Law School Name 2021Change in Whiteness from 2004Percent White 2021Percent White 2004Historically White Law SchoolsPrivate PublicTierStateRegions
Georgia, University of -3.2 81 84.2 Yes Public 1st Georgia Southeast
Catholic University of America -3 74 77 Yes Private 3rd District of Columbia Midsouth
Vanderbilt University -3 71 74 Yes Private 1st Tennessee Midsouth
Georgetown University -2.90000000000001 70 72.9 Yes Private 1st District of Columbia Midsouth
Loyola Marymount University-los Angeles -2.8 58 60.8 Yes Private 2nd California Far West
Regent University -2.8 79 81.8 Yes Private 3rd Virginia Midsouth
Wayne State University -2.7 81 83.7 Yes Public 2nd Michigan Great Lakes
Gonzaga University -2.40000000000001 83 85.4 Yes Private 3rd Washington Northwest
Indiana University - Indianapolis -2.40000000000001 81 83.4 Yes Public 3rd Indiana Great Lakes
Boston College -2.2 74 76.2 Yes Private 1st Massachusetts New England
Hofstra University -1.90000000000001 73 74.9 Yes Private 3rd New York Northeast
Southern University -1.5 34 35.5 No Public 4th Louisiana South Central
George Washington University -1.09999999999999 67 68.1 Yes Private 1st District of Columbia Midsouth
William and Mary Law School -1.09999999999999 82 83.1 Yes Public 1st Virginia Midsouth
West Virginia University -1 90 91 Yes Public 3rd West Virginia Midsouth
Southern California, University of -0.299999999999997 57 57.3 Yes Private 1st California Far West
Pontifical Catholic University of P.R. 0 0 0 No Private 4th Puerto Rico Southeast
Arizona State University 9.99999999999943E-02 73 72.9 Yes Public 1st Arizona Mountain West
Nebraska, University of 0.400000000000006 92 91.6 Yes Public 2nd Nebraska Midwest
Wisconsin, University of 0.400000000000006 76 75.6 Yes Public 1st Wisconsin Great Lakes
Hawaii, University of 0.800000000000001 30 29.2 No Public 3rd Hawaii Far West
Inter American University of Puerto Rico 1 1 0 Yes Private 4th Puerto Rico Southeast
Arkansas, Fayetteville, University of 1.09999999999999 83 81.9 Yes Public 3rd Arkansas South Central
South Dakota, University of 2.59999999999999 91 88.4 Yes Public 4th South Dakota Midwest
Puerto Rico, University of 5 5 0 No Public 4th Puerto Rico Southeast
District of Columbia, University of 15.5 54 38.5 No Public 4th District of Columbia Midsouth
Atlanta's John Marshall Law School   49   Yes Private 4th Georgia Southeast
Belmont University   86   Yes Private 2nd Tennessee Midsouth
California-Irvine, University of   48   Yes Public 1st California Far West
Charleston School of Law   77   Yes Private 4th South Carolina Southeast
Concordia Law School   77   Yes Private 4th Idaho Mountain West
Drexel University   78   Yes Private 2nd Pennsylvania Northeast
Elon University   73   Yes Private 4th North Carolina Midsouth
Faulkner University   75   Yes Private 4th Alabama Southeast
Florida A & M University   29   No Public 4th Florida Southeast
Florida International University   39   Yes Public 2nd Florida Southeast
La Verne, University of   36   Yes Private 4th California Far West
Liberty University   72   Yes Private 3rd Virginia Midsouth
Lincoln Memorial University   80   Yes Private 4th Tennessee Midsouth
Mitchell|hHamline School of Law   74   Yes Private 4th Minnesota Great Lakes
New Hampshire University of   82   Yes Public 2nd New Hampshire New England
Pennsylvania State - Penn State Law   75   Yes Public 2nd Pennsylvania Northeast
Rutgers University   66   Yes Public 2nd New Jersey Northeast
St. Thomas, University of (Minnesota)   82   Yes Private 4th Minnesota Great Lakes
Texas A&M University   69   Yes Public 2nd Texas South Central
Thomas M. Cooley Law School     62.3       Michigan  
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth   69   Yes Public 4th Massachusetts New England
Unto Dallas College of Law   52   Yes Public 4th Texas South Central
Valparaiso University     88.6       Indiana  
Western Michigan University   52   Yes Private 4th Michigan Great Lakes
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