William W. Van Alstyne DISCRIMINATION IN STATE UNIVERSITY HOUSING PROGRAMS-POLICY AND CONSTITUTIONAL CONSIDERATION 13 Stanford Law Review 60 (December, 1960) In nearly all major state universities today, substantial numbers of students are obliged to live off-campus in private apartments or rooming houses. Rather than cast these students into unfamiliar neighborhoods to find suitable accommodations by chance, most of these universities maintain some facility which refers students to landlords who have... 1960
  BUILDER OF FHA HOUSING HELD BARRED FROM DISCRIMINATING AGAINST PURCHASERS ON BASIS OF RACE: POSSIBLE SOURCES OF FEDERAL PROHIBITION AND BASES FOR CAUSE OF ACTION 59 Columbia Law Review 782 (May, 1959) The federal mortgage insurance system, part of the national program to combat the housing shortage, offers mortgage insurance to lenders who finance the purchase of housing, provided the housing and the mortgage comply with certain statutory and administrative requirements. The system benefits three groups in particular: the mortgagees, the... 1959
  RACIAL DISCRIMINATION IN HOUSING 107 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 515 (February, 1959) Among the problems fostered by racial discrimination in the United States is that of inadequate housing available to members of minority groups. General housing shortages are intensified for minority group members because of special restrictions on the market in which they can buy or rent. These restrictions are both economic and social. The... 1959
  VALIDITY OF MUNICIPAL LAW BARRING DISCRIMINATION IN PRIVATE HOUSING 58 Columbia Law Review 728 (May, 1958) On December 5, 1957, the City Council of New York enacted a bill, commonly known as the Sharkey-Brown-Isaacs Law, prohibiting discrimination in privately owned housing within the city. This act represents the first attempt by the state or city to regulate discriminatory practices in housing which has enjoyed no public assistance by way of loan,... 1958
  MUNICIPAL HOUSING CODES 69 Harvard Law Review 1115 (April, 1956) It is generally recognized that the surest permanent solution to the problem of the worst slums is clearance of the blighted area followed by a program of urban redevelopment according to a comprehensive plan. However, since slum clearance is extremely expensive and politically difficult to achieve, cities have also relied upon enforcement of... 1956
Quintin Johnstone POLITICS, PLANNING, AND THE PUBLIC INTEREST: THE CASE OF PUBLIC HOUSING IN CHICAGO. BY MARTIN MEYERSON AND EDWARD C. BANFIELD. GLEN-COE, ILLINOIS: THE FREE PRESS, 1955. PP. 353. $5.00 65 Yale Law Journal 755 (April, 1956) It is common knowledge that racial segregation is not restricted to the South. Every major industrial city in the North has a separate all-Negro community characterized by high population density, a very heavy percentage of slum dwellings, and steady expansion into whatever contiguous areas it can penetrate. The Northern pattern of segregation is... 1956
  APPLICATION OF THE SHERMAN ACT TO HOUSING SEGREGATION 63 Yale Law Journal 1124 (June, 1954) Discriminatory practices by private parties have compelled the Negro to compete for a home on unequal terms with the white. He is faced with substantial restrictions in both the financing and selling phases of housing. Although purely private actions do not violate any civil liberties guaranty, their economic effects may bring them within the... 1954
  PREJUDICE AND PROPERTY, U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE (BRIEF AGAINST RACIAL COVENANTS SUBMITTED TO THE U.S. SUPREME COURT BY TOM C. CLARK AND PHILIP B. PERLMAN, PUBLIC AFFAIRS PRESS, 1948) 57 Yale Law Journal 1162 (April, 1948) The Supreme Court has decided unanimously that the enforcement of racial restrictive covenants is unconstitutional. The Justice Department's brief in this litigation has been reprinted in book form with a four page introduction by Wesley McCune, relegation of the footnotes to the back pages and a slight change in the order of presentation. Its... 1948
Isaac N. Groner , David M. Helfeld RACE DISCRIMINATION IN HOUSING 57 Yale Law Journal 426 (January, 1948) The Report of the President's Committee on Civil Rights has once again called public attention to the discrepancy between American aspiration and accomplishment in race relations. Housing clearly illustrates the national failure to treat individuals on the basis of individual merit rather than racial myth. In the construction of the twelve million... 1948
Shirley Adelson THE SEVEN MUTHS OF HOUSING. BY NATHAN STRAUS. NEW YORK: ALFRED A. KNOPF, 1944. PP. XVI, 314. $2.75 53 Yale Law Journal 593 (June, 1944) So low is the degree of public acceptance of subsidized housing for low income families in this country that a contemporary book which for the most part simply restates the case for public housing can be appropriately characterized as important. Such a book would be an anachronism in any modern European nation; here it is timely. The public housing... 1944
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