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Hannah Walker, Marcel Roman, Matt Barreto The Direct and Indirect Effects of Immigration Enforcement on Latino Political Engagement 66 UCLA Law Review 1818 (December, 2019) How does having a loved one threatened by detention and deportation impact political participation? Drawing on extant research demonstrating the mobilizing power of a threatening immigration environment, we develop a dynamic theory of what scholars elsewhere refer to as proximal contact. We argue that individuals with proximal connections to... 2019 Yes
Ryan D. Davidson , Meredith W. Morrissey , Connie J. Beck The Hispanic Experience of the Child Welfare System 57 Family Court Review 201 (April, 2019) As the Hispanic population grows in the United States and the child welfare system, it is necessary to examine how experiences of Hispanic families differ from those of White/Caucasian families and to assess whether Hispanic families' needs are properly addressed. This literature review will examine research on the outcomes and experiences of... 2019 Yes
Kevin Hernandez The Implications of Environmental Law and Latino Property Rights on Modern-age Border Security: Rejecting a Physical Border and Embracing a Virtual Wall 22 Harvard Latinx Law Review 69 (Spring, 2019) I. Introduction. 69 II. Background. 70 A. Historic Border Wall Policy. 70 B. The Eminent Domain Powers of the Federal Government. 72 C. Understanding the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo in order to Explain the Present-Day Threat to Latino Property Ownership Along the U.S.-Mexico Border. 73 D. Challenges Against the Bush Administration's use of the... 2019 Yes
Christy E. Lopez The Reasonable Latinx: a Response to Professor Henning's the Reasonable Black Child: Race, Adolescence, and the Fourth Amendment 68 American University Law Review Forum 55 (April, 2019) In her article, The Reasonable Black Child: Race, Adolescence, and the Fourth Amendment, Professor Kristin Henning makes a compelling argument for reconceptualizing that Amendment's reasonable person standard to better protect black youth. Professor Henning shows how the reasonable person standard has long been artificially narrow and selectively... 2019 Yes
Pablo Chapablanco Traveling While Hispanic: Border Patrol Immigration Investigatory Stops at Tsa Checkpoints and Hispanic Appearance 104 Cornell Law Review 1401 (July, 2019) Introduction. 1402 I. A Brief History of the United States Border Patrol and Its Impact in the Southern Border. 1407 A. The Early Beginnings of the United States Border Patrol. 1407 B. The United States Border Patrol's Focus on Mexican Immigrants. 1408 C. The United States Border Patrol Today. 1410 II. The Fourth Amendment in Immigration Law... 2019 Yes
Kevin R. Johnson Trump's Latinx Repatriation 66 UCLA Law Review 1444 (December, 2019) Two historical episodes have indelibly influenced the development of Latinx identity and sense of belonging in the United States. During the Great Depression, state and local governments, with the support of the U.S. government, repatriated approximately one million persons of Mexican ancestry, including many U.S. citizen children and immigrant... 2019 Yes
Ramiro Martinez, Jr. , Keller Sheppard Were Mexican American Communities Safer than Others? Some Surprising Findings from San Antonio, 1960-1980 66 UCLA Law Review 1588 (December, 2019) Contradicting widespread belief, scholarly research has confirmed that Mexican American (Latino/a/x) communities have lower levels of homicide than expected, given their high levels of economic disadvantage, residential instability, and rapid population change. But scholars are just beginning to explore the various social dynamics underlying this... 2019  
Pedro F. Silva-Ruiz Derechos De Los Consumidores Y La Actividad Notarial En Puerto Rico 57 Revista de Derecho Puertorriqueno 401 (2018) El tercer tema de la XVII Jornada Notarial Iberoamericana trata sobre los derechos de los consumidores y la actividad notarial. Antes de continuar, me propongo obsequiar al lector con una brevísima introducción sobre el ordenamiento jurídico puertorriqueño; su propósito es ubicarlo entre las familias jurídicas del mundo contemporáneo. Dicho... 2018  
Natasha Bahri Frances Valdez: Bridging the Gap Between the Youth, Immigrant, Latino and Lgbt Communities 55-APR Houston Lawyer 17 (March/April, 2018) Frances Valdez spends a considerable amount of time thinking of ways to change the world for the better and searching for ways to see this ambition through. After spending some one-on-one time with her, I quickly learned that Valdez is a rising star in the legal community for her past and--certain to come--future accomplishments. As an attorney,... 2018 Yes
Margaret E. Montoya Hls 200: a Latina's Story about the Bicentennial 21 Harvard Latinx Law Review 35 (Spring, 2018) Harvard Law School (HLS) celebrated its bicentennial on October 26 and 27, 2017, and filmed a documentary as part of the activities marking the 200-year history of the school. This essay memorializes the role that I, a Latina who has been linked to HLS since I applied for admission in the fall of 1971, played in some of the bicentennial events.... 2018 Yes
Lupe S. Salinas Lawless Cops, Latino Injustice, and Revictimization by the Justice System 2018 Michigan State Law Review 1095 (2018) C1-2Table of Contents Introduction: Perceptions and Realities. 1097 I. The United States Latino Socioracial Experience. 1110 A. Mexico's Revolution from Spain and the Texas Republic, 1820-1848. 1110 B. The Mexicanization of the United States, 1848-1941. 1113 C. The Latinization of America, 1942-Present. 1119 D. United States Latinos and the... 2018 Yes
  Leadership in the Latino/a Community 25 Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy 55 (Fall, 2018) Speakers: Pete Peña Gallego, Former U.S. House of Representatives - Texas's 23rd District; Norma Cantú, Visiting Professor of Law and Education, University of Texas at Austin; Baltazar Salazar, General Counsel, Brownsville ISD Moderator: Daniella Salazar, THJ Co-Symposium Editor I'm Norma Cantú, and I teach here at The University of Texas at... 2018 Yes
Joyce Rodriguez, Esq. Resolving Legal Claims Between the United States and Cuba: Applying International Law Where Diplomacy Alone Falls Short 14 South Carolina Journal of International Law & Business 143 (Spring, 2018) At the heart of the nearly sixty-year-old conflict between the United States and the Republic of Cuba lies the $1.9 billion U.S. claim against Cuba for the mass expropriation of American-owned property and assets in Cuba during the early years of the Cuban revolution. Cuba's socialist revolution and uncompensated expropriation of U.S. property... 2018  
Monica Chawla Show Me Your Papers: an Equal Protection Violation of the Rights of Latino Men in Trump's America 34 Touro Law Review 1157 (2018) During the final presidential debate on October 19, 2016, Donald Trump said if he is elected president, his immigration plan will include deporting bad hombres who are bringing drugs and crime across the border. Hombres is the Spanish word for men. During the first month of Trump's presidency, Trump called for the hiring of 10,000 more U.S.... 2018 Yes
Luz E. Herrera, Pilar Margarita Hernández Escontrías The Network for Justice: Pursuing a Latinx Civil Rights Agenda 21 Harvard Latinx Law Review 165 (Spring, 2018) This article explores the need to develop a Latinx-focused network that advances law and policy. The Network for Justice is necessary to build upon the existing infrastructure in the legal sector to support the rapidly changing demographic profile of the United States. Latinxs are no longer a small or regionally concentrated population and cannot... 2018 Yes
Eric Franklin Amarante The Unsung Latino Entrepreneurs of Appalachia 120 West Virginia Law Review 773 (Spring, 2018) Abstract. 773 I. Introduction. 774 II. Latino Entrepreneurs: They are not the problem. They are the solution.. 776 A. What Is a Latino?. 776 B. Destinations, Old and New. 779 III. The Benefits of Latino Entrepreneurship. 783 A. A Taco Truck on Every Corner?. 783 B. Sé Tu Propio Jefe. 785 C Coming Soon to a Long-Deserted Strip Mall Near You!. 786... 2018 Yes
Taurus Myhand You Be the Judge: the Wholesale Implementation of Bail Schedules by the Judiciary as an Abdication of Adjudicatory Responsibility Creating a Disparate Impact for African-americans and Hispanics Accused of Criminal Offenses 42 Journal of the Legal Profession 261 (Spring, 2018) Very few people, if any, have not been exposed to the often-repeated assertion that a person accused of a criminal offense in the United States is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The presumption of innocence is not well illustrated in the age-old and widespread use of monetary bail systems by most jurisdictions throughout the country. In... 2018 Yes
Elvia Rosales Arriola Amor Y Esperanza: a Latina Lesbian Becomes a Law Professor 66 Journal of Legal Education 484 (Spring, 2017) Writing about my presence in the legal academy is about identifying the act of resistance in simply being myself as a Latina lesbian who was trying to develop as a feminist legal theorist when I thought about law teaching as a career in the late 1980s. Now recently retired, I can be grateful that I became a law professor at a time when fairly... 2017 Yes
Scott B. Astrada , Marvin L. Astrada Being Latino in the 21st Century: Reexamining Politicized Identity & the Problem of Representation 20 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law and Social Change 245 (2017) INTRODUCTION. 245 I. THE POLITICIZED LATINO IN LEGAL & POLITICAL DISCOURSE. 247 A. Problematizing Latino Identity: Exploring the Tensions Betwixt Identity, Discourse & Representation. 247 B. Beyond the Law: Critically Examining Latino Identity in the Larger Political Context. 250 C. Complicating Representation: Identity & Demographics. 252 II.... 2017 Yes
Jacqueline N. Font-Guzmán, M.H.A., J.D., Ph.D. Closing the Gap: Embedding Advance Care Planning in a Latino Community by Using a Culturally Sensitive Dispute Systems Design Approach 13 University of Saint Thomas Law Journal 192 (Winter, 2017) It Was a mirror of a bad death, not a good death--here's a gentleman who had been alone in an outside hospital and now he's alone here (Male Intern). Dying is not merely biological; it is also a social process. Just as humans cannot have a good life in isolation, they cannot have a good death in isolation. This Article explores the factors that... 2017 Yes
Leo P. Martinez Latinos and the Internal Revenue Code: a Tax Policy Primer for the New Administration 20 Harvard Latinx Law Review 101 (Spring, 2017) With the expectation that the new administration and the new Congress will undertake significant tax reform, this article seeks to provide a comprehensive view of how seemingly neutral legislation in the form of the Internal Revenue Code (the Code) disadvantages Latinos. If tax reform is ever to correct the many inequities outlined in this paper,... 2017 Yes
Melinda S. Molina Los Puentes Y Las Barreras: Latinas in the Legal Profession 64-FEB Federal Lawyer 36 (January/February, 2017) The dearth of Latina attorneys is startling. Latinas--who constitute 7 percent of the total U.S. population and are part of the largest and fastest-growing ethnic group--represent only 1.4 percent of the nation's lawyers. The low number of Latina lawyers has severe repercussions for the recruitment, retention, and professional career advancement of... 2017 Yes
Judith E. Koons Pulse: Finding Meaning in a Massacre Through Gay Latinx Intersectional Justice 19 Scholar: St. Mary's Law Review on Race and Social Justice 1 (2017) I. Introduction. 2 II. Finding Meaning: The Roots of Violence in Enlightenment Thinking. 8 A. The Social Construction of Homophobia and Border Anxiety: A Critical Review. 12 B. Hate Crime Against Latina/os: More Border Anxiety. 14 C. Intersectional Oppression: LBGTQ People of Color. 18 III. Making Meaning: Ways to Heal. 26 A. They Were Dancing:... 2017 Yes
Paul Guajardo , David W. Read Sin Documentos: Legally Instructive Narratives in Mexican-american Memoirs and United States Immigration Law 24 Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy 1 (Fall, 2017) The sincere and sometimes startling testimonies found in Mexican-American memoirs provide first-hand accounts of the plight of undocumented immigrants. Mexican-American memoirs by the likes of Francisco Jimenez, Reyna Grande, Rosalina Rosay, Rose Castillo Guilbault, Ramon Perez, Elva Trevino Hart, Jose Angel Navejas, amongst dozens of others,... 2017  
Pilar Margarita Hernández Escontrías , Rachel F. Moran , Robert L. Nelson The Future of Latinos in the United States: Law, Mobility, and Opportunity (A Project of the American Bar Foundation) 24 No. 2 Professional Lawyer 21 (2017) The Latino population has grown rapidly and soon will be the second largest racial or ethnic group in the nation. In a few states, Latinos already outnumber other racial and ethnic constituencies, and in some cities and counties, they make up a majority of all residents. As a result, the future of Latinos in the United States will significantly... 2017 Yes
Dania Y. Pulido When Giving Birth Becomes a Liability: the Intersection of Reproductive Oppression and the Motherhood Wage Penalty for Latinas in Texas 19 Scholar: St. Mary's Law Review on Race and Social Justice 111 (2017) There's a sorry situation in the United States, which is essentially that poor women don't have choice. Women of means do .. [I]f you can afford a plane ticket, a train ticket or even a bus ticket you can control your own destiny but if you're locked into your native state then maybe you can't. That we have one law for women of means and another... 2017 Yes
Tracy Carbasho Acba Hispanic Attorneys Committee Honors Sister Janice for Her Dedication 18 No. 21 Lawyers Journal 5 (October 14, 2016) Sister Janice Vanderneck feels a deep sense of joy when members of the local Latino population achieve U.S. citizenship, move into their own home, get health care, land a job or overcome any barrier. My biggest accomplishment is to have followed the lead of my head, heart and spirit to pursue--and doggedly at that--the welcome and embrace of... 2016 Yes
Tom I. Romero, II Bridging the Confluence of Water and Immigration Law 48 Texas Tech Law Review 779 (Summer, 2016) I. Introduction. 780 II. The Irrigation Era and the Need for a Docile Labor Supply. 782 III. The Metropolitan Revolution and the Rise of the Illegal Gardner. 798 IV. The Great Local Thirst for Proper Documentation. 807 V. Conclusion. 815 Appendix: A Timeline of Important Moments in Water and Immigration Law and Policy. 817 2016  
  Challenges of the Latino Community in 2016 and the Years to Come 22 Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy 29 (Spring 2016) On February 26th, 2016, the Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy (THJ) put on a symposium titled Challenges of the Latino Community in 2016 and the Years to Come, at the University of Texas School of Law Eidman Courtroom. This symposium, lasting over seven hours, explored different issues that were looming over the Latino population: What... 2016 Yes
Cindy S. Woods Confrontando La Superpoblación Carcelaria En América Latina: Análisis Comparativo De Los Precursores Necesarios Para Reformar 22 ILSA Journal of International and Comparative Law 617 (Summer, 2016) I. INTRODUCCIÓN. 618 II. ENCARCELAMIENTOS RELACIONADOS CON LAS DROGAS COMO CAUSA DE LA SUPERPOBLACIÓN CARCELARIA. 621 A. Sentencias Para Delitos Relacionados Con Drogas. 621 1. Bolivia. 623 2. Colombia. 625 3. Perú. 627 B. Prisión Preventiva. 628 III. LOS EFECTOS NEGATIVOS DE LAS POLÍTICAS DE DROGAS SEVERAS. 631 A. La Superpoblación en las... 2016 Yes
Erin Lain Experiences of Academically Dismissed Black and Latino Law Students: Stereotype Threat, Fight or Flight Coping Mechanisms, Isolation and Feelings of Systemic Betrayal 45 Journal of Law and Education 279 (Summer, 2016) This study examined the law school environment as perceived by Black and Latino students who were academically dismissed from law school. This study focused on the perceptions of the former students, as opposed to the institutional perspective, which is unique to this field of inquiry. Strange and Banning's comprehensive ecological model on... 2016 Yes
Laura Macia, University of Pittsburgh Experiences of Discrimination in an Emerging Latina/o Community 39 PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review 110 (May, 2016) In this article I explore how members of an emerging community of Latina/o immigrants in Pittsburgh, a small but rapidly growing population, understand and respond to discrimination. Both documented and undocumented Latina/o immigrants reported experiencing discrimination and facing challenges in addressing these experiences. However, personal... 2016 Yes
  Family Dynamics Cause Major Stress for Latino Immigrant Families 35 No. 5 Child Law Practice 80 (May, 2016) Commitment to family is both a driving force and source of hardship for Latino immigrants, according to a Florida State University researcher. Threats to familismo--deeply held cultural beliefs about the centrality of family in daily life--are often a major source of stress for immigrants and can have a negative impact on their overall health and... 2016 Yes
Mira Mdivani Hispanic Bar Association of Greater Kansas City Leads the Way 85-DEC Journal of the Kansas Bar Association 23 (November/December, 2016) Hispanic Bar Association of Greater Kansas City's annual scholarship reception serves to lift and inspire. It reminds me that dedicated passionate leaders can make a huge difference in the world. After attending this year's reception in October, I asked one of these leaders, HBAGKC's board member and incoming President Janell Avila, to tell us... 2016 Yes
Armin von Bogdandy Ius Constitutionale Commune En America Latina: Observations on Transformative Constitutionalism 109 AJIL Unbound 109 (July, 2015-May, 2016) Ius Constitutionale Commune en América Latina (ICCAL) constitutes a new approach to constitutionalism in the region. It has transformative aims and draws its energy from the perception of unacceptable conditions of a systematic nature. Like many legal concepts it refers both to positive law as a well as to the legal discourse connected to it. In... 2016 Yes
Marc-Tizoc González La Gran Lucha: Latina and Latino Lawyers, Breaking the Law on Principle, and Confronting the Risks of Representation 13 Hastings Race and Poverty Law Journal 61 (Winter, 2016) Chicana, Chicano, and Mexican American law professors are rare in the United States. Although Michael A. Olivas began to teach law in 1982, three decades after the first Mexican American law professor (Carlos Cadena in 1952), Professor Olivas holds the distinction of being regarded as the Dean of Latina and Latino (Latina/o) law professors in the... 2016 Yes
Clifford Clapp, Esq. Latino Jury Nullification: Resisting Racially & Ethnically Biased Crimmigration Through Civil Disobedience 17 Rutgers Race & the Law Review 167 (2016) In 1995, over twenty years ago, Paul Butler argued for jury nullification by African-American jurors in cases where black defendants commit crimes that do not affect public safety, such as public drunkenness, minor drug possession, gambling and other victimless crimes. He opines that racial considerations by African-American jurors are legally and... 2016 Yes
Maritza Perez Los Lazos Viven: California's Death Row and Systematic Latino Lynching 37 Whittier Law Review 377 (Spring, 2016) In June 1874, Jesus Romo, a Latino, was arrested in La Puente, California on charges of robbery and other crimes. Subsequent to his detention, a group of masked men seized him from the arresting officers, took him outdoors, secured a rope around his neck, and hung him. Local opinion celebrated the lynching of the hardened and bloodstained... 2016 Yes
  Political Power of Latinos in the Years to Come 22 Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy 57 (Spring 2016) Speakers: Rolando Rios, Former General Counsel, Southwest Voting Rights Project James Harrington, Founder Of The Texas Civil Rights Project Presenter: Hector Gutierrez, Thj Development Editor Presenter: Okay, everyone. Welcome back. Our third panel for the day is going to be on the political power of Latinos in the years to come. This panel is... 2016 Yes
  The Evenwel Litigation and its Potential Effects on Voting Rights Within the Latino Population 22 Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy 31 (Spring 2016) Speaker: Jose Garza, Litigation Director Of The Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid Presenter: Hector Gutierrez, Development Editor Of The Texas Hispanic Journal Of Law And Policy. Presenter: Hector Gutierrez, Thj Development Editor Presenter: Good morning everybody. I'm really happy to see the attendance and I'm glad that y'all turned out today. So I'm... 2016 Yes
Ana P. Moretto The Law's Conflation of the Latinos' Identity: Reconsidering the Exclusionary Rule in Civil Removal Proceedings 42 New England Journal on Criminal and Civil Confinement 253 (Spring 2016) In 2014, the Second Circuit held that the exclusionary rule does not apply in civil deportation hearings absent an egregious violation of the Fourth Amendment. An egregious constitutional violation is one in which an individual is subjected to a seizure for no reason at all, or one in which a seizure is based on race, or some other grossly improper... 2016 Yes
Francesca López When Desegregation Limits Opportunities to Latino Youth: the Strange Case of the Tucson Unified School District 34 Chicana/o-Latina/o Law Review 1 (2016) Desegregation court orders in American schools stem from the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education (Brown I) decision that overturned de jure segregation, which had been previously upheld by the separate but equal decision in Plessy v. Ferguson. Whereas the Brown I decision . pronounces the principle of separate as inherently unequal ., Brown v.... 2016 Yes
  Administrative Law--separation of Powers--new York Court of Appeals Affirms Invalidation of Soda-portion Cap.-- New York Statewide Coalition of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce V. New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, 16 N.e.3d 538 (N.y. 201 128 Harvard Law Review 1508 (March, 2015) Over the last decade, New York City has pioneered a number of efforts to combat rising obesity rates, including banning trans fats and requiring restaurants to post calorie counts. Perhaps none of these efforts has generated as much controversy, however, as the 2012 passage of a regulation limiting portions of certain sugary drinks to no more than... 2015 Yes
Lindsay Pérez Huber Como Una Jaula De Oro (It's like a Golden Cage): the Impact of Daca and the California Dream Act on Undocumented Chicanas/latinas 33 Chicana/o-Latina/o Law Review 91 (2015) This study utilizes a Latina/o Critical Theory (LatCrit) framework to examine how undocumented and formerly undocumented Chicana/Latina college graduates are impacted by the California DREAM Act (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, S 1291) and DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), recent state and federal policies meant... 2015 Yes
Yolanda Vazquez Constructing Crimmigration: Latino Subordination in a "Post-racial" World 76 Ohio State Law Journal 599 (2015) Over the last forty years, the concern over the relationship between noncitizens and criminality has reached epic proportions. Laws, policies, procedures, and rules have been developed, the immigration and criminal justice system have been employed, and billions of dollars have been spent towards detecting, detaining, prosecuting, and removing... 2015 Yes
Katherine Beckett, Heather Evans Crimmigration at the Local Level: Criminal Justice Processes in the Shadow of Deportation 49 Law and Society Review 241 (March, 2015) In recent decades, authorities have adopted a number of programs that tether the criminal and immigration enforcement apparatuses in novel ways. This mixed methods case study assesses the impact of such programs on local criminal justice processes and outcomes in King County, Washington. Although the empirical research on the effects of such... 2015  
Daniel N. Ramirez , Peter G. Dawson Crimmigration Law and its Relation to America's Hispanic Population 40 Thurgood Marshall Law Review Online 8 (2015) A simple way to take measure of a country is to look at how many want in . And how many want out. ? Tony Blair For generations Hispanics from throughout Latin America have sought out the American Dream by immigrating to the United States. Hispanic holders of immigrant visas, non-immigrant visas, lawful permanent resident status, or undocumented... 2015 Yes
Francesco Seatzu El Papel Del Fondo Multilateral De Inversiones (Fomin) En La Promoción De Inversiones Privadas Extranjeras En América Latina Y El Caribe 21 ILSA Journal of International and Comparative Law 657 (Summer, 2015) I. Introduccion. 658 II. Organizacion y Estructura de Votacion del FOMIN. 663 III. Operaciones Del FOMIN: Polizas Y Cuestiones Legales De Las Operaciones Y Los Servicios Financieros Del FOMIN. 668 IV. El FOMIN Y La Aplicacion De Normas Legales A Los Servicios De Financiacion Y Asesoramiento. 673 V. Observaciones finales. 677 2015 Yes
Julieta Lemaitre Ripoll El Problema Del Zócalo: La Separación Iglesia-estado Y La Libertad Religiosa En América Latina 84 Revista Juridica Universidad de Puerto Rico 545 (2015) Introducción. 545 I. La libertad religiosa del liberalismo norteamericano. 547 II. Iglesia-Estado en América Latina: Colonia, independencia y república. 550 A. La Iglesia separada del Estado hoy. 552 B. El poder de la Iglesia. 553 C. Libertad religiosa, libertad eclesiástica, y el problema del zócalo. 555 D. Separación Iglesia-Estado en América... 2015 Yes
Llezlie Green Coleman Exploited at the Intersection: a Critical Race Feminist Analysis of Undocumented Latina Workers and the Role of the Private Attorney General 22 Virginia Journal of Social Policy and the Law 397 (Fall 2015) Introduction. 398 I. The Feminization of Immigration and Immigrant Women in the Workplace. 400 II. Wage Theft Among Immigrant Women Workers. 402 III. Critical Race Feminism. 405 A. The Deference Narrative. 409 B. Exalting Self-Abnegation. 411 C. The Family Comes First (Familismo). 412 D. Learning from the Narratives. 414 IV. The Private Attorney... 2015 Yes
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