Kit Johnson WOMEN OF COLOR IN IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT 21 Nevada Law Journal 997 (Spring, 2021) Immigration enforcement agencies are among the most racially diverse in federal law enforcement. More than half of all women holding law enforcement positions within immigration agencies are minorities, though the overall number of female agents is relatively small. This Essay focuses on women of color in immigration enforcement. It begins with a... 2021
David J. Kerastas WON'T YOU STAY? ASYLUM FRAUD AND RETURN TO THE COUNTRY OF NATIONALITY 14 George Mason International Law Journal 54 (Fall, 2023) Criminal investigations have shown that the U.S. asylum program is highly vulnerable to fraud. Asylum fraud poses a substantial threat to the program because it crowds out genuine asylees and increases public skepticism of a scarce political resource. So far, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Immigration Courts have relied... 2023
Janice Fine Worker Centers: Organizing Communities at the Edge of the Dream 50 New York Law School Law Review 417 (2005-2006) In the United States today, millions of workers, many of them immigrants and people of color, are laboring on the very lowest rungs of metropolitan labor markets with limited prospects for improving the quality of their present positions or advancing to better jobs. It is an unfortunate fact that their immigration status, combined with their ethnic... 2006
Rick Su Working on Immigration: Three Models of Labor and Employment Regulation 51 Washburn Law Journal 331 (Spring 2012) The desire to tailor our immigration system to the economic interests of our nation is as old as its founding. Yet after more than two centuries of regulatory tinkering, we seem no closer to finding the right balance. Contemporary observers largely ascribe this failure to conflicts over immigration, from disagreements about its economic impact to... 2012
Robert F. Castro Xenomorph!! 46 Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review Rev. 1 (2011) The national debate over illegal immigration has been dramatically altered since 9/11. In his book The Latino Threat, Leo R. Chavez argues that Latina/o immigrants--including those U.S. populations that physically resemble them-- have been socially constructed as grave risks to the United States. Arizona Senate Bill 1070 (hereinafter S.B. 1070)... 2011
Sandra Beltran, Esq. Ya Basta! The Solutions to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace for Women Janitors Working at Nighttime When Nobody Can Hear Them 55 University of San Francisco Law Review 69 (2020) YA BASTA! SAID LETICIA SOTO in a letter she wrote to her rapist when she referred to herself as the invisible woman. Leticia S., like many other Latina women, came to the United States with the hope of providing a better life for her children. Leticia S. came from Mexico City as a happy and hopeful single mother, who imagined herself singing... 2020
Danielle C. Jefferis Yearning to Breathe Free: Migration-related Confinement in America 106 Cornell Law Review Online 27 (October, 2020) Migrating to Prison: America's Obsession with Locking Up Immigrants. César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández. 2019. 190 pages. Introduction. 27 I. Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses. 32 II. The New Colossus. 35 III. Yearning to Breathe Free. 39 Conclusion. 44 When Diego Rivera Osorio was three years old, just over 1,000 nights had passed... 2020
Michelle Carey You Don't Know If They'll Let You out in One Day, One Year, or Ten Years . . . Indefinite Detention of Immigrants after Zadvydas V. Davis 24 Chicano-Latino Law Review 12 (Spring 2003) They just lock us up and throw away the key. It's like a people business for them. They don't care about us. They have beds here and it's like they're losing business unless they fill up the beds. So they just keep us locked down . . . I understand that I made a mistake, but I already did my time for that. Here I don't even know how much time I... 2003
Sherally Munshi You Will See My Family Became So American: Toward a Minor Comparativism 63 American Journal of Comparative Law 655 (Summer 2015) How does the appearance of racial difference shape our view of citizenship and national identity? This Article seeks to address that question by examining two early twentieth-century cases involving the naturalization of Indian immigrants to the United States. In United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind (1923), the Supreme Court determined that Hindus... 2015
Maria Bucci Young, Alone, and Fleeing Terror: the Human Rights Emergency of Unaccompanied Immigrant Children Seeking Asylum in the United States 30 New England Journal on Criminal and Civil Confinement 275 (Summer, 2004) Imagine being forced to abandon your home, your belongings, your everyday life. Imagine being separated from . your family . [and] herded into a camp alongside thousands of others . as a massive purge sweeps your country. Meena awoke to the sound of gunfire. The sounds of violence and destruction were not new or surprising, yet an intense fear... 2004
Catherine Kannam YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN, KID: THE PLIGHT OF UNACCOMPANIED MINORS WITHOUT REPRESENTATION IN IMMIGRATION COURT 32 Boston University Public Interest Law Journal 207 (Summer, 2023) Abstract. 209 Introduction. 209 I. Legal Background. 212 A. The Data: Unaccompanied Minors in Uncharted Territory. 212 B. How the Immigration System Works in Reality for Unaccompanied Minors. 215 C. The Treatment of Minors in Immigration Court vs. Juvenile Court: The Undeniable Disparity. 216 D. Where We Were: The Trump Administration. 220 E. Where... 2023
Elizabeth Keyes Zealous Advocacy: Pushing Against the Borders in Immigration Litigation 45 Seton Hall Law Review 475 (2015) I. Introduction. 476 II. Justifying Zealousness. 483 A. Competing Approaches to Professional Conduct. 484 1. Alternatives to Zealous Advocacy. 484 2. Zealous Advocacy. 489 3. Debate Over a Unitary Standard or a Context-Specific Standard of Practice. 491 B. Justifying Zealous Advocacy for Immigration Practice. 494 1. Resources. 496 2. Procedural... 2015
Michael Neal ZERO TOLERANCE FOR PRETRIAL RELEASE OF UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS 30 Boston University Public Interest Law Journal 1 (Winter, 2021) 2 Introduction. 2 I.Mass Pretrial Incarceration of Undocumented Immigrants. 6 A. The Bail Reform Act of 1984--History and Provisions. 7 B. The Immediate Impact of the BRA on Pretrial Release. 14 C. Closing the Back Door on Undocumented Immigrants. 16 D. Zero Tolerance Immigration Enforcement and Prosecution. 20 E. The Unlawful Presumption... 2021
Jeffrey R. Baker, Allyson McKinney Timm ZERO-TOLERANCE: THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION'S HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS AGAINST MIGRANTS ON THE SOUTHERN BORDER 13 Drexel Law Review 581 (2021) In 2017, the Trump Administration imposed its policy of zero-tolerance immigration enforcement on the southern border. This policy resulted in the forcible separation of families and the prolonged detention of children in harsh conditions without due process or adequate resources. The Trump Administration unleashed these policies to deter people... 2021
Shikha Silliman Bhattacharjee ZONES OF COMPOUNDED INFORMALITY: MIGRANTS IN THE MEGACITY 46 PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review 226 (November, 2023) This paper introduces the term zones of compounded informality to demarcate locations wherein regulatory exclusions in distinct domains interact to escalate the impact of exclusions for people who live and work in these areas. Based upon a study of India's Delhi, National Capital Region (Delhi-NCR), I explain how the interaction of flexible... 2023
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