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Tom I. Romero, II ¿La Raza Latina?: Multiracial Ambivalence, Color Denial, and the Emergence of a Tri-ethnic Jurisprudence at the End of the Twentieth Century 37 New Mexico Law Review 245 (Spring, 2007) Imagine, if you will, my surprise when my grandmother and I were having a conversation about my grandfather a few months after his death and she revealed to me that she was not aware of my grandfather's indigenous roots. Knowing that I had a passion for history, she regaled me with stories about my grandfather's youth, his perilous passage from... 2007 Yes
Patricia S. Abril Acoustic Segregation and the Hispanic Small Business Owner 10 Harvard Latino Law Review Rev. 1 (Spring, 2007) I saw the irony firsthand during a class. I was teaching U.S. contract and sales law in Spanish in Little Havana as a volunteer in a program called ASSETS Español. The program's stated mission is to assist low-to moderate-income Hispanics in starting or improving their own businesses through an eleven-week course focusing on critical business and... 2007 Yes
Luz Estella Nagle Algunos Aspectos De La Lucha Contra El Crimen Organizado Internacional En América Latina 76 Revista Juridica Universidad de Puerto Rico 59 (2007) Introducción 60 I. Definición de delincuencia organizada transnacional: Falta de acuerdo y de claridad 63 A. El laberinto 63 B. Problemas causados por la pluralidad de definiciones 65 C. Puntos concordantes en las definiciones 66 D. Consecuencias debido a la falta de uniformidad y claridad 67 II. Crimen organizado en América Latina 68 A. Orígenes... 2007 Yes
Liza Zamd All in a Day's Work: Advocating the Employment Rights of Day Laborers 3 Modern American 56 (Summer-Fall, 2007) In December 2005, House Bill H.R. 4437 brought the immigration debate to the forefront of national politics. In homes and in public forums across the country, people debated the advisability of allowing an estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants the right to obtain legal status. Further complicating the issue, advocates highlighted human... 2007  
Daniel Aaron Rochmes Blinded by the White: Latino School Desegregation and the Insidious Allure of Whiteness 13 Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy 7 (Spring 2007) Introduction. 8 I. History of Latino School Segregation. 9 II. Latino Desegregation Lawsuits (Becoming White). 11 A. Salvatierra: The Fight Begins. 11 B. Mendez: Making History. 12 C. Delgado: Squeezing Water from the Rock. 14 III. The Whiteness Straitjacket. 15 A. Jury Discrimination. 15 B. School Integration . 18 IV. Critical White Studies... 2007 Yes
Marisa Bono Don't You Be My Neighbor: Restrictive Housing Ordinances as the New Jim Crow 3 Modern American 29 (Summer-Fall, 2007) We can, of course, little more than hypothesize how our racial passions first began to overtake us, how humankind's obsession to embrace the similar and despise the different got stuck in our communal psyche .. Jerold M. Packard They're taking our jobs, our homes. There's unemployment partly because of the Hispanics. The lady who took my job is... 2007  
Sylvia R. Lazos Vargas Foreword: Emerging Latina/o Nation and Anti-immigrant Backlash 7 Nevada Law Journal 685 (Summer 2007) LatCrit XI, Working and Living in the Global Playground: Frontstage and Backstage, convened at William S. Boyd School of Law, in Las Vegas Nevada, during October 2006 and called upon over 150 academics to focus on the impacts of globalization and immigration. At no time has LatCrit's critical approach of interconnecting the structures of... 2007 Yes
Shana Bernstein From California to the Nation: Rethinking the History of 20th Century U.s. Civil Rights Struggles Through a Mexican American and Multiracial Lens 18 Berkeley La Raza Law Journal 87 (2007) This paper discusses Mexican American civil rights struggles in Los Angeles during the early Cold War era and its significance for Mexican Americans' quest for full citizenship. It explains the ways in which these mid-century campaigns were fundamentally cooperative. Significant beyond their local and regional communities, the struggles of the... 2007  
David B. Cruz Heterosexual Reproductive Imperatives 56 Emory Law Journal 1157 (2007) This Article began as the second annual Mary C. Dunlap Memorial Lecture on Sex, Gender, and Social Justice, which I was deeply honored to deliver at the University of California, Boalt Hall School of Law in February 2006. As I recounted there, Mary was a very good fighter, a superb trial attorney, and, eventually, a Supreme Court advocate. Her U.S.... 2007  
Tracy Carbasho Hispanic Attorneys Committee Works to Protect Inmate Rights 9 No. 13 Lawyers Journal 1 (June 22, 2007) An increase in the number of Latino inmates at the Allegheny County Jail has prompted the Hispanic Attorneys Committee of the ACBA to correct an injustice. Marilin Martinez-Walker, who chairs the committee, spearheaded a meeting in late 2006 to discuss what could be done to help inmates who do not speak English. Joining committee members at the... 2007 Yes
Antonio Arocho Hispanic National Bar Association 24 No. 3 GPSolo 34 (April/May, 2007) The mission of the Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA) is to serve as a national voice for the concerns and opinions of Hispanics in the community generally, and in the legal profession in particular; to pursue the recruitment and retention of Hispanics in law schools and provide them with financial assistance; to facilitate the exchange of... 2007 Yes
José Raúl Alcántar , David W. McCombie III Hispanic Private Equity: a Cultural Approach to Achieving Superior Investment Returns 10 Harvard Latino Law Review 233 (Spring, 2007) Hispanic-facing companies present a burgeoning and largely over-looked investment opportunity in the private equity arena. As the private equity investment class has become increasingly saturated, it has experienced diminishing returns. In order to maintain strong returns, investors need to identify and target new investment opportunities. This... 2007 Yes
Adela de la Torre, Ph.D., Julia Mendoza Immigration Policy and Immigration Flows: a Comparative Analysis of Immigration Law in the U.s. and Argentina 3 Modern American 46 (Summer-Fall, 2007) Lawyers and policy experts within the Latino community need to foster cultural responsibility for immigration reform by participating in the policy dialogue. Although Latino lawyers do not represent the broad American population, they do represent American communities that have been discriminated against because of their cultural and racial... 2007  
Jonathan Gracia In Recognition of Eduardo Roberto Rodriguez 13 Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy 1 (Spring 2007) Each issue of the Journal features a Latino Texan whose professional achievements, exemplary conduct and contributions to the Latino community are noteworthy. Our purpose is not only to identify Latino role models but also to inspire members of the community to continue the work that these individuals have begun. In this volume, we honor a Latino... 2007  
Tanya Katerí Hernández Latino Inter-ethnic Employment Discrimination and the "Diversity" Defense 42 Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review 259 (Summer, 2007) For the great enemy of truth is very often not the lie--deliberate, contrived and dishonest--but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. With the growing racial and ethnic diversity of the U.S. population and workforce, scholars have begun to address the ways in which coalition building across groups not only will continue to be necessary... 2007 Yes
Tracy Carbasho Latino Law Day Teaches Students about the Legal Profession 9 No. 9 Lawyers Journal 14 (April 27, 2007) Local high school students who attended the Latino Law Day on April 13 got a glimpse of what to expect if they pursue a career in the legal profession. The event, held at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, was spearheaded by the Hispanic National Bar Association with participation by the Allegheny County Bar Association's Hispanic... 2007 Yes
Laurel E. Fletcher , Phuong Pham , Eric Stover , Patrick Vinck Latino Workers and Human Rights in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina 28 Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law 107 (2007) This Article describes a research project designed to assess the vulnerabilities of Latino workers employed in rebuilding New Orleans during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Professors Fletcher, Pham, Stover and Vinck analyze the results, examining legal and human rights issues including job security, safety, fair pay, discrimination, and access... 2007 Yes
Leslie M. Inzunza Marketing to the Hispanic Community 43-NOV Trial 58 (November, 2007) The television ads all share the same message: ¿Se ha herrido en un accidente? Llamenossomos buenos amigos or Nosotros le tratamos como familia. (Have you been injured in an accident? Call uswe're good friends or We'll treat you like family.) Many law firms seeking to tap into the growing Hispanic market share the misconception that... 2007 Yes
Marc Simon Rodriguez More than Whiteness: Comparative Perspectives on Mexican American Citizenship from Law and History 18 Berkeley La Raza Law Journal 79 (2007) . . . the Mexicans are a treacherous race, and have too much Indian blood in them to be trusted, however peaceable they may seem. He tried to intellectualize my blackness To make it easier for his whiteness Persons of Mexican ancestry have always been a problem for those seeking to establish a bright line in the history of race in the United... 2007  
  Ninth Annual Harvard Latino Law and Public Policy Conference: Nuevas Fronteras April 21, 2006 10 Harvard Latino Law Review 175 (Spring, 2007) Hilda Zacarias: For this morning's presentation we have three incredible people I would like to introduce to you. Let me start with Deputy Superintendent Gladys Aquino-Gaines, who is to my immediate left. Aquino-Gaines holds a bachelor's degree in science and a master's degree in criminal justice and has been with the Boston Police Department for... 2007 Yes
Carlos Quitana Putting Thoughts into Action: the Creation of the Latina/o Alumni Association of the Washington College of Law 3 Modern American 53 (Summer-Fall, 2007) The process for establishing the Latina/o Alumni Association of the Washington College of Law (LAAW) began in the same way I suspect many great organizations got their start, over a few beers in a Washington, D.C. bar. Eight alumni (Maryam Ahranjani, Luis Clavijo, John Evanoff, Paul Figueroa, Juan Garcia, Manuel Garcia, Eric Garduño, and Carlos... 2007 Yes
Luz E. Herrera Reflections of a Community Lawyer 3 Modern American 39 (Summer-Fall, 2007) In May 2002, I opened a law office in one of the most underserved communities in Los Angeles County. Many questioned the sanity of such a career path when evaluating my financial stability and the personal toll that such a career path can exact. Given that I graduated from some of the best universities in the country, my friends, family, and... 2007  
Peter L. Reich Siete Partidas in My Saddlebags: the Transmission of Hispanic Law from Antebellum Louisiana to Texas and California 22 Tulane European and Civil Law Forum 79 (2007) I. Introduction. 79 II. Spanish Legal Sources in Antebellum Louisiana. 80 III. Texas. 81 IV. California. 84 V. New Mexico and Arizona. 86 VI. Conclusion. 87 2007 Yes
Lindsay Perez Huber, Maria C. Malagon Silenced Struggles: the Experiences of Latina and Latino Undocumented College Students in California 7 Nevada Law Journal 841 (Summer 2007) ABSTRACT: Latina/o Critical Race Theory (LatCrit) exposes multiple forms of oppression Latina/o students experience, including race, class, gender, language, and immigration status. We utilize this theoretical framework to examine critically the experiences of Latina and Latino undocumented college students in California public institutions of... 2007 Yes
Ariela J. Gross The Caucasian Cloak: Mexican Americans and the Politics of Whiteness in the Twentieth-century Southwest 95 Georgetown Law Journal 337 (January, 2007) The history of Mexican Americans and Jim Crow in the Southwest suggests the danger of allowing state actors or private entities to discriminate on the basis of language or cultural practice. Race in the Southwest was produced through the practices of Jim Crow, which were not based explicitly on race, but rather on language and culture inextricably... 2007  
Nancy MacLean The Civil Rights Act and the Transformation of Mexican American Identity and Politics 18 Berkeley La Raza Law Journal 123 (2007) Whether Mexicans are whites or people of color, the veteran activist Bert Corona once observed, has been a thorny issue for years. The issue was above all a political one: whether to form coalitions with African Americans, in particular, on the basis of non-white identity, or pursue a go-at-it-alone strategy to seek advancement through... 2007  
Daniel J. Grimm The Demographics of Genetic Surveillance: Familial Dna Testing and the Hispanic Community 107 Columbia Law Review 1164 (June, 2007) For years, law enforcement personnel have compared DNA found at crime scenes with that of a convicted offender. Recently, a new technique has begun to focus on the genetic similarity of biological relatives. Now, if a crime scene sample partially matches the DNA profile of a previous offender, law enforcement can investigate and possibly arrest... 2007 Yes
Lupe S. Salinas , Robert H. Kimball The Equal Treatment of Unequals: Barriers Facing Latinos and the Poor in Texas Public Schools 14 Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law and Policy 215 (Spring, 2007) Education, then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer of the conditions of men,the balance-wheel of the social machinery. Some in our society promote the idea of natural deficiencies among the various ethnic and socio-economic groups. We emphatically disagree with such claims. We look at a process that negotiates the... 2007 Yes
Arianna Garcia The Real Id Act and the Negative Impact on Latino Immigrants 9 Scholar: St. Mary's Law Review on Minority Issues 275 (Winter 2007) I. Introduction. 276 II. Immigration Reform Rises as a Public Concern. 280 A. H.R. 10 & S.B. 2845: The Beginnings of the Real ID Act. 283 B. H.R. 418 Introduction of the Real ID Act. 285 III. Provisions of the Real ID Act and Its Effect on Latino Immigrants. 289 A. Asylum Qualifications. 289 B. Latin American and Caribbean Refugees. 294 C. Barriers... 2007 Yes
Roger Enriquez, J.D. , John W. Clark III, Ph.D. The Social Psychology of Peremptory Challenges: an Examination of Latino Jurors 13 Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy 25 (Spring 2007) Introduction. 26 I. History of Peremptory Challenges. 28 II. Socio-Psychological Factors. 31 III. Batson to the Present. 33 IV. Socio-Psychological Factors in Action. 38 V. Future of Peremptory Challenges. 39 2007 Yes
Eric M. Gutiérrez White Latino Leaders: a Foregone Conclusion or a Mischaracterization of Latino Society 3 Modern American 62 (Summer-Fall, 2007) Am I white? My personal inquiry into race begins with a school picture of a six-year-old boy. My dark brown hair, parted to one side, falls impishly over half-cocked eyebrows. My eyes, more almond-shaped than oval, are a murky blue with green speckles. My nose, a thicker version of the traditional aquiline Roman contour, fades into a tiny bulbous... 2007 Yes
Stephen E. Reil Who Gets Counted? Jury List Representativeness for Hispanics in Areas with Growing Hispanic Populations under Duren V. Missouri 2007 Brigham Young University Law Review 201 (2007) He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts --for support rather than illumination. Andrew Lang It is undisputed that Hispanic populations are growing rapidly, even in states that have typically accounted for Hispanics as only a small percentage of their entire population. For example, the Hispanic population in Utah increased by over... 2007 Yes
Tracy Carbasho, For The Lawyers Journal Acba's Diversity Initiative Continues with Formation of Hispanic Bar Committee 8 No. 17 Lawyers Journal 4 (August 18, 2006) The Hispanic Bar Association of Western Pennsylvania has picked up more momentum than it has in nearly a decade by becoming a committee under the auspices of the Allegheny County Bar Association. The group, which had been struggling in recent years to gain members and educate the community about its mission, became the Hispanic Bar Committee of the... 2006 Yes
Natalie Camacho Mendoza , Camacho Mendoza Law Office Alternatives to Incarceration for Tribal and Latino Juveniles 49-FEB Advocate 10 (February, 2006) The Native American and Latino communities share priorities in many areas, including the area of public safety. To that end, Tribal leaders and Latinos have held discussions regarding our youth and Idaho's juvenile justice system. I have been fortunate to meet with Tribal leaders from the five Native American Tribes in Idaho, as an attorney and... 2006 Yes
Catherine J.k. Sandoval Antitrust Law on the Borderland of Language and Market Definition: Is There a Separate Spanish-language Radio Market? A Case Study of the Merger of Univision and Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation 40 University of San Francisco Law Review 381 (Winter 2006) Language is not a little, airtight, clean, finished container of something. . . . It's permeable, alive. It moves. -- Lizette Alvarez IS THERE A SEPARATE SPANISH-LANGUAGE radio market? Market definition is a critical step in antitrust analysis, often determining whether or not a merger is approved by the Department of Justice (DOJ). In its... 2006 Yes
Alvaro Bedoya Backlash at the Booth: Latino Turnout after H.r. 4437 115 Yale Law Journal Pocket Part 116 (May 1, 2006) The Latino community has mobilized as never before in response to H.R. 4437, the punitive immigration bill sponsored by Representative James Sensenbrenner (R-WI). The media has declared that the recent marches in Los Angeles, Dallas, Phoenix, and Chicago mark a new day of Hispanic political involvement. More than just getting Latinos in the... 2006 Yes
Mae Flennoy Brian Sandoval: Nevada's First Hispanic U.s. District Judge 14-JAN Nevada Lawyer 8 (January, 2006) Growing up in rural Sparks, Nevada tending cows, chickens and sheep, the newly-appointed Judge Brian Sandoval had ambitions of a career in veterinary medicine. His brother, however, saw visions of courtrooms, briefs and depositions. But as fate would have it, their destinies were swapped. Sandoval's brother became the veterinarian in the family... 2006 Yes
Steven W. Bender Carlos R. Soltero. Latinos and American Law: Landmark Supreme Court Cases. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2006. X, 239 Pp. $45.00 (Cloth); $19.95 (Paper) 48 American Journal of Legal History 342 (July, 2006) In most courses on U.S. constitutional law, those on our legal history, and indeed the entirety of the modern law school curriculum, Latinos are near invisible, existing in the shadows and margins of the discussion. So Carlos Soltero's review of U.S. Supreme Court cases that intersect with the Latino experience is a refreshing and engaging reminder... 2006 Yes
Enid Trucios-Haynes Civil Rights, Latinos, and Immigration: Cybercascades and Other Distortions in the Immigration Reform Debate 44 Brandeis Law Journal 637 (Spring, 2006) The web of cooperation is under siege. A profound transformation is occurring in America as the balance between wealth and the commonwealth is threatened by that winner-take-all ideology. From public schools and universities to public lands and other natural resources, from the media with their broadcast and digital spectrum to scientific... 2006 Yes
Nancy Chan Does Strengthening Inner City Economies Lead to Respectively Stronger Regional Economies? 11 Georgetown Public Policy Review 55 (Spring-Summer, 2006) This study examines the causal relationship between inner city and regional economic health, from 1995 to 2003, for the 83 largest metropolitan statistical areas or MSAs. Through instrumental variables analysis, this study finds that inner city wages, a proxy for economic health, may positively affect wages in the Rest of the MSA (RMSA). In... 2006  
  Eighth Annual Harvard Latino Law and Policy Conference and Commentary: Connecting Today, Impacting Tomorrow April 22-23, 2005 9 Harvard Latino Law Review 91 (Spring, 2006) Nicole Diaz: I would like to introduce our moderator, Al Kauffman, currently with the Harvard Law School. He has a long history of work with the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund (MALDEF), including having served as a staff attorney and regional counsel with MALDEF in San Antonio. As a MALDEF attorney, he was lead attorney for low-income families... 2006 Yes
Tracy Carbasho Hispanic Attorneys Committee Participates in "Service to Community" Festival 8 No. 24 Lawyers Journal 4 (November 24, 2006) The ongoing success of the Service to the Community festival demonstrates the need for the ACBA's Hispanic Attorneys Committee. Participating in the festival this year gave the ACBA an opportunity to let the community know there are Latino attorneys in Pittsburgh and we have resources for them in Spanish, said Marilin Martinez-Walker, who... 2006 Yes
Laura Sonderup Hispanic Marketing: Capturing the Loyalty of a Critical Market Segment 60 Consumer Finance Law Quarterly Report 508 (Fall, 2006) Multiculturalism is redefining what it means to be an American today. With the changing appearance of the U.S. population comes new definitions of the U.S. consumer, and new dilemmas for marketers trying to reach those whose tastes, customs, and language may differ from what is commonly known as the general market. Culturally relevant marketing... 2006 Yes
Prof. Esther Vicente Las Reformas Jurídicas Y El Rejuego Del Poder: Mujer, Desigualdad Y Derecho 40 Revista Juridica Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico 497 (Junio-Julio, 2006) Pareciera que el Siglo XXI ha convocado a los juristas en Puerto Rico a poner al día los códigos que, sin mucho cambio al pasar el tiempo, han regido o pretendido regir, la cotidianidad de la vida en nuestro país. Recientemente se adoptó un nuevo Código Penal y al presente discutimos propuestas de cambio para los diversos libros del Código Civil.... 2006  
Victor Villarreal , Melissa M. Lopez, Adan Briones Latino Focus: Dean Susana Alemán 12 Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy 3 (Spring, 2006) Latino Focus Each issue of the Journal features a Latino Texan whose professional achievements, exemplary conduct and contributions to the Latino community are noteworthy. Our purpose is not only to identify Latino role models but also to inspire members of the community to continue the work that these individuals have begun. In this volume, we... 2006 Yes
Terri L. Towner, Rosalee A. Clawson, Eric N. Waltenburg Media Coverage of the University of Michigan Affirmative Action Decisions: the View from Mainstream, Black, and Latino Journalists 90 Judicature 120 (November-December 2006) The U.S. Supreme Court regularly articulates policies of profound political and social consequence. Rarely, however, does it take an active role in the broad dissemination of those policies to the public. Indeed, while members of the executive branch or Congress often appear publicly to make the case for a given policy, the Court simply delivers... 2006 Yes
David L. Hudson Jr. Split Decision on Texas Gerrymander 5 No. 26 ABA Journal E-Report 5 (June 30, 2006) State legislators may redraw new congressional districts along partisan lines more than once a decade, as was traditional after the national census, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled this week. League of United Latin American Citizens v. Perry, No. 05-204. But lawmakers may not create a district that violates the 1965 Voting Rights Act--in this instance... 2006  
Alvaro Bedoya The Unforeseen Effects of Georgia V. Ashcroft on the Latino Community 115 Yale Law Journal 2112 (June, 2006) ABSTRACT. In Georgia v. Ashcroft, the Supreme Court weakened the protections afforded to minority voters in jurisdictions covered by the section 5 preclearance provisions of the Voting Rights Act (VRA). This Note highlights the fact that Georgia v. Ashcroft--a decision applicable to all minority voters--was based on selective statistical evidence... 2006 Yes
Angela Hooton A Broader Vision of the Reproductive Rights Movement: Fusing Mainstream and Latina Feminism 13 American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy and the Law 59 (2005) Introduction. 59 I. Background. 61 A. The Mainstream Reproductive Rights Movement. 61 B. Critiques by Women of Color. 65 II. Reproductive Rights: The Latina Perspective. 69 A. A History of Limited Choices. 69 B. Reproductive Health and Rights Issues Facing Latinas Today. 72 C. Shortcomings of the Mainstream Movement in Addressing the Needs of... 2005 Yes
Cruz Reynoso A Survey of Latino Lawyers in Los Angeles County -- Their Professional Lives and Opinions 38 U.C. Davis Law Review 1563 (June, 2005) Prologue. 1564 Introduction. 1570 I. Demographic Characteristics of Latino Lawyers in Los Angeles County. 1572 A. Gender. 1573 B. Age. 1575 C. Ethnicity/National Origin. 1577 D. Race. 1579 E. Observations. 1580 II. Professional Characteristics of Latino Lawyers in Los Angeles County. 1581 A. Practice Setting. 1581 1. Comparison with National Data.... 2005 Yes
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