Krystle Okafor COMMUNITY OWNERSHIP IN NEW YORK CITY: THE HOUSING DEVELOPMENT FUND CORPORATION 30 New York University Environmental Law Journal 413 (2022) Community ownership refers to tenures and tactics for the shared acquisition, financing, development, rehabilitation, and stewardship of land and housing among residents in a local community. As the COVID-19 pandemic softens multifamily housing markets, tenant activists, policy advocates, and progressive legislators have trumpeted community-owned... 2022
Marc L. Roark , Lorna Fox O'Mahony COMPARATIVE PROPERTY LAW AND THE PANDEMIC: VULNERABILITY THEORY AND RESILIENT PROPERTY IN AN AGE OF CRISES 82 Louisiana Law Review 789 (Spring, 2022) C1-2Table of Contents Abstract. 789 I. Property and the Pandemic. 790 II. Resilient Property. 795 A. Resilient Property Theory. 795 B. Resilient Property and Wicked Problems. 801 C. Vulnerability Theory and Resilience. 805 D. Sustainability, Equilibrium, and Resilience. 813 III. Framing the Pandemic: State Responses. 822 A. Fiscal Support:... 2022
Brayden Jack Parker 'CORNERSTONE UPON WHICH REST ALL OTHERS': UTILIZING CANONS OF STATUTORY INTERPRETATION TO CONFIRM AN ENFORCEABLE TRUST DUTY FOR NATIVE AMERICAN HEALTH CARE 90 George Washington Law Review 237 (February, 2022) In 1976, the federal government passed the Indian Health Care Improvement Act (IHCIA) in furtherance of its special trust responsibility owed to Native Americans. Through the IHCIA, Congress created the Indian Health Service, which provides health care to five million members of federally recognized tribes. In recent years, however, the Indian... 2022
Leonard S. Rubinowitz , Michelle Shaw DELAYED SYNERGY: CHALLENGING HOUSING DISCRIMINATION IN CHICAGO IN THE STREETS AND IN THE COURTS 17 Northwestern Journal of Law & Social Policy 1 (Spring, 2022) During the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Montgomery Improvement Association combined a boycott with a successful constitutional challenge to bus segregation laws, producing more progress to desegregate the buses than either strategy could have brought about on its own. The Montgomery Improvement Association's approach was a paradigm of the synergy... 2022
Elaine Gross, MSW DENIAL OF HOUSING TO AFRICAN AMERICANS: POST-SLAVERY REFLECTIONS FROM A CIVIL RIGHTS ADVOCATE 38 Touro Law Review 589 (2022) In this article, I draw on two decades of experience as a civil rights advocate to reflect on the denial of housing to African Americans in post-slavery America. I do so as Founder and President of the civil rights organization, ERASE Racism. I undertake historical research and share insights from my own experience to create and reflect upon six... 2022
Christopher Azuoma, Rita Burns, Adam Cohen, Mark A. Iafrate, Kathy Purnell, Crystal Thorpe DIGEST OF RECENT LITERATURE 31 Journal of Affordable Housing & Community Development Law 1 (2022) The Digest of Recent Literature in the Journal is an opportunity for attorneys and law students new to the practice of affordable housing and community development law to participate in the Journal and the Forum. This feature of the Journal provides brief summaries of academic and nonprofit policy institute reports, federal government notifications... 2022
Chris Chambers Goodman , Natalie Antounian DISMANTLING THE MASTER'S HOUSE: ESTABLISHING A NEW COMPELLING INTEREST IN REMEDYING SYSTEMIC DISCRIMINATION 73 Hastings Law Journal 437 (February, 2022) This Article proposes a new compelling interest to justify affirmative action policies. Litigation has been successful, to a point, in preserving affirmative action, but public support of the diversity and inclusion rationales for race-conscious policies is waning. Equity abhors a vacuum, and so this Article promotes a return to remedial... 2022
Sherally Munshi DISPOSSESSION: AN AMERICAN PROPERTY LAW TRADITION 110 Georgetown Law Journal 1021 (May, 2022) Universities and law schools have begun to purge the symbols of conquest and slavery from their crests and campuses, but they have yet to come to terms with their role in reproducing the material and ideological conditions of settler colonialism and racial capitalism. This Article considers the role the property law tradition has played in shaping... 2022
Nestor M. Davidson , Richard C. Schragger DO LOCAL GOVERNMENTS REALLY HAVE TOO MUCH POWER? UNDERSTANDING THE NATIONAL LEAGUE OF CITIES' PRINCIPLES OF HOME RULE FOR THE 21ST CENTURY 100 North Carolina Law Review 1385 (June, 2022) This Article explains and defends the National League of Cities' Principles of Home Rule for the 21st Century, which the authors participated in drafting. The Principles project both articulates a vision of state-local relations appropriate to an urban age and, as with previous efforts stretching back to the Progressive Era, includes a model... 2022
Andrea Steel, Lila Greiner, Akesha Kirkpatrick DON'T LET THE REEFER BLOW THE ROOF OFF: CHALLENGES AND GUIDANCE SURROUNDING MEDICAL MARIJUANA PATIENTS IN FEDERALLY ASSISTED HOUSING 31 Journal of Affordable Housing & Community Development Law 227 (2022) I. Cannabis Law: Rapidly Changing and Incredibly Complex. 229 A. Federal Laws. 229 B. State Laws. 230 C. Hemp. 230 D. Federal Supremacy. 231 II. Affordable Housing Programs Come in Many Forms. 231 A. Low-Income Housing Tax Credits. 232 B. Section 8 Assistance. 233 C. Public Housing. 234 D. Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly. 236 E.... 2022
Jennifer S. Dempsey EMPLOYMENT & HOUSING PUBLIC SERVICES FORUM 65-JUL Advocate 28 (June/July, 2022) The quality of strength lined with tenderness is an unbeatable combination. --Maya Angelou On October 26, 2021, the Employment and Labor Section of the Idaho State Bar hosted the Employment and Housing Public Service Forum. Economic stressors arising from the pandemic severely impacted Idahoans in need of employment and shelter. The purpose of... 2022
Samantha Ondrade , Trial Attorney, Housing and Civil Enforcement Section, Civil Rights Division ENFORCEMENT OF THE FAIR HOUSING ACT AND EQUAL CREDIT OPPORTUNITY ACT TO COMBAT REDLINING 70 Department of Justice Journal of Federal Law and Practice 247 (January, 2022) This article discusses the Department of Justice's (Department) enforcement of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act to combat redlining, the practice by which lenders avoid or exclude communities of color from equal access to credit based on the demographic characteristics of their neighborhoods. The Department has long... 2022
Shelby D. Green EQUITABLE, AFFORDABLE AND CLIMATE-COGNIZANT HOUSING CONSTRUCTION 75 Arkansas Law Review 363 (2022) The almost universal sentiment by a growing body of physical and social scientists is that climate change--with its floods, drought, heat, and cold-- portend losses of life, communities, property, and the rhythms of living. Some are more vulnerable to these impacts than others: individuals and the poor, who through official government policy and... 2022
Deanna Creighton, M.Ed., M.S.L. ESTABLISHING THE CONNECTION BETWEEN HOUSING STABILITY AND THE RIGHT TO ADEQUATE EDUCATION FOR AT-RISK STUDENTS IN A POST-MARTINEZ/YAZZIE WORLD 403 West's Education Law Reporter 15 (27-Oct-22) At the start of every school year, K-12 students in New Mexico enter the public-school classroom eager to learn and progress academically on their path to success in college, career, and life. Yet educational opportunities and outcomes are not the same for all students. Academic outcomes are often influenced by factors which are beyond the... 2022
LaToya Baldwin Clark FAMILY | HOME | SCHOOL 117 Northwestern University Law Review 1 (2022) Abstract--The state grants residents who live within a school district's border an ownership interest in that district's schools. This interest includes the power to exclude nonresidents. To attend school in a school district, a child must prove that she lives at an in-district address and is a bona fide resident. But in highly-sought-after... 2022
Margaret Moore Jackson FORCED OUT OF ENFORCEMENT: HOW THE "NO FELONS" RULE HAMSTRINGS FAIR HOUSING 91 UMKC Law Review 237 (Winter 2022) Welcome to fair housing tester training. We're so glad you all could be here today. The trainer is relieved to see ten people adjusting their chairs in the sunlit library community room. Enticing volunteers to explore intermittent, stipend-based work that involves talking to strangers is difficult. Training enough racially diverse testers to do... 2022
Jake Zurschmiede HABEAS CORPUS AND COVID-19: IN THE MIDST OF A VIRAL PANDEMIC, CAN THE "GREAT WRIT" PROVIDE HOME SUPERVISION TO AT-RISK PLAINTIFF INMATES? 19 Indiana Health Law Review 249 (2022) The World Health Organization declared the novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (hereinafter COVID-19, COVID, or pandemic) a global pandemic in March 2020. Within the span of one summer, all of the top ten clusters of COVID-19 in the United States were linked to prisons and jails. By October 2020, there were nearly 1,000 COVID-related deaths of... 2022
Heather K. Way, Ruthie Goldstein HEIR PROPERTY OWNERS AND FEDERAL DISASTER AID PROGRAMS: OPPORTUNITIES FOR A MORE EQUITABLE RECOVERY WHEN DISASTER STRIKES 30 Journal of Affordable Housing & Community Development Law 467 (2022) When hurricanes and other natural disasters strike the United States, Black and Latinx communities face a range of systemic inequities, from greater exposure to flooding to heightened barriers to rebuilding. In this latter regard, thousands of Black and Latinx disaster survivors living on inherited property, also known as heir property, have... 2022
Kathryn Ramsey Mason HOUSING INJUSTICE AND THE SUMMARY EVICTION PROCESS: BEYOND LINDSEY v. NORMET 74 Oklahoma Law Review 391 (Spring, 2022) The COVID-19 pandemic has generated an unprecedented level of attention on one of the most pressing civil justice issues of our day: evictions. Each year, millions of Americans are at risk of losing their housing through dispossession and displacement. Despite decades of efforts at all levels of government to improve and increase the supply of safe... 2022
Courtney Lauren Anderson HOUSING INSTABILITY AND COVID-19 18 University of Saint Thomas Law Journal 259 (Spring, 2022) The pandemic's effects on people experiencing homelessness illuminate the need to address the exposure of this community to adverse health outcomes that are exacerbated at disproportionately high levels when external events that negatively impact everyone occur. This article describes the risks of being homeless, and how racial and other... 2022
Norrinda Brown Hayat HOUSING THE DECARCERATED: COVID-19, ABOLITION & THE RIGHT TO HOUSING 110 California Law Review 639 (June, 2022) The coronavirus pandemic revealed the need to advance the right to housing and abolition movements. The need for advancements in both spaces was no more painfully apparent than among the recently decarcerated population. Securing housing for the recently decarcerated is particularly difficult due to the culture of exclusion that has long pervaded... 2022
Katie Whitley INCREASING ACCESS TO HIGH-QUALITY SCHOOLS IN INDIANAPOLIS THROUGH THE LOW-INCOME HOUSING TAX CREDIT QUALIFIED ALLOCATION PLAN 55 Indiana Law Review 879 (2022) Countless children in the greater Indianapolis metropolitan area lack access to high-quality public schools due to the median income and racial makeup of their neighborhood. School and residential racial segregation in our country, coupled with inequitable distribution of resources across neighborhoods and schools, creates a system in which... 2022
Arlan D. Lewis IN-HOUSE COUNSEL: YOU'VE FOUND YOUR CONSTRUCTION LAW TRIBE IN THE FORUM! 42-SUM Construction Lawyer 4 (Summer, 2022) Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a tribe as a group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest. I don't know that I'd previously thought of the Forum as a tribe, but as I considered the concept more carefully and reflected on my own personal Forum journey, I realized that it is a fitting description. In fact, I've found the... 2022
Austin Weatherly INTELLECTUAL HEIRS PROPERTY: WHY CERTAIN MUSICAL COPYRIGHTS SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN THE HEIRS PROPERTY REFORM MOVEMENT 29 Journal of Intellectual Property Law 418 (Spring, 2022) C1-3Table of Contents I. Introduction. 420 II. Background. 421 A. What are the Problems in the Real Property Context?. 421 B. What is the Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act?. 422 C. What is an Intellectual Property Estate?. 423 D. The Copyright Act and Inheritance. 424 E. Historical Racial Disparity in Copyright Law. 425 III. Analysis. 426 A.... 2022
Kali Murray INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LIBERATION: AN ESSAY 18 University of Saint Thomas Law Journal 546 (Fall, 2022) On May 9, 1771, Samuel Sherwin placed an advertisement in the Virginia Gazette. The advertisement sought help in returning: . a mulatto fellow named PETER: he is about 5 feet 6 inches high, well set, and about 25 years old. The said slave run away once before, and was out [about one year], he was brought home the 14th, on which day I branded him S... 2022
M P Ram Mohan , Aditya Gupta INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LICENSES IN CROSS-BORDER INSOLVENCY: LESSONS FROM IN RE QIMONDA 18 Hastings Business Law Journal 181 (Summer, 2022) Introduced in 2016, the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code overhauled the Indian insolvency regime. Five years young, the Code is now in the process of adopting the Cross-Border insolvency, which was omitted from its original mandate. In 2018, a legislatively appointed committee suggested that the Code should adopt the UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross... 2022
Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal IP INTERRUPTED: DIVERSE VOICES IN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY 32 Fordham Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Law Journal 302 (Winter, 2022) Introduction. 303 I. Offline: The Intersection Between Data and Cyber Civil Rights. 303 II. Copycat Culture: The Copying of BIPOC Creations and Fashion Law. 313 III. Keynote Speech: Intellectual Property and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 321 IV. Color of Music: A Discussion on Race, Music, and Intellectual Property Rights. 323 2022
Heather R. Abraham, Jason Knight, Russell Weaver, Christopher Holtkamp JUST A "PLANNING RULE": ENFORCING THE DUTY TO AFFIRMATIVELY FURTHER FAIR HOUSING 31 Journal of Affordable Housing & Community Development Law 203 (2022) I. Introduction. 204 II. HUD's Civil War Project. 209 III. A Planning Tool With Some Teeth. 210 IV. A Rational Choice. 212 V. The Path Forward as a Planning Rule. 214 A. Stakeholder Comprehension. 214 B. Enhancing Enforcement. 217 VI. Conclusion. 225 2022
Liam McSweeney JUST HOUSING, ROOTED IN WEST OAKLAND: HOW MOMS4HOUSING CHALLENGED REAL ESTATE SPECULATION AND THE RACIAL HIERARCHY IN OUR PROPERTY LAWS 22 Berkeley Journal of African-American Law & Policy 54 (2022) Land-based real estate speculation drives a national housing crisis that operates on a racially hierarchical conception of private property law and doctrine. Our modern property law system developed from the colonial economy that was built on conquest and white supremacist notions of property rights. This white-supremacist spatial violence... 2022
  KEEPING CURRENT--PROPERTY 36-DEC Probate and Property 16 (November/December, 2022) AUCTIONS: Contract for sale at auction need not contain attorney review provision. Mengxi Liu, an experienced bidder who had purchased six residential properties at auction sales with her husband, attended an auction sale where she made a high bid of $1.1 million. Before the auction, she received a template Contract for Sale of Real Estate and a... 2022
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