than...; Search Snippet: ...Bar Journal August, 2020 Civil Procedure YOU GOT THE WRONG GUY Jake Crabbs [FNa1] Copyright © 2020 by Illinois State Bar Association... 2020  
Elana M. Stern Accessing Accountability: Exploring Criminal Prosecution of Male Guards for Sexually Assaulting Female Inmates in U.s. Prisons 167 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 733 (February, 2019) Introduction. 734 I. Understanding the Problem. 737 A. Gender and Intersectional Hierarchies. 737 B. Reporting Abuse in the Prison Context: Fear and Retaliation. 742 II. Procedural Barriers and Access to Courts. 745 A. Prison Grievance Procedures. 745 B. The Prison Litigation Reform Act. 747 C. Pleading Requirements. 751 III. Existing Remedies and...; Search Snippet: ...Review February, 2019 Comment ACCESSING ACCOUNTABILITY: EXPLORING CRIMINAL PROSECUTION OF MALE GUARDS FOR SEXUALLY ASSAULTING FEMALE INMATES IN U.S. PRISONS Elana... 2019  
H. Robert Baker At Least Some Rights the White Man Was Bound to Respect: Bland V. Beverly and a Contract for Freedom in the Age of Slavery 25 Cardozo Journal of Equal Rights & Social Justice 409 (Spring, 2019) By law in Maryland, slaves could not enter into legally binding contracts. Nonetheless, in 1833 Beverly Dowling struck an agreement with his owner, Sophia Bland, for his freedom in exchange for $200. Dowling paid $173 towards his end of the agreement before being arrested as a runaway and sold to a slave trader. Beverly Dowling petitioned the...; Search Snippet: ...Justice Spring, 2019 Article AT LEAST SOME RIGHTS THE WHITE MAN WAS BOUND TO RESPECT: BLAND v. BEVERLY AND A CONTRACT... 2019  
Jennie Bricker Defining 'Indian' 79-MAY Oregon State Bar Bulletin 28 (May, 2019) Columbia Park occupies 450 acres along the Columbia River in Tri-Cities, Wash. It hosts an annual event called the Water Follies, which includes a hydroplane race. On July 28, 1996, Will Thomas and Dave Deacy were wading along the river bank near Kennewick, sipping from cans of Busch Light and looking to avoid the race's entrance fee. Thomas...; Search Snippet: ...Oregon State Bar Bulletin May, 2019 Feature DEFINING INDIAN Kennewick Man Case Focused Attention on Native Identity and Sovereignty Jennie Bricker... 2019  
Michael Millemann, Rebecca Bowman-Rivas, Elizabeth Smith Digging Them out Alive 25 Clinical Law Review 365 (Spring, 2019) This article describes the creation of the Unger Clinic, a series of interdisciplinary clinical courses taught over five years. The clinic was part of a major criminal justice project led by the Maryland Office of Public Defender. The project and clinic grew out of a Maryland court decision giving over 200 older, largely life-sentenced prisoners...; Search Snippet: ...often, matriarchal structure of faith, stability, and connection within the African- American community made a tangible difference as men struggled to find their way in a society that was... 2019 African/Black American
Meagan Docherty, Jordan Beardslee, Kevin J. Grimm, Dustin Pardini , Arizona State University Distinguishing Between-individual from Within-individual Predictors of Gun Carrying among Black and White Males Across Adolescence 43 Law and Human Behavior 144 (April, 2019) Longitudinal studies have found that male adolescents who deal drugs, associate with delinquent peers, and engage in aggressive behavior are at increased risk for carrying a gun (between-individual risks). However, it is unclear whether changes in these risk factors help to explain fluctuations in youth gun carrying across adolescence...; Search Snippet: ...WITHIN-INDIVIDUAL PREDICTORS OF GUN CARRYING AMONG BLACK AND WHITE MALES ACROSS ADOLESCENCE [FNa1] Meagan Docherty Jordan Beardslee Kevin J. Grimm... 2019 African/Black American
Carlos Berdejó Gender Disparities in Plea Bargaining 94 Indiana Law Journal 1247 (Fall, 2019) Across wide-ranging contexts, academic literature and the popular press have identified pervasive gender disparities favoring men over women in society. One area in which gender disparities have conversely favored women is the criminal justice system. Most of the empirical research examining gender disparities in criminal case outcomes has focused...; Search Snippet: ...7634059 INDIANA LAW JOURNAL Indiana Law Journal Fall, 2019 Article GENDER DISPARITIES IN PLEA BARGAINING Carlos Berdejó [FNa1] Copyright © 2019 by... 2019  
Weiru Fang Gender Parity: the Increasing Success and Subsequent Effect of 'Anti-male Bias' Claims in Campus Sexual Assault Proceedings 104 Cornell Law Review 467 (January, 2019) Introduction. 467 I. Title IX. 469 A. The Context of Campus Sexual Assault. 469 B. Title IX and Sexual Assault. 471 C. Legislative Direction. 471 II. Title IX and the Accused: An Overview of Anti-Male Bias Suits. 474 A. Pre-Twombly/Iqbal: Yusuf v. Vassar College. 474 B. Second Circuit: Presumption-Shifting Framework. 477 C. Sixth Circuit:...; Search Snippet: ...2068575 CORNELL LAW REVIEW Cornell Law Review January, 2019 Note GENDER PARITY: THE INCREASING SUCCESS AND SUBSEQUENT EFFECT OF ANTI- MALE BIAS' CLAIMS IN CAMPUS SEXUAL ASSAULT PROCEEDINGS Weiru Fang [FNd1... 2019  
Laura Lane-Steele My Brother's Keeper, My Sister's Neglector: a Critique and Explanation of Single-sex Initiatives for Black Boys 39 Columbia Journal of Gender and Law 60 (Fall, 2019) The urgent problems facing Black boys and young men have triggered the proliferation of single-sex initiatives aimed at tackling these obstacles, namely public single-sex schools and programs inspired by President Obama's My Brother's Keeper initiative. Black girls have largely been left out of these initiatives despite facing many of the same...; Search Snippet: ...A CRITIQUE AND EXPLANATION OF SINGLE-SEX INITIATIVES FOR BLACK BOYS Laura Lane-Steele [FNa1] Copyright © 2019 by the Columbia Journal... 2019 African/Black American
Robert L. Nelson, Ioana Sendroiu, Ronit Dinovitzer, Meghan Dawe Perceiving Discrimination: Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation in the Legal Workplace 44 Law and Social Inquiry 1051 (November, 2019) Using quantitative and qualitative data from a large national sample of lawyers, we examine self-reports of perceived discrimination in the legal workplace. Across three waves of surveys, we find that persons of color, white women, and LGBTQ attorneys are far more likely to perceive they have been a target of discrimination than white men. These...; Search Snippet: ...Law and Social Inquiry November, 2019 Article PERCEIVING DISCRIMINATION: RACE, GENDER, AND SEXUAL ORIENTATION IN THE LEGAL WORKPLACE Robert L. Nelson... 2019  
Abigail Cook The New Jersey Ban on Salary History Questions: Closing the Gender Wage Gap One Question at a Time 16 Rutgers Journal of Law & Public Policy 1 (Summer, 2019) Kerri Sleeman's supervisor told her many times: if [he] could duplicate [her], [he'd] be able to get rid of the rest of the staff. Sleeman thrived as the supervisor who took over a failing project and turned it around. Yet, when the company proceeded through bankruptcy court, Sleeman discovered that many of the young men she supervised were...; Search Snippet: ...THE NEW JERSEY BAN ON SALARY HISTORY QUESTIONS: CLOSING THE GENDER WAGE GAP ONE QUESTION AT A TIME Abigail Cook [FNa1... 2019  
Jordan Beardslee, Sarah Miltimore, Adam Fine, Paul J. Frick, Laurence Steinberg, Elizabeth Cauffman, Arizona State University, University of California, Irvine, Arizona State University, Louisiana State University and Australian Catholic University, Brisb Under the Radar or under Arrest: How Is Adolescent Boys' First Contact with the Juvenile Justice System Related to Future Offending and Arrests? 43 Law and Human Behavior 342 (August, 2019) This study examined the extent to which being arrested during adolescence was associated with subsequent self-reported offending and court-recorded arrests. We also examined whether the way in which the justice system processed adolescents was related to the nature of these associations. The sample included 532 boys who had been arrested...; Search Snippet: ...2019 UNDER THE RADAR OR UNDER ARREST: HOW IS ADOLESCENT BOYS' FIRST CONTACT WITH THE JUVENILE JUSTICE SYSTEM RELATED TO FUTURE... 2019  
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